Boxing Day Football: Somerset Win Both Matches

December 26, 2013

Two football games took place at the Wellington Oval this Boxing Day, with Somerset Eagles defeating BAA 1-0 to win a spot in the Shield Final, while Somerset Trojans defeated St David’s 3-2 to claim a spot in the Friendship finals.

The day was not without drama, with one player from St David’s spitting on a referee after he was given a red card.

The other two teams in the finals will be decided tomorrow [Dec 27] at the BAA Field, with the Boulevard Blazers set to square off against the Devonshire Colts in the Shield Semi-Final, while Hamilton Parish will face the Devonshire Cougars in the Friendship Semi-Final.

Shield Semi-Final: Somerset Eagles Defeat BAA 1 – 0

After a scoreless first half at the Wellington Oval, the Somerset Eagles got a goal from Tyrone Fubler in the 64th minute to take a 1 – 0 lead over BAA. Neither team found the back of the net for the remaining time, and the Somerset Eagles earned a spot in the Shield Final with a 1 – 0 win.

Friendship Semi-Final:  Somerset Trojans Defeat St Davids 3 – 2

The Somerset Trojans took a 1 – 0 lead after some 20 minute when Sean Brangman lobbed the ball over an advancing St. David’s goalkeeper Corey Richardson. However, St. David’s were not behind for long as three minutes later Detroy Smith made the score 1 – 1.

Leo Burgess blasted the Somerset Trojans back in front in the 41st minute from close range, and in the 44th minute St. David’s were level yet again when Angelo Cannonier made the score 2 – 2.

However on the stroke of half time, a foul in the St. David’s box resulted in a penalty that Brangman made no mistake in converting to give the Somerset Trojans a 3 – 2 lead at the break.

With the score still 3 – 2, St. David’s went down a man when Andrew Paynter was sent off for a second bookable offense. Minutes later St. David’s goalscorer Detroy Smith was sent off for foul language, and Somerset Trojans, now having a two man advantage, were able to claim the 3 – 2 victory.

Spitting Incident

When St. David’s player Detroy Smith was sent off for foul language,  he spit on referee Anthony Francis as he was leaving the field.

Francis — who was understandably upset with the incident — was persuaded to come back on the field to conclude the match, which saw Somerset Trojans hang on for the 3 – 2 victory.

St George’s MP Kenneth Bascome was at the game and called the spitting incident an “embarrassment”, while Kuhn Evans of the Referee Association said it is unfortunate that some players act like this, saying everyone should participate in for the love of the game and in the spirit of fair play.

“If the referee makes a call they should be prepared to go with it, ” said Mr Evans. “It’s just like life, everything does not go your way.”

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  1. Enforcer says:

    I would hope and expect this idiot gets a lengthy ban from his club as well as football. That is disgusting to say the least. He should also be banned from Wellington.

    • markus says:

      I’m for the lengthy ban too.

    • Lebron says:

      He’s just a bad penny. Done the same thing in cricket, in and out of jail. Joke the club even allows him to represent them. This says as much about the ethics of the football club as it does him.

      show some backbone BFA, life ban.

  2. Well I neva says:

    Disgusting pig,nothing worse than having someone spit on you. That’s Just nasty.

  3. RawOnion says:

    Spitting on someone is considered an assault. He should be charged and face a judge and fined and then the sporting body needs to act. It’s no wonder attendance in down at football games. Clean up the sport and watch the attendance rise.

    • Goofer says:

      He knows the judge very well sadly. Seriously BFA, is football better off with or without this loser.

      Grow a pair will you.

  4. Ruthless says:

    Simple! Life ban! Nothing else to say

  5. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    I would have cracked the punk upside his head if I had been the Referee.

    I also saw 5 idiots on scooters racing in and out the traffic on the Causeway heading towards St.Georges,tempting their death.Had one or all of these idiots caused a death or injured it would have been totally their own fault.
    I have no sympathy with types of these punks.

  6. Next says:

    He should have been arrested.

  7. backbush says:

    detroy should not be able to play no sports he is a bad apple look what he has done in the last three years

  8. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Detroy Smith you’re an insult to be called a human being! If the BFA have the balls, they should ban you for five years at the least!

  9. Dr. No says:

    I have known Detroy Smith for years and I will say that he is his own worst enemy and enemy to others – you don’t think that this is his first stupid act do you.[ lol]

  10. Uncle Bob says:

    smh at these mentally disturbed type of guys……i bet he spat on people from the start of kindergarden school….come on Defloy pick up your mental game its at an all time low dog

  11. show says:

    Funny how everyonee jumping on his case but when a certain person spat on ssomeone during bermuda’s most prestigious sporting event (Cup Match) nothing was said. Guess depending who you are u can get away with what ever in bermuda. ….. not condoning what this man done. Just making a point

    • stfu! says:


    • rubber bong says:

      I think the difference here is that you expect friction between opposing players but physically lashing out at the referee is crossing a totally different line.

  12. JustSayin says:

    Spitting on someone is really nasty!!! And to do this because of a call made by a refree just goes to show you what type of person you are. Two year olds spit once or twice and are made to understand how nasty and disrespectful this is. He acted like a child so he should be treated like the nasty brat that he is. Ban him for lide from all sports and make him sit on the bench for all his clubs games for the next two seasons. Lucky it was the refree that it was. Mr. Francis has taken lots of abuse. I should have been the refree he be missing teeth.

    • stfu! says:

      Lol u want him banned for life and sit bench for the next 2 season u do understand band for life means he wont have a club for life…

  13. stfu! says:

    Stfu! U dont know the whole story and that ref was an idiot! If u dont know shxt dont say shxt! Its always three sides to a damn story! So keep it moving!

  14. Cushywooshy says:

    Read your bible daily.

  15. STFU & Face the facts says:

    Stfu, The fact remains that Detroy Smith’s reputation for being low class preceeds him wherever he goes. Well, maybe not everywhere, considering you have taken up his pretty hopeless cause. If you know him, you know he’s a snake. He has potential for other things, but he chooses to consistently be a snake. Wait, didn’t he just get BACK out of jail over summer? For some other assault or harrassment related charge? This isn’t new behaviour. You can’t defend someone who continues to expand on his less than stellar history and behaviours. Spitting is gross, disrespectful and apparently, fitting from someone who embodies those same qualities. What’s understood shouldn’t have to be explained.

    • stfu! says:

      You seem to have a personal problem with him so get your life! & stfu with you bimpard self

  16. SILVERFOX says:

    I hope what ever punishment is meted out to this young man sends a message to all of the sporting fraternity that this type of behaviour WILL NOT be tolerated…I trust it will be harsh…

  17. patrick bean says:

    I read a quote from the St David’s team manager describing incident as ‘embarrassing’ yet in the next breath speak to the incompetence of the referee, which would seem to excuse his player’s behaviour. But wait a minute he is an elected official and as such can be expected to speak out of both sides of his mouth.
    As for Mr. Smith, his demons are obvious to most of us, but are obvious enough to him that he subscribes to that which can eradicate them.
    As far as disciplinary action – he gets five year suspension with ability to apply for reinstatement after two years following successful completion of anger management treatment.