PLP: “OBA Want To Take Bermuda Backwards”

September 5, 2013

Shadow Health Minister Zane Desilva says that “the Indigent Clinic was for years, a humiliating and degrading concept” and that Government’s plan to reopen the Indigent Clinic will “take Bermuda backwards”.

“The news that the OBA have failed to keep another of their election promises is not surprising. After all, they broke 8 promises in just their first 100 days”, Shadow Health Minister Zane Desilva said.

“Since then the record hasn’t improved as the broken promises continue to mount and OBA excuses and lack of openness, transparency and accountability are becoming routine. The news that the OBA have failed to keep their promise to reopen the Indigent Clinic could be added to the OBA’s growing record of failure OR it can be used as an opportunity to drop this proposal for good.

“The Indigent Clinic was for years, a humiliating and degrading concept that segregated the poor from the rest of society and denied them access to the full range of medical options that the rest of us have, simply because they were poor.

“We moved Bermuda forward and today every Bermudian can choose the doctor they want, to receive the medical care they want, regardless of income. Yet the OBA want to take Bermuda backwards and bring back the shameful and discredited concept of an indigent clinic.

“Dropping this scheme would save Bermudians tens of thousands of dollars that could and should be used to help the seniors who have been hurt by OBA cuts to financial assistance, raising of vehicle licence fees and who will be forced out of work when they reach 65.

“We call on the OBA to keep Bermuda in the 21st century, turn their failure into an opportunity and drop their plan to take healthcare for the needy, backwards”.

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    as usual zane is talking zany.

    just go away!

    • Worry says:

      Here he goes again the one who did the damage

    • trist says:

      Zane, do you really want us to compare notes and the cost of the PLP to Bda? Should we start with T-Street, Berkely, TCD…do you really want to open up that can of worms!

  2. Bermy boy says:

    I think your backwards Zane..

  3. Bermy boy says:

    You don’t know ur *** from ur elbow when it comes to politics…

  4. Verbal Kint says:

    Zane’s wrong, it was nine promises. Nine. Or 77 depending on who you listen to in the PLP. Please, go away.

    • Yep says:

      Zane–you are tiresome and boring—go do some charity work or something if you don’t have anything else to do.

    • frank says:

      beware of the big bad wolf in sheeps clothing ask yourself what has the oba done for the average blue collar worker school system about to get all f==c up warren you are being used to tell other black teachers that you with all your papers are not good enough and what the hell has nalton done

      • Sad says:

        Last year only 28% of public school students passed their GCSE examinations

  5. media says:

    Funny & twisted stuff Zane. You object to the idea of the clinic yet you are complaining that the OBA hasn’t brought it back. Fuzzy logic.

    The clinic served a purpose and those that really needed it still need it. It will be brought back to serve that purpose again.

    • I thank you media, for telling that bie’ which way is up. Sometimes in ones life one must go backwards in order to get perspective and then go forward. Of course we that support the O.B.A. do expected to hear all types of negative statements from them on the other side of the room; yet, who was it that put Bermuda(and everyone living here) in the rut we’re in today? That correct, it had been your P.L.P. and the countless wasted parties off of we, “the general public’s bank book”.Crawl back into that hole which thou has come from Zane!

  6. Bermuda Boy says:

    Zane, please go away. Putting the OBA down all the time is not going to get all of those juicey jobs back. Where do we stand on the planning problem down there?

  7. Joonya says:

    Broken promises is part of the fallout when the OBA took the book away from you lot discovering how big the mess really was.

  8. Terry says:

    When something happens and it goes out to tender…………………….
    Never mind.

    • Worry says:

      You are correct he sends his staff there to sit in the offices to beg for each contract they are putting out to tender but who ends up with them go back under the Rock you crawl from under you are like a snake in the grass you failed close the book your story is old

  9. Rockfish#2 says:

    Perhaps Zane, Dennis C,Donal S,Burt and the other PLP friends and families will consider making a donation to the public purse.

    Hell, maybe Brown will throw in a few million!

    After all, it was taxpayer money that was wasted on their no bid contracts and other similar projects.

  10. Come Correct says:

    …I don’t have insurance or employment. Is Zane saying I can send him the bill from my doctor of choice?

  11. Tired says:

    Zane, go build a hotel somewhere

  12. swing voter says:

    The fella can’t convince me of anything….not even if he says the sky and ocean are blue.

    • Terry says:

      Tell that to the people that voted for him ‘Swing’.

      He has to make some noise. Sorta like earning your keep that they pay for and so do all of us.

      I’ll stay away from family matters.

  13. I mean i can see the OBA broke promises mr. desilva and it irritates me a lil bit. But to hear a PLP politician talking about broken promises is a lil bit hilarious! How many broken promises did the PLP brake over the 14 year rule!? I don’t even want 2 list them it will take me all day! But to hear him talking about moving backwards, well there was nothing “progressive” about the PLP!

  14. SoMuchMore says:

    zane go jump off a boat backwards lol

  15. Johnny says:

    Does anybody have anything to say about the clinic because so far most of you are showing your true color. When will you all stop whining about the past and start to comment on the present and the future. You all sound like P2 children – every time someone not OBA raises a relevant issue all you do is talk about what the PLP done. You want some history let’s talk about the injustices of slavery and the impact it has on Bermudians today. None of you all are ready for that topic, even though it is linked to the reopening of the clinic. I bet that most of you blasting Zane never went to that clinic, probably don’t even know where it was, and probably truly don’t give a hoot about the old clinic or if it is reopened.

    • Come Correct says:

      Well….I went to the clinic when it was open (and no not just for the free condoms) and it didn’t fix my situation but it most certainly helped (no not an STD. because that’s what it sounds like). You honestly call this press release relevant? People need things like this. I used it and like I said above, right now I have no insurance and no employment and there are far more people worse of than I am. Zane is saying everyone can have the GP of their choice regardless of income?! Whatever he’s smoking I want some because even my weed doesn’t make me that care free. I went to the doctor the other day, started giving my info and as soon as I said I wasn’t insured the whole tone changed…. it was a $135 minor surgery! Now lets hit your f***in retarded comparison to slavery. I hope you’re familiar with the name Cromwell and the meaning behind Ireland island, if not go lay down. People like You and Mazumbo got you’re heels dug in the dirt like this is some kind of petty tug of war, nobody can win, this is life and it keeps going forward, don’t move with it and you’ll be left behind. Guys wanna sit here and b!t@h about oppression on a constant basis yet there are many successful blacks, Jews, Irish, Hispanics, Indians….oh, I forgot, they’re uncle Tom’s or whatever hateful phase you want to use to try and justify the fact that you suck at life….Yo, you dropped something…pick up your game.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      I would go at it with you. Just don’t get upset when the only thing you can say is “you just wouldn’t understand.” ………


  16. White BOY! says:

    Zane makes a great point!
    They cant keep their promises. Politically this results in decreased confidence and disapointment. Attacking Zane does not change that. Reframing why there is a delay or explaining when there will be a fulfilment of the promise or even justifiying the need will go far in helping to allay the concerns expressed here.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Yea I guess its like when people like Luise Jackson was fighting for the elderly and the PLP did just what you are saying here…….

      LOL oh well next!

  17. Sandy Bottom says:

    Are they taking us back to a time when there was no unemployment and minimal debt? And no ugly empty apartments on South Shore?

  18. JUSTIN FRANK says:

    Who is this person/individual using the name ‘frank’? Whether it be your first or last name please stop writing.

  19. PLP: “OBA Want To Take Bermuda Backwards” …. Talk about the need for a Reality Check. Earth to PLP, Earth to PLP, are you receiving us?? Sorry to inform you but your party’s disastrous time at the helm has already beaten the OBA to it!! The PLP have set Bermuda back at least forty years. Many are in need of this as they have no jobs and as such NO insurance… get it? Probably not.

    Mr. De Silva I understand that you all need to be ‘seen’ to be doing your ‘jobs’ pity most of you weren’t so vigilant when the PLP where in charge. We wouldn’t be in the state that we are currently in now would we!! Please feel free to find a chair, sit in the corner and keep quiet while the OBA and the larger Bermuda community pay for and attempt to clean up the mess you all left Bermuda in. Shakes Head.

  20. Karma says:

    “Backwards”? What, to when we were prosperous? Heaven forbid!

  21. It really is a new day says:

    @Johnny. I bet that most of you blasting Zane never went to that clinic, probably don’t even know where it was, and probably truly don’t give a hoot about the old clinic or if it is reopened…. I could not have sad it better.

    Every time someone associated with the PLP makes a statement good, bad, right or wrong these same bloggers start acting like a bunch of silly P2 children. Calling names, passing insults and showing just who they really are and what they are about….Couldn’t give a hoot about those unfortunate Bermudians that were using that clinic. Just another opportunity to push their agenda.

    • Hmmm says:

      Wrong….i care about all Bermudians.

    • Come Correct says:

      I responded….your comment is so vague I don’t know what you’re talking about. What agenda for the free clinic?

    • Mike Hind says:

      This happens on both sides of the political divide. Let’s not pretend it doesn’t.

  22. Malachi says:

    ???….taking us backwards???

    Correct me if I am wrong Zane, but didn’t you guys take us so far back that it’s no telling when and if we will ever get back?

    You have a short memory dude!

  23. Balanced Facts says:

    Zane for Premier!
    Burt for Finance Minister!
    Daniel’s for A-G.
    Roban for Economic Development!
    Bean fo National Security!
    PLP Government NOW!!!
    Sounds of tree frogs, door closing, water gurgling as ship sinks….can any PLP supporter honestly say that the foregoing group is a better option? Honestly????

    • Ya got me Rollin ......NOT says:

      Than the bumbling bunch of misfits that happened to form the default govt due to PLP supporters not voting? This OBA govt has no vision its obvious. They govern as if they didn’t expect to win the Election. They remind me of that 70s detective tv show where the detective wait for their next set of instructions from Charlie. Where the heck is Charlie????

      • Mike Hind says:

        You mean the party that won because yours did such a bad job that even hard core supporters refused to vote for them?
        The party that isn’t sitting in election mode like yours is – and has been for the past 15 years?
        “They govern as if they didn’t expect to win the Election”

        Nah. They govern like they won it and are trying to get on with the job.

  24. Bullseye says:

    PLP cannot admit that damage control is in progress. They cannot admit that they could not stand to make the tough choices to turn the tide. They couldnt do it for they cannot fathom long term success. That is what got us in this mess. They see the now, but they don’t see the long term future. I really wish they would. They rant and rave on a present day item and then give it a number and then they use it like ” After all, they broke 8 promises in just their first 100 days” and they think it is relevant when it was simply raves and not real substance. We cannot have a Government living in the now. We need one looking for the future and the OBA is trying. It doesnt look good. No fast solutions are here. Can’t we just bind together to look forward and make small gains? That’s how things get done. Stepping stones and small gains and in ten years you are so much stronger. Please PLP get on board and try to make it happen. Zane is trying to stop progress and create division here. He offers no solution, just divisiveness in the wake of a mess he helped create. He and his counterparts need to re-think and get on board and stop thinking about their jobs and the long term success of the Bermudian people like me. I love Bermuda and my fellow Bermudians and we don’t need this garbage. You had your chance Zane, and we are in a hole because of it and your pals are not.

    • Mike Hind says:

      The constant repetition of these off-base and hypocritical message from the PLP and their subordinates leads me to believe that they really have nothing else to offer, which is sad and really bad for our country.
      We constantly see the same messages, over and over, from the party and their demagogues that post on here and elsewhere. They ignore anything that may debunk the message, anything that proves them wrong and just keep repeating it, hoping that it will come true.

      We deserve better from our Opposition.

  25. mh says:

    It took me a while to understand what he was trying to say. More inflammatory than logical.

    The precise problem with politicians, or more specifically, the problem with people who vote for these clowns who prefer to inflame rather than promote an informed debate.

    Spend the energy on something more productive – or at least raise the question without looking like such a fool – this is so minor compared to the $2bn of debt I and my grandchildren will be paying off when Zane is 6ft under. If he’d lobbied harder for less spending on the hospital (fewer flat screen TVs, no atrium?) he could have got his Indigent Clinic if he thought it was so critical.

    Nope, easier to attack after the fact isn’t it. Pathetic and disappointing.

  26. St.D says:

    Keeping on TOPIC…

    I used to do some of the support services at the “Indigent Clinic” (agree, needs to change name).
    I remember it as being a caring, open environment filled with people who genuinely cared for the individuals who used the services. Each lady and gentleman was treated with respect and dignity. There was empathy and appropriate humour.

    Do any readers have family or remember the clinic? Perhaps my memories are skewed because I was fairly young at the time???

    • Crazy Lady says:

      I used the clinc. I did not feel degraded by it at all. I think we would need a free clinic, as so many are jobless

      • Mike Hind says:

        We all did. This is just more fantasy made up by an increasingly desperate – and increasingly irrelevant – party who have no idea how to do their job and are terrified of being found out.

  27. cybercop says:

    The clinic was/is much needed and appreciated. Wife had to use it before she had a job.There was nothing degrading about it, especially if you have no job or insurance and ongoing medical issues.The former government used that nonsense as an excuse to close it.I don’t recall a poll asking if the people felt degraded. So now you don’t feel degraded,but feel constant apprehension, wondering how you’re going to get your next prescription or medical attention, with no job and no insurance….The people are not fooled, most wondered why it was closed at all. Its obvious a similar program is needed. Only he who knows it feels it, or you know someone who feels it. Do the right thing OBA and help your people.
    Knows it,feels it!