Man Remanded After Denying Cheque Theft

December 3, 2013

A 33-year-old man appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [Dec 3] where he was remanded in custody after denying using stolen cheques to purchase groceries at Marketplace.

Jahmeco Blakeney pleaded not guilty to the theft of 15 HSBC cheques, receiving the 15 cheques, and using the cheques to cause cashiers at the Marketplace’s Shopping Centre to let him unlawfully acquire goods belonging to the Marketplace.

All the offences are alleged to have taken place between a date unknown in September 2013 when the 15 cheques were alleged to have been stolen; and the 30th November 2013.

Blakeney is alleged to have passed two cheques totalling  almost $700 and to have obtained approximately $300 worth of goods from the Marketplace with the remaining amount alleged to have been received in cash.

Crown Prosecutor Carrington Mahoney told Senior Magistrate Archie Warner that the Crown’s case against Blakeney would be joined with another case.

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner ordered that Blakeney should be tried in February 2014 and should be held on remand until then.

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  1. Terry says:

    Were gonna need a bigger Prison.
    Remand until February?

    The man must have family, relatives or is this too much to ask because of how it reflects on the family.

    What happened to ties.

  2. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    If guilty, Lock them all up Archie!

    • Tricks Are For Kids says:

      We should also look at an alternative to incarceration….with the island already in debt we continue to “lock em up” at a cost of $83,000 per year(twice the amount of educating one child)…….. Why not “fine” them heavily depending on nature of crime, put them on probation and give them Community Service……..

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        It was Ewart’s Alternatives To Incarceration that got us into this mess. Lock criminals up.

        • Tricks Are For Kids says:

          Not interested in what Ewart DID or DIDN’t do…I don’t live in the past…..instead I look forward…..This was MY suggestion….just a thought….sorry you are not in agreement with it….Looking at alternatives is a more vaible solution than wasting money housing prisoners…..I gave a thought that obviously isn’t good enough for you…What idea or solution do you have outside of incarceration bearing in mind that Governments long term goal is too save money?

      • Beyond2 says:

        If they are in trouble for stealing, they will not be able to pay a heavy fine, costing taxpayers more money. If guilty, I agree with community service, and make them wear shirts stating the nature of their crime. Also for those already incarcerated, chain gangs could be a possible condition of their sentence.

  3. markus says:

    those damn Blakeneys….

    • sukram says:

      Two Blakeney families on the island. Fyi majority of the Blakeneys are well liked and respected and have contributed greatly to this island.I hope you are not judging all for one bad seed! Not every member of my family, or yours,or anyone elses in that matter,are perfect.Stop judging markus, I can almost assure you that the Blakeneys(Both families)have contributed and given a lot more than your family has!!!