One Injured After Bus & Car Collide In Pembroke

November 17, 2013

[Updated] At sometime around 1.30pm this afternoon [Nov 14] there was a collision involving a car and a bus in Pembroke, outside the St John’s Church area.

Traffic was restricted temporarily at the scene as emergency responders attended to the scene, with the Police, Fire Service and an ambulance all responding. Details are limited at this time, however we will update if able.

Update Nov 17th: A police spokesperson said, “Around 1pm on Thursday, November 14th police and first responders attended a reported two vehicle collision on Marsh Folly Road in Pembroke.

“It appears that a bus was being driven along Marsh Folly Road and a car was exiting the St. John’s Church property when the vehicles collided.

“The car driver, a 48 year old Pembroke woman, was apparently injured and taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment. She was later discharged.

“There were no other injuries reported; however both vehicles received front end damage.

“Inquiries into this collision are ongoing and any witnesses that have not already come forward are encouraged to contact PC Kalvilicia Joell on 295-0011.”

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  1. Brad says:

    Looks like the bus is waay over the yellow line…anyone the slightest bit surprised by this? See it on a daily basis.

    • Bozey says:

      May have tried to avoid the car coming out of the gate…the one leading to St John’s Pre School… But we will never be told…

    • ClearView says:

      @Brad, the collision was on the pedstrian side of the bus. The bus being over the line would have no merit here other than to suggest that the bus pulled towards the centre line in an attempt to avoid the collision.

    • JMoney says:

      No Brad no, I agree that 90% of the PTB Bus Operators can’t drive worth a damn but in this situation it appears that the bus was simply over the line trying escape the woman probably dashing/poking wayyy out of out of the gate, something i see on a daily basis!

  2. Stop Complaining For 1 Sec says:

    Look at the damage to the car, before you decide to make a stupid remark.
    the car could not have been traveling into the City as the damage is on the driver’s side.
    Maybe, just maybe the car was exiting from the nursery and thought it could make it.

  3. A thought for you says:

    Look like the bus tried to avoid the car that was coming out of the gate. I see alot of time when people are coming out of a gate and trying to beat the bus. This is the result.

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    “Off Duty” bus. In a hurry to get back to the barn & knock off were you?

    Check the cell phone log.

  5. Handbag Basher says:

    Perfect advertising for the car maker..the bodyshell is intact

  6. Paradox says:

    This is ALWAYS the case we see this crap EVERYDAY, just look at the top of Washington street and watch the busses run the stop sign into traffic and force you to give way, then they constantly jump the lights on burnaby and I noticed today they put a sign at the end of harbour road saying give way to busses….like hell I will, the majority of bus driver are ignorant fools and believe that might is right

    • Ringmaster says:

      With that attitude you will either be highlighted in a court hearing, or in the obituaries.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Have to agree & disagree with Paradox. The standard of Bermuda bus drivers in general is deplorable.

        However the standard of Bermuda drivers is general is no better.

        In defence of those driving large vehicles, they need to be on alert 100% of the time. Bermuda roads do not have shoulders. There is nowhere to escape, nowhere to move. It is a shame that all drivers do not get a turn at driving something large if only to get an appreciation of the extra challenges involved.

        Many secondary & county US roads are only a few feet wider than the average Bermuda road. Many of these are shoulderless yet the speed limit, depending on state, may be 60mph. A half second of inattention & you will be in a ditch yet crashes seldom happen. Why? Because drivers are paying attention & car drivers get over to give larger vehicles room.

        • James says:

          So are you suggesting that the standard of driving in the rest of the world is better? Having lived in and driven in New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, San Jose, Houston, South Orange -NJ, Huntsville, Alabama, and driven extensively throughout the US Canada, Europe, South America and Central America, I would have to say that you have lost your mind.

      • Might is right says:

        Your an idiot, probably one of the idiot bus drivers that drive on our streets

  7. Good Stuff says:

    On another note, what on earth is W&E doing on that road? Maybe I missed the headline, but there have been stoplights and one-way traffic there for as long as I can remember. It’s fine in the morning when the guys are controlling the signs, but after that forget about it…


  8. Gabbs says:

    Before you start running ya mouth,the car is at fault. The car pulled out of the gate right in front of the bus

  9. Gabbs says:

    You don’t give way then you will get smashed up fool

    • blessed says:

      That comment was not good, I think every life is valuable and if someone doesn’t give way, you shouldn’t purposely hit them cause your vehichle is larger. You have to think of their friends and family! Its call caring

    • blessed says:

      You didn’t see the car and purposely hit it did you? I hope not! God sees and knows all. I only say that because of your comment and if you are the busdriver and that is the way you feel, then you need to get another job, because ppl do all sorts of foolishness and sometimes ppl have things on their mind and it may not be about them not letting the bus out. Please change your mindset. A life can not be replaced (pretend its your loved one)

    • Might is right says:

      This is the type of unmanaged attitude that we see displayed everyday by our CIVIL SERVANT bus drivers

      • James says:

        The Civil Service in Bermuda is no better or worse than the US, Canada and most of Europe. If you are honest and I know that’s tough for most folks, you would agree that there is daily evidence of inefficient civil servants the world over. Stop with the Bermuda bashing–seriously it’s boring.

  10. Stop Complaining for 1 Second says:

    @ Paradox
    whilst I would agree with you about a good portion of drivers ( not just bus drivers ) but drivers of large heavy vehicles on the roads, one must ask oneself. Is it worth risking an accident, rather than slowing down to allow them the extra space needed.
    We all know that most of the larger vehicles can not stop on a dime.

    Here’s a little something I learned yrs ago:

    Approximate Stopping Distances
    The Reaction Distance is the distance the car travels in the three-quarters of a second that it takes for a driver to react to a problem and apply the brakes.

    The Braking Distance is the distance traveled from the time the brakes are first applied to the time the car comes to a complete stop.

    The Stopping Distance is the total distance it takes to stop the vehicle, from the moment the driver sees a problem to the time the car is stopped completely.

    Reaction Distance + Braking Distance = Stopping Distance.

    The following are approximate distances for an average passenger car with good brakes in good conditions on dry concrete:
    At 20 mph: Reaction Distance of 31 feet + Braking Distance of 36 feet = Stopping Distance of 67 feet.
    This means that if you are traveling at only 20 mph, you have to allow 67 feet of stopping distance for your vehicle after recognizing a hazard.
    At 40 mph Your Reaction Distance is 83 feet and your Braking Distance is 152 feet, resulting in a Stopping Distance of 235 feet.
    At 60 mph Your Reaction Distance is 187 feet and your Braking Distance is 293 feet, resulting in a Stopping Distance of 480 feet.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Then there is the 2 second rule that NOBODY follows: Regardless of speed remain 2 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. That distance will automatically increase with speed.

      In Bermuda it is common to see people following by less than half a car length. Besides being dangerous, what is the point?

      • Concerned says:

        The 2 second rule is a great baseline, we just need to recognize that there are certain conditions in which the 2-second is inadequate and needs to be increased to 3 and 4 seconds, such as:

        1) rainy conditions
        2) steep downhills
        3) blind corners

        …and any combination of these as well.

      • James says:

        While I agree, I have to add that it’s a problem throughout the world. Just Is–I have lived it!

  11. Z says:

    Looks to me like the bus tried to avoid the car coming out of the driveway opposite the tennis stadium. Look at the damage to the bus, over the and looks like someone was going way to fast! Now you tell me the bus was not speeding!

  12. Kangoocar says:

    And our insurance rates continue to climb, I wonder why????

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Ain’t that the truth. Hows this for a comparison: Class B car in Bermuda, 3rd party insurance only, no claims in over 40 years of driving, over $400. 2006 Chevy Silverado 3500, crewcab, long box dually truck, insured up to the ying yang, roadside assistance, windshield, car rental allowance, hotel allowance, everything short of full replacement value, just over $1000 with full no claims discount.

      Class B car registration: something like $500. 22′ long truck registration: A little over $200.

      Do we get shafted or what??

    • James says:

      Are we talking about New York, Los Angeles, London?

  13. swing voter says:

    nice car, stupid driver

  14. Scoalsy says:

    I am NOT surprised the with some of the drivers, A week ago a bus passed me just pass the Whaler Inn going East and the coming traffic had to stop to avoid a bad collision, he/her had to doing at least 45 MPH as i was doing 30 MPH (50 KLM)
    This is very common thing with them it seems.
    I catch the bus often and 1/2 of the drivers are grumpy and rude, then you get some that are very very nice BUT the rude ones give them a bad name.

  15. C says:

    I hope all involved are ok.

  16. blessed says:

    It was not the bus drivers fault. Although a lot of the bus drivers nowadays drive reckless, by pulling out, coming on the wrong side while rounding corners. Church Street bus depot is dangerous, they just pull out.
    Busdriver it was not your fault.
    It was a terible accident. It happens. That’s why its an accident