Man Jailed For Stealing Chainsaw & Gasoline

October 21, 2013

Appearing in Magistrates Court this morning [Oct 21], a 51 year old was jailed after he admitted stealing gasoline and a chainsaw from a Tucker’s Town residence.

Chet Wilmot pleaded guilty to stealing the items in September 2013, with the Court hearing the homeowner installed security cameras after items kept going missing.

He was sentenced to three years each on the first two counts of theft, and sentenced to one year for the third count of prowling. The sentences are to concurrently meaning the total sentence — in practice — is three years.

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo heard that his record for criminal offences, mostly theft, extends back some 30 years.

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  1. TJ says:

    Now we see why there is no space in the jails….. 3 years really WOW! I wonder if the owner of these items is ok with paying this man’s rent up westgate for 3 years!!!

  2. e.d ot says:

    Wow. Shows you what happens when you steal from a rich white man around TUCKERS TOWN ..i bet he voted oba …
    Theft is wrong but 3 years is f***** up

    • Mike Hind says:

      Are you serious with this? Come on.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      I agree. I do not like thiefs but 3 years?

    • media says:

      Most Tucker’s Town residents are non Bermudian. Don’t worry he will be out in 1 year. Although on second thought the OBA are going to increase the parole back to 2/3rd of the sentence shortly, so maybe out in 2 years.

    • Double Standards says:

      Does that mean the thief voted PLP?

      • St Davids says:

        It means that he has proven that he has the PLP values and therefore may be running for an MP seat for them in the next election.

    • Shango says:

      Then dont break the law…

    • WTF says:

      e.d ot – He’s a habitual offender dating back some 30 years, his prison sentences should increase exponentially for each reoccurring offence after three strikes. Whether he steals from a ‘rich white man’ or a poor black man whats the difference… i bet you voted plp…

  3. M.T. Pockets says:

    Maybe the length of the sentence has more to do with his history and long record of stealing, not who he is or who the victim is. #realitycheck

  4. e.d ot says:

    Ay wtf. Stfu. Period

  5. Toodle-oo says:

    You lot all complaining about the length of this sentence must really want to see no-one ever get locked up and punished for anything .

    Have you ever had your house broken into , much less multiple times ?
    Have you gotten up in the morning to find your car has been entered and ransacked during the night ?

    Have you ever gone to your bike in the morning to find the gas line cut where someone was stealing gas from you , something you suspected for a long time but this time they got sloppy ?

    Have you ever gone out and found yard items missing ?

    Have you ever found strange footprints in the garden and around the house ?

    Well I have . Many times . And I live in an area that most people would love to move to because it’s off the beaten path.

    Do you know how this affects people’s feeling of safety in their own home ?

    IMO the guy should have gotten 20 years. And let it be an example to others. If they were smart it would save us money in the long run .

  6. Malachi says:

    His sentence SHOULD read:

    1. Weekends and evenings at Westgate
    2. Weekdays from 8:00AM to 5:00PM doing landscape work on Government
    Properties AND, as necessary, on the property from where the items

    It should be noted that these conditions should apply whether the perpetrator is an OBA or a PLP supporter!

  7. War in a babylon says:

    A possible candidate for the former govt?

  8. buzz says:

    Dude,,you are too old to go to Jail,,

  9. only in Bermuda says:

    Come on 3years………..

  10. boogiedownproductions says:

    Why oh why do you clowns always have to bring the political parties in everything. Most of you need a life.You complain about everything and my guess is your family is so perfect and will never make a mistake or commit a crime. Please get a LIFE

    • Chuckling says:

      Yes BDP!!!!

    • JONESER says:

      As true as your statement is it will always come back to politics just how the system and society in Bermuda is plus everyone (including yourself) is entitled to your opinions and people like to voice theirs.

      What gets me about people is that they hate on what others have to say regardless if you like it or not it is what it is and everyone has their own views on matters

      To give this man three years was ridiculous and we as a whole have to pay so really who is being taught a lesson here WE ALL NEED TO WAKE UP