Christopher Famous On The Death Of “Mandiba”

December 6, 2013

[Written by Chris Famous]


The name spoken in reverence about Nelson Mandela.

I write this today from a few perspectives. As a child I grew up hearing about this gentleman Mandela who was locked up in South Africa.

During my child hood I used to go into Mr. Anon’s shop on the corner of Court and Dondonald Streets “The Peoples Market” where Zaki Bakery now is.

Adorned along the walls where numerous pictures of African freedom fighters, Patrice Lumumba, Joma Kenyatta, Abdel Nasser, Marcus Garvey & Mandiba.

Mr Anon used to tell us, “Look up to these men they are fighting for freedom of Africans from colonial slave masters.”

In a pre-internet age of the 1970s, there were zero places to Google the words Apartheid or Mandela

Luckily there was a great teacher of mine Mr. Glen Fubler who was involved with the Anti-Apartheid movement in Bermuda. He did much to bring awareness of this human blight to our knowledge. Much to the chagrin of the powers that be of the time.

He taught us about the struggle that our brothers and sisters were undergoing in South Africa the Soweto and Sharpville massacres, Steve Biko and numerous other realities of what colonialism and Apartheid were really about. I remember clearly when the late Margaret Thatcher and her cronies declared that Mandela was a terrorist.

At that point I knew Mandela was a great man. Mr. Fubler thank you for teaching us about Mandiba.

  • February 11, 1990 the morning of his release from prison, I was glued in front of my television to ensure I saw the Rise of an African king.
  • April 27, 1994 , the day of the elections in South Africa, I wept not for South Africa’s liberation, but for the fact it took so long for the world to see that colonialism is evil.
  • May 10, 1004 when he took his oath of presidency it was a day I will never forget. From prisoner to president. Joseph from the bible.

Yesterday December 5, 2013 as Mandiba passes into the realm of other African kings;

  • Chaka Zula
  • Patrice Lamumba
  • Jomo Kenyatta
  • Jonas Savimbi

I will not cry nor will I be sad. Nor will I join in any long list of persons speaking warm and fuzzy words of sorrow.

Despite slavery, colonialism and my passport nationality, I am an African. In African culture the spirits live within us and amongst us.

We lean on the spirits for guidance and protection daily. So you see the spirit of Mandela dwells within all good people of this world. He truly has imparted his DNA of righteousness, fairness, equality and focus, into billions of persons.

So to truly honour him, we must life by the principles he exemplified.

Mandiba has shown us all, that no matter what oppression one faces, stand up for what is right. Stand firm and your oppressors can oppress you no more. Your oppressors will eventually become your brothers and sisters.

Amandla Awethu

Power to the People

- Chris Famous

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  1. u ank sers says:

    In all fairness….we are ALL African. Dats where we came from

  2. Betty Trump says:

    A great man whom today will always be remembered. Greatness forever.

  3. Truth is killin' me... says:

    A good movie to watch is “Cry Freedom” about the life of Steve Biko. It stars Denzel Washington. Excellent movie!

  4. Sandgrownan says:

    Be careful in using the Bible to illustrate your point, since the warrents for ethnic cleansing, racism and slavery are all contained within. Apartheid in South Africa was largely the construct of the Dutch Reform Church. You know, god fearing Christians.

    And we’re all African.

    • Chris Famous says:

      Which Biblical reference are you talking about mate?

      • 'nuff sa-d' says:

        Chris, go on line to Top and view ‘Caesars’ Messiah’
        You may not want to quote the bible any more after that.

  5. Sandgrownan says:

    Joseph from the Bible

  6. There is no why says:

    And above all he showed us how forgiveness is freedom and how forgiveness sets us free. RIP Mandiba