Dog Dies After Being Attacked By Another Dog

January 27, 2014

A dog has died after being attacked by another dog, the police said today. A woman and her daughter were walking two dogs when another dog attacked one of their dogs, who died as a result of its injuries.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 3:30pm on Sunday, January 26th police officers attended a reported dog attack on Texas Road in St. George’s.

“It appears that a St. George’s woman and her daughter were walking along Texas Road with two dogs when a Pit Bull Terrier attacked one of their dogs, which apparently died of its injuries at the scene. The mother, daughter and their other dog were not injured.

“The Government Dog Warden has been made aware of this incident,” the spokesperson added.

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Next step…dog that attacked should be put down and owner fined for not having their dog properly secured. #NEVERGONNAHAPPEN

    • Y-Gurl says:

      Very much agree, anywhere else on the planet it would happen, followed by a stinging lawsuit…but here…..

    • andre says:

      You need to ask who was the alleged owner!

    • Really says:

      He may be able to get a pardon, and live out the rest of his years in another country.

  2. Smiths says:

    but…but…these are kind and gentle dogs. I still don’t trust them.

  3. O'Brien says:

    Time for another petition to remind us of the injustice of outlawing these docile and loving pets!

  4. Susie Quattro says:

    Obviously, the poor gentle misunderstood pit bull must have been provoked. The other dog probably wagged its tail or looked at it funny. That’s just asking for it.

  5. hmmm says:

    Does the owner of the pitbull (assuming is it a Pitbull and that this has been confirmed) have a licence… If not then ban them personally from ever owning a dog again and a $20,000 fine or 6 months in jail.

    • Just Wondering says:

      My understanding was that it was legalised in the last amnesty

      • Terry says:

        Does not mean anything. The dog killed another animal.
        Case closed.

    • ugh says:

      If they had an unlicenced dog to begin with, why would they care if they were banned from owning another? What makes you think they would abide by this?

      They wouldn’t.

  6. Anthony says:

    Pit bulls need to be in a cage or on a heavy enough chain. And d law should be if u own a pit yhxo ou have to put it in your name and take responsiblity for recklessness.

    • Wondering says:

      How would you like to be put in a cage and chained up just because of your race?

      • Susie Quattro says:

        You’re right, they shouldn’t be chained up. They should be destroyed.

        • Shameful says:

          noooo you can’t leave a dog in a cage or tie him with a heavy chain all day. Not the way to do things. Pit bulls have a reputation, but you still cant do that to them.

      • stop the violence says:

        It’s an animal not a human

    • Really says:

      What happens when that recklessness leads to a person getting bitten, or worse?

  7. Anthony says:

    And you cannot tell if its a pit bull without takings its DNA. Half the Pitts in Bermuda are cross. Look up Argentina Mastiff cross with a bulldog!

  8. Nuffin but da Truth says:


  9. For the sorry sack’s that think Pit’s are loving dogs here is yet again another attack on a dog which died – so please do explain??
    Ban them as we do not need them here, this goes for all of the other dangerous breeds as well. In actual fact as someone stated fine them heavily – $10,000-$20,000 for having it.

    • WOW says:

      please tell me what makes you so sure its a pit at all? how can you tell? a Pit bull is not a breed its a generalization of bully-like dogs based on physical characteristics which include American Bulldogs, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull terrier, or any other mix there of. Please get your fact straight as any dog can be dangerous without meaning to be. a retriever attacked an individuals baby in the USA all because the baby got while the dog was playing with a bone… now i didnt think retrievers were dangerous dogs but this one attacked…. Please do your research before you rant because i guess if we listened to you we also would not need Dobermans, Rottis, German Shepherds, Boxers, Bull dogs etc. here either as they are all dangerous breeds

      • Whathesaid says:

        Sorry you are incorrect. The American Staffordshire Bull Terrier can often be dual registered as an American Pit Bull Terrier. They have a definite standard or description of the breed.

      • Really says:

        Any animal can be dangerous if provoked, including cats, hamsters, and humans. If the circumstances warrant, ppl can snap and fly off the handle or even go into a blind rage.

  10. X man says:

    Oh ‘ so much for the Outlawed PIT BULL!
    There is still plenty around – which means breeding them is going on too.
    Look Govt. – we need some money — anybody caught with one should be fined $10.000 or take take there assets.

    • PB Owner says:

      @ X man and all other who don’t care to understand this breed and others like it – clearly you forget that there are people with legal, licensed pit-bulls. There was an amnesty that made hundreds of these dog legal less than 5 years ago and life expectancy for these dogs are over 10 years, so do the math. My pit-bulls is legal, licensed and while i understand that people don’t trust her because of a stereotype, she’s friendly. She is also in a large locked kennel so that her look doesn’t disrupt the people who judge her by her breed. I consider myself a responsible owner, we suffer for the other owners who create the dogs that cause these issues. You also have to understand the role of a pit-bull, while this doesn’t apply to this incident because the dog was clearly unrestrained, pit-bulls are loyal family members (previously referred to as a nanny dog who protect their home, including their yard and any person ‘known’ as family. It is their instinct to protect and serve their owners without question. it is the owner who must train the dog to act accordingly. So many dogs (no matter the breed) have been put down because of poor pet ownership. It just too bad society thinks the dog should be put down and not the owner.

  11. john says:

    here we go with the pitt bull stuff again are you people slow!It’s all how the dog has been raised you can’t blame the breeed end of story.

    • Muhammad Goldberg says:

      John, of course – if you raised a poodle badly it would be out there killing other dogs and endangering society. All the people on this blog are so dumb except for you…

      • PB Owner says:

        Goldens, Dalmatians, and many other “family breeds” attack people and other dogs/animals all the time. The big issue here is that statistics are not on that side because a high percentage of dogs on this island are pit-bulls. The statistics only show the incidents that are reported, what about the ones that are not and are settled under the table by a well of person that can afford to pay for the attacked persons silence. It still boils down to responsible pet ownership no matter the breed. That what needs to be understood. And by the way POODLES DO BITE and they are not always the smallest dogs. If that was a standard poodle that attacked that tiny little yorkie the results would have been the same.

    • @john – maybe you are right and maybe you are wrong but is so sad to see so many dogs and people bitten/mauled by this breed.
      So question to you is what is your solution to this?

      • Terry says:

        Get Government to take out a bond and borrow some more money and offer $5000 for every one animal.
        They spend it on other things.
        Never know.
        And ship em off to Paget Island and see what happens.

    • Whathesaid says:

      The breed is bred for animal aggression, Period! No matter how you raise them. Nature Vs. Nurture, and Nature always wins!

  12. Grand Wizzard says:

    99% of certain bermudians own pits or similar fighting dogs, because they think its cool to torture and enslave animals, and make them murder each other for sport.
    Every house I go to in my field of work I see pit after pit after pit, or similar types for fighting.

    just goes to show what the new culture of bermuda has become….a bunch of worthless, pathetic, violent, psychopaths…..

    • ganja mon says:

      99 percent of certain Bermudians? Please elaborate? I bet you won’t because the next few words would be racial.. To assume 99 percent of a “certain type” of people have these dogs is generalizing at it best!

    • loud says:

      Who are these “certain bermudians” that you speak of?

  13. Grand Wizzard says:

    The BREED is not the issue, yes that is true. BUT!

    THE ISSUE is that that BREED is used for 99% of all dog-fighting.

    So when you see a pitbull, there is a VERY HIGH chance it has been trained to kill mercilessly.


    • loud says:

      Where are you getting these facts from your throwing out? 99%? Where did you get those stats buddy?

    • Sally says:

      I hate pit bulls….. I was bitten by one of these disgusting animals,and still have a scar on my leg ….and on another note you dog owners who go to work and leave your dogs outside and bark for hours on end….. shame on you..

      • sage says:

        Disgusting? That describes your attitude to a tee, and probably explains why you would get bitten in the first place. I remind you Pit Bulls were bred to fight for money by HUMANS. I am sorry for the little dog’s owners having lost a pet in this way, it’s a bad situation all around. Is killing the Pit for doing what he did, right? I don’t think so. Had he been a mastiff/doberman would you be so hate filled?

        • Susie Quattro says:

          Well, she was bitten by one of these dogs, and you weren’t.
          That’s why you can sit in your armchair blaming the victim.

          She dislikes this type of dog because she was badly injured by one. It isn’t very difficult to understand.

  14. my Cousin says:

    This is a very sad case. I know this story well. Both the victim and the dog owners are my family. First the dog is always in a fenced in home and the dog has his own kennel in the yard. The dog NEVER gets out so someone must have let it out. The lady whose dog was sadly killed is no stranger to the house she knows the dog, and sadly she knows it was an tragic accident. Both the victim and the dog owner are working together to have this matter settled. The owner and his family are devistated, they are working with the victim to make things right.

    they are not making excuses for the dog but all of their thouhts are with the victim at the loss of her pet.

    I just want to say, the dog owner in question is not irresponible, he does not have a dog to fight, he is not looking for a status symbol his dog is treated with love and care. My prayers are with the victim on the loss of her pet. I understand my cousin is voluntarily putting down his Pitt too. Hang in there to my both cousins…….sad all de way around. We are from St Davids……We do not pass the blame. We make our wrongs right, and stay FAMILY we dont use the media to disrespect and make wrongs worse. It is a sad time for all.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      @ my cousin , thank you for your thoughtful post.
      I know that both parties must be devastated . Especially the victims. It take a long time to get over something like this .

      I notice that you also included the fact that the attacking dog was treated with love and care .

      So how does that align with all you people who say it’s the owner not the dog ?

      • Sally says:

        Do not blame the owners of these horrible pit bulls…. thank God Bermuda has banned these animals..

        • spot2 says:

          exactly! if this dog was from a loving and caring home then it just PROVES that it is the breed! thank god they are banned in Bermuda. now if those in charge of actually enforcing that ban could get off their big behinds we’d all be able to walk down the street without the fear of god everytime we saw a Pittbull!

  15. Facts says:

    Here are the facts:

    - I was there
    - this was direct negligence of the owner
    - the owner has called the dog warden on my dog because it barks
    - I own a pit bull
    - my dog has never gotten loose and terrorized anyone in 5 years
    - my dog is locked inside a 10×10 Steele kennel when not being walked on a leash
    - my pit bull is a licensed/ registered pit bull and is not illegal
    - pit bulls are not an “any and everybody” pet
    - pit bills deserve respect

    As a pit bull owner I am disgusted to whiteness and know that this has happened. I was very angry when I came outside to see what had unfolded. I cannot support any sort of backing of pit bulls or their owners at this point because we as owners haven’t shown much respect for the breed or the public if we are still allowing our pets to put the lives and health of other people and animals in harms way. Pit bulls are beautiful and like any other of gods creations deserve a level of respect and that’s where I believe the problem lies. I take responsibility for my dog and how he is handled and the consequences of any negligence. I make sure my dog is securely in his home as I respect the fact that my pet may cause unwanted harm to others and I also respect my dog by doing this because if I didn’t, I may not be able to enjoy my dogs company in the future. The dog which was killed was a Yorkshire terrier which is like my 2nd favorite breed of dog so I’m even angrier this happened apart from the negativity it brings towards my dog as a pit bull. It also angers me that after all of my diligent effort to ensure that my dog causes no harm to others, there are still those who don’t see the whole importance behind making sure that you properly take care of your pit bulls or else the consequences are serious and uncalled for. Things aren’t made any better when my dog is now being looked at negatively when it has no reason for scrutiny and neither do I as responsible owner. I will end by pointing out that we can look on the brighter side of things by acknowledging the fact that no human was injured in this incident but apart from this the ones with the intelligence need to show more of it.

    • **** u says:

      Boo who who who a dog killed another dog that’s what they do cryin ova damn animals u people r sick

      • stop the violence says:

        This is not the jungle so it is not normal for a dog to kill a dog you are not all sane.

  16. Sally says:

    So no human was injured……thank God we have banned these horrible dogs.

  17. Truth is killin' me... says:

    @facts…the truth is your dog got out, the truth is your dog killed and caused emotional damage to another family by killing their pet. It should be put down!

  18. Truth is killin' me... says:

    @facts…your type of dog!

  19. enough says:

    There are many other types of dogs to have if one purely wishes a loving family pet. One must wonder about the motives of some people owning a pittbull. I would always be worried about it getting loose and all the havoc it can cause, not to mention lawsuits. The worst thing my dog (a lab) has done on getting out, is going for a swim in a neighbour’s pool!

    • sage says:

      Check out Cesar Milan’s worst bite, on you tube.

    • Smh says:

      Did it ever occur to you that people prefer bully breeds over a lab? I know I for one don’t like a labrador for myself. Good looking animals but they just are not my kind of dog. I will stick to my Rotties thanks. I must agree with you on the worrying part though. I don’t know why people continue to buy these dogs knowing they are illegal.

      I love pit bulls and if they could be made legal I would buy one in a heart beat. But the ban is there for a reason people. Abide by it!

  20. trees says:

    It is not about the dog or the breed but the owner! Many Pitbull and other breed owners have been saying that responsible owners never have any issues with their dogs and that they would never hurt another animal or person.

    So rather than punish the dog, punish the owner. In this case the owner should be put in jail as if he had committed the violent act! If irresponsible owners were put down instead of their dogs would owners of powerful dogs be okay with this?

  21. Prayerful says:

    Pit bull or poodle, a murder has been committed, put the dog down>

    Why do we need a DNA test, the offender was a dog, put it down!

  22. Bermyman says:

    Friendly and lovable until they rip a throat out!

  23. Bermyman says:

    I hope that local stats are now being kept on this viscous breed . This is 2 dog attacks resulting in deaths in 3 months form just this breed.

  24. X man says:

    These are the Facts
    Pit Bulls were designed by selective breeding for Fighting and Killing another Dog in a Fight
    no excuses.
    These Dogs kill on breeding instincts by which somthing could activate it’s will to Kill
    anytime and anywhere.

    • sage says:

      Tell us what Mastiffs, Rottwielers and Dobermans were bred for( clue; it wasn’t to attack dogs) and then explain why they are not banned.

    • PB Owner says:

      Another person that needs to do some research…

  25. Somerset OG says:

    Do you nimrods who hate pitbulls know that the dog on the Little Rascals was a pitbull? Some of you might be too young and dumb to remember. Petey was a pitbull. Google it. I don’t own a pitbull but I have had dogs all of my life. It’s not the dog who is the menace, it’s the one who trained it to be aggressive. I have been bitten by a toy poodle. Should all toy poodles be destroyed and banned? Who here hasn’t been bitten by a cat before? I’m waiting.

  26. Uncommon Sense says:

    How can we have a “licensed pit bull” which is also a “banned breed”? There is some serious inconsistency here. Government needs to make clear that a banned breed shodl be illegal to own. Therefor if you are caight with one you are fined and the anumal confiscated. The owner will have to pay for the animal to be sent overseas to an accepting dog shelter. That will stop this problem.