Group Reminds Public Of Referendum Petition

January 18, 2014

The group that launched a petition calling for the Government to hold a referendum on casino gambling has reminded the public about the referendum, saying that in addition to the e-petition, the petition is also available for signing at Rock Island Cafe, Kirk’s Jewellers, BIU Headquarters and BIU Gas Station.

During the run up to the 2012 General Election the OBA pledged to hold a referendum, however in December 2012 Premier Craig Cannonier announced that instead of holding a referendum on gambling, the matter will be decided by a vote in Parliament.

Earlier this month the group launched the petition calling for a referendum, with organisers including former Independent political candidate Jonathan Starling, former UBP Leader Kim Swan, BEST Chairman Stuart Hayward and Michael Ashton.


A spokesperson for the group said, “Referendum for Bermuda would like to remind the public that the petition for a referendum on casino gambling, as promised by both parties during the 2012 General Election, is a non-partisan initiative.

“The petition does not take a position for or against casino gambling.

“It is our belief that a referendum on casino gambling is the right thing to do, in as much as it provides a credible vehicle to settle the issue of casino gambling in Bermuda, one way or the other.

“The lead-up to a referendum allows for a truly objective educational campaign involving both for and against campaigns, giving Bermudians the best chance to make an informed decision for or against casino gambling, with awareness of both the short and long-term consequences of their decision.

“Petitions may currently be signed at the following locations:

  • Rock Island Cafe on Reid Street
  • Kirk’s Jewellers on Front Street
  • BIU Headquarters on Union Street
  • BIU Gas Station on Dundonald Street

“There is also an online petition available through our website.

“Petition sheets have also been distributed to all OBA and PLP MPs through envelopes dropped off at their respective party headquarters, along with email notifications that their petition sheets are there.

“This is because constituents throughout the island have contacted us about signing the petition, and we thought it only right that our representatives serve as a conduit for collecting signatures from their constituents.

“Petition sheets have also been provided to both party offices so that party members of both parties may have an opportunity to sign the petition.”

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Comments (24)

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  1. Yahoo says:

    Oops, we’ve been out of the news for a couple days. Better do something about that…

  2. swing voter says:

    waste of time….and money

  3. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    100% Waste of Time…Gambling is a done deal,if you believe otherwise,maybe I can sell you some Real Estate on Mars.

  4. Blackjack21 says:

    GOOD. hope they are not getting the numbers they thought they might. Waste of time anyway. Wonder how many BERMUDIANS have signed. I never would and will now go to one of those high profile sets to express my thoughts on the drivel. GET THE VOTE ON NOW in the HOUSE.

  5. Leroy says:

    For Gods sake you lot , we have had enough of your crap…OBA just do it..
    I think a lot of you are being duped by a certain talk show host !!!

  6. Lets hope says:

    Again why do we need a referendum on something that we already have! And for all the people who want it should pay for it.

  7. Kangoocar says:

    I actually would like to thank Bernews for stating the establishments that this petition can be signed, these same establishment s will NOT be supported by ME!!!!!!!!! Obviously there is some desperation on their part being they have a need to remind people of their silly petition??? Obviously the OBA has done the correct thing by just DOING IT!!!!

    • Mike Hind says:

      Really? You’ll stop supporting an establishment because they take a position that doesn’t jibe with yours?

      Someone allowing a petition to be put up in their establishment isn’t grounds for boycott. Come on.

      • Hmmm says:

        It’s his money. He can choose where and where not to spend it and for whatever reason he wants. That’s his choice.

  8. Impressive says:

    if you all disagree with this group doing something that they think it right, why do you all have to be so dismissive and childish??? Its their right to object to what they think is unjust, just like its your right to agree..
    You all sound like a bunch of little children trying to poke fun at the person who is not part of the in crowd,, Grow the hell up..

  9. Interesting says:

    They have 180 signatures online… this is so ridiculous but hey they each need press.

  10. James Herald says:

    180 signatures = EPIC FAIL. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Is that all???? No wonder they are down to begging.

      • J Starling says:

        The majority of signatures are offline. The online petition is primarily for overseas Bermudians. No one is ‘begging’.

  11. no more democracy says:

    I believe in a dictatorship, no more elections,they are too expensive, no more promises or direct participation of the general populous in governing. OBA don’t need our input. They know what is best.

    • Hmmm says:

      But we do have elections , issues are debated and voted on in the house. I think you are getting a little bit carried away here.

      we already have gambling in Bermuda.

      This is about raising the profile of the people involved. Otherwise they would not need their photo’s in the press repeatidly.

  12. Bermaud Boy says:

    Waste of time.

  13. Moonbeam says:

    A referendum is a total waste of tax payers money – at a time when Gov is trying to cut back! Just vote for it OBA – in our hotels only.

  14. frank says:

    to understand things better just look at the people leeding the call
    one person comes to mind kim this fool and the other swan were still holding on to the ubp
    some people are just afraid of good change

  15. Chris Worboys says:

    I signed the petition out of a matter of principle because I take issue with the public being promised a referendum on a reasonably important issue such as this, and that promise subsequently being broken.

    Referendums have been used very successfully across the world to allow the public to contribute more directly toward the democratic process, which can reduce the influence of powerful lobbyists and companies on the political process, ensuring the public interest is better represented.

    Developing a system to carry out referendums in Bermuda would arguably be an excellent investment that would create a tool that could be used again and again to help make important decisions and move forward on a range of key policy issues such as gambling, conscription, drugs etc. so it is a shame to see this opportunity missed.

    Of greater concern is that no rational argument was made for the decision to abandon the referendum (the cost argument is difficult to believe) and from a completely objective standpoint the question that had been proposed was indefensibly biased to encourage people to support gambling. This in itself should have invited further attention as it was totally inappropriate.

    Lets be realistic, gambling is unlikely to be a game changer for Bermuda. Some new business opportunities will emerge and some people could make quite a lot of money from this, some people will develop gambling addictions and lose everything they have.

    Many people are clearly tired of the endless debate on this issue so it is good it looks like it will finally be resolved. I support the efforts of the group who started the petition and am sure than many others who have not left comments today also support them, it is disappointing to see so many negative comments when this group appear to be acting in good faith to hold our politicians accountable.

  16. Bermaud Boy says:

    Sign it at BIU gas station and BIU headquarters…Doesn’t that give you a hint……it’s a PLP / BIU petition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!