Photos, Video: Bermuda Marathon Weekend 10K

January 18, 2014

[Updated with video] Despite less than inviting weather conditions, hundreds of runners made their way to National Sports Centre this morning [Jan 18] to take part in the Bermuda Race Weekend’s 10K race.

The Race Weekend kicked off last night with the Front Street Mile, and continues tomorrow with the marathon.

Jordan Chipangama [USA] and Sarah Brown [USA] won the race, with Lamont Marshall as the first Bermuda runner in a time of 32:27 in 7th place overall, while Bermuda’s Ashley Estwanik finished as the third female in a time of 37:26 in 16th place overall.

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  1. watchfuleyes says:

    Well done Lamont!

  2. lizard says:

    I”ll say it again- if Marshall wont represent his country by doing his stint
    in the army, then the taxpayers should not foot the bill for him to
    represent Bda. in any sports event.

    • Observer says:

      Why is he so important to you? He isn’t going up the army and he’ll more than likely represent Bermuda again. Get over it. Further more the story is about the 10k. Well done to all that competed.

  3. What Next says:

    I don’t know why the organizers of the 10walk don’t find a way to police the people that run in the 10k walk and put a time penalty on them. That is not fair to the true 10k walkers because their positions are pushed back due to the cheating run/walkers.
    Maybe this is something they can work on for next year and other organizers can work on it for the up coming walk.

    • Andrea Bolley says:

      so agree with you ..why not also have competitive for race walkers and non competitive walkers categories ..maybe that would make it easier for the officials to spot the cheating run/walkers

  4. watchfuleyes says:

    @Lizard, I am a taxpayer and you don’t speak for me.