Videos: 2014 Regiment Passing Out Parade

January 27, 2014

Family and friends gathered at Warwick Camp on Saturday [Jan 25] to witness more than 100 new Bermuda Regiment soldiers take part in the end of recruit camp passing out parade.

Platoon commanders led their respective groups through the inter-platoon drill competition and after judging was completed, Governor George Fergusson handed out awards to the winners of the many competitions held over the two week recruit camp.

Governor George Fergusson, Premier Craig Cannonier and Regiment CO Lt Col Michael Foster-Brown addressed the troops before a sunset ceremony and the soldiers which now form C Company were dismissed. Photos of the day’s events can be viewed here.

The passing out parade was attended by Governor George Fergusson, Premier Craig Cannonier, Deputy Premier Michael Dunkley, Shadow Minister of National Security Michael Scott, US Consul General Robert Settje and British Brigadier General James Illingworth, formerly of the Army Air Corps and now on the military staff at the British Embassy in Washington, together with a senior Canadian army officer and many other dignitaries.

Arrival of dignitaries:

Soldiers marching:

Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley:

Governor George Fergusson:

Premier Craig Cannonier:

Regiment CO Lt Col Michael Foster-Brown:

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  1. swing voter says:

    Hey Larry Marshall….that group of recruits don’t seem to have suffered any mis-treatment. Have you received any complaints yet?


    • Will says:

      I’m totally against conscription but i gotta say that comment is sweet. I don’t agree with Larry Marshall and his son Lamont simply because it seems Lamont is hiding behind his father. if he doesn’t want to join the regiment do it like a man and sort it out yourself. For now it seems as if he’s hiding like a three year old attached to their parents leg.

      • Free-DUM says:

        How is he hiding behind is father? His father is simply the spokesperson for the entire group. Remember there are 14 men on the writ. Lamont’s name is always out there because he subject to arrest having previously served there. Anytime his father wasn’t in his life there would be other complaints.

        And to the swing voter, you think that conscription is okay because a bunch of young men who don’t know or refuse to stand up for their human rights?

        I don’t believe Larry Marshall Sr. has ever had his complaints proven wrong in the court of law. In fact, I followed this case from the beginning because of my disgust from my experience in the regiment and because of Mr. Marshall, more has come to light that has previously been hidden and covered up.

        To Mr. Marshall, his family, and the rest of those against conscription fighting for a better way, thank you for standing up against this injustice, you are to be celebrated for what you continue to do.

        One more thing, in reference to Lamont hiding, those who hide avoid the regiment, stay away, and run, the only time Lamont runs is when he’s in a race. He’s actually done anything but hide.

      • more than enough says:

        @will, i agree.

        • more than enough says:

          i recant my agreement with you will, i now realize, i was mistaken. lamont is indeed, lucky, to have his father simultaneously fighting against the same, unjust practice,of conscription.i agree that it should be abolished.
          i definitely do not think swing voter’s comment was sweet.
          my ‘give it time..’ comment was directed at his/her original post. give it time…or, time shall tell.. just for clarity.
          i apologize for the mis-understanding, lamont, larry, and will.

    • more than enough says:

      give it time…

    • Sisu says:

      No complaints must mean no mistreatment, right? Lovin’ the logic in that one you clever guy you. It always amazes me the lengths simpletons go to in order to beat Larry Marshall down. He is merely a Bermudian Against the Draft. Do you agree with everything the government makes you do? Probably not. But do you have the courage of your convictions to fight them on it? Definitely not. Instead you take your licks and then complain to friends/family some more. And post on message boards in an effort to make yourself feel big and bad an important. Your post above is nothing more than a bullying effort that shows just how scummy you really are. False name…courage…convictions… See a trend? Your true colours are showing buddy. And they ain’t pretty. Larry Marshall doesn’t need me to fight his battles for him but the hate spewed in his direction is disgusting. Do you not like the fact that he has helped expose wrong-doings within thy hallowed walls of warwick camp? Or do you not like that he holds true to his beliefs more than you ever could? Or is it because he is black? His stance is a noble one and one held by many Bermudians outside of BAD. And whether you like it or not conscription will be ended very shortly. So when all is said and done who then will you pick on then? After all, hater’s gonna hate…

      • Gee Whiz says:

        Yes it is something how supporters of conscription always attack the messenger. Wonder why? Because the message is so powerful that there is no defence.

        Really enjoy your posts.

    • If I had a dollar for every parent who said that after boot camp and then when things went wrong called me I would be a very rich man.

      Please keep in mind that everything you have heard was controlled by the Regiment as the conscripts have no right to freedom of speech.

      More importantly the very fact they were forced into that camp, apart from the volunteers, means that they were mistreated. Amazing how you seem to find abuse funny.

      • $oldier says:

        What you mean we aink got free speech?! Um all for ya cause bra but if you just hearin people passing info to you and not seen it/heard it yaself den ya don’t know what ya talkin bout, especially if you or ya son aink been up der. I can tell you um with you 100% but don’t say dumb sh** like dat when you don’t know. No free speech please, I don’t have a problem f****n my corporals/sergeants off lmfao, who u kiddin, and um a private.

        • If you enjoy freedom of speech then why are you writing under a pen name? Simply because if you put your real name then there will be ramifications.

          As far as somebody telling me something that’s not necessary as it is an accepted fact that conscription denies freedom of speech. Please educate yourself by reading Standing Order 82 and get back to me.

          And judging by the number of spelling mistakes in your post reading is not your strong point!

          And Lamont has been up there.

          • Come Correct says:

            “If you enjoy freedom of speech then why are you writing under a pen name?”

            Like Gee Whiz?

            • Not sure what you are getting at with that statement. My response to @soldier was that he did not have freedom of speech and I qouted the relevant Order 82 to substantiate that point.

              Because someone decides to support us under a pen name does not contradict what I’m saying as that too is protected by freedom of speech. Of course Gee Whiz has that right, as do you, and can speak for himself/herself.

              Everybody knows where I stand on conscription but people like you enjoy shooting arrows in the dark. Got something to hide?

              • Come Correct says:

                Look at the face next to Gee Whiz and look at yours and you will see exactly what I’m getting at. Shooting arrows in the dark? The regiment taught me always be sure of your target before you shoot.

                • more than enough says:

                  well, you completely missed your target here!

                  • Come Correct says:

                    Care to explain how? Looks like I’m pretty well on target pointing out his hypocrisy of using pen names, not to mention him telling someone reading isn’t their strong point because of spelling mistakes when he should probably reread his own posts before hitting submit.

                    • more than enough says:

                      are you not using a pen name?

                    • Come Correct says:

                      Yes but do I criticise others for it? Pathetic attempt at evasion.

        • Free-DUM says:

          FREE Speech? Anywhere man is forced to be doesn’t allow free speech, as a former private in the regiment I know this for fact, and by the way, being able to curse out another human being isn’t free speech.

  2. @Will- You comment under a pen name and have the audacity to attack my son and I for the way we have fought against conscription. Lamont is one of the most courageous young men I know in this country.

    Over the past eight years he has remained steadfast in his belief that conscription is morally and ethically wrong. During the process he has been arrested, detained and taken to court on many occasions but nonetheless has persevered.

    As far as hiding behind his father that it a most idiotic statement as any good father fights for his son especially when their human rights are being trampled upon. And consider he is fighting against the government and a corrupt system it is only right that I support hiom in his endeavour.

    Furthermore we are fighting for justice for all not just my sons. So until you and the other cowards like swing voter have the guts to come from behind the cloak of anonymity you remain non-entities stuck on stupid.

    • Will says:

      but my name is actually Will.

    • more than enough says:

      mr marshall, i agree.
      i say this, having previously agreed with will.
      i was wrong, and you are right.
      i respect that you stand by your son in his fight against injustice.
      and, that you also continue to fight, for other young bermudian men, as their freedom is trampled on. with an aim of eliminating the ridiculous
      practice of conscription, you and your son, have indeed persevered.
      keep up the positive work, thank you

    • Reuben Flood says:

      Question, why hasn’t he done something else in all that time?

      • I am assuming that your brother is Ryan who served time in the Regiment.In 2009 after boot camp I received an e-mail from him stating that he had pictures and information which would help us in our upcoming court case.

        He went on to say that if I wanted his help he would gladly provide it all I needed to do was make contact. Almost immediately I did make contact via e-mail but never received any further correspondence.This despite numerous attempts.

        I still have that e-mail to this day so why don’t you ask your brother why he didn’t honor his word. And I would be willing to forward said e-mail upon request.

        If he is not your brother then please disregard this e-mail and accept my sincere apologies for the mix up.

        • Reuben Flood says:

          This does not answer my question.

        • Ryan Flood says:

          I’m not sure what that has to do with my brothers question or my brother at all but since you brought it up lets talk about it. I stopped responding because after some time had passed I had a change in mind and also found out I could be charged according to Standing Order 82 as you mentioned. I too still have the e-mail and nowhere did I promise you anything nor was I obligated to honor anything.

          Now that you know he is my brother and there is no mix up, here’s where I think you are mixed up. You claim to advocate justice for not only your son but all as well as freedom of speech within the regiment but because I simply didn’t give you what you wanted you threw your toys out of the crib and forwarded the e-mail to my superiors and got me charged for exactly what you claim to stand against.

          After reading this thread you seem to be more of a hypocrite than anything else after criticizing someone for using a pen name when your avatar matches Gee Whiz on this same thread, attacking someone’s intelligence because of spelling errors when you have some of your own…on this same thread, and claiming to stand for justice for ALL and freedom of speech when you were the reason I was charged according to Standing Order 82 for actually giving you…nothing. Its ok Larry I don’t hold it against you, it only cost me $200 that was taken directly from my regiment pay.

          I’m glad I could give you some closure since the issue seems to still be bothering you. I support ending conscription but not in the way you are going about it or for your reasons. You really didn’t do your cause any justice on this thread. Have a great day.

  3. What a cop out. Are you ashamed to give your last name as then you can be held to the same scrutiny as both Lamont and I who have never shunned from giving both first and last names.

    But then again since you’ve given your first name that would make you half a coward. My apologies.

  4. more than enough says:

    when is the ‘passing on’ parade scheduled, for conscription?

  5. watchfuleyes says:

    @Will how is anyone hiding when the men in this group have had their pictures splashed all over the media over the years? Will, you stop the nonsense? pun intended
    @Sisu… yes it is about race. Look at the racial make up of the conscripts. I heard a young white friend of my son say ” you guys need some white guys in your group! or at least one who has an influential father”. If that was the case the Regiment would not have gone after these men so fervently. So it is all about race, a lack of respect for human rights, power, and above all politics. But although Dunkley has promised to end conscription why should anyone believe anything the OBA say! So sad, they have left a string of broken promises in their path.
    Mr. Marshall you need to let all those parents who may call you for help, help themselves, because unlike your son, those are the people who are hiding. And the young men in BAD are taking the flack instead of these cowards and their parents. Who is really hiding here?
    One thing Bermuda has is very few brave males who stand up for their rights, who fight injustice, who sacrifice their future, who pay the price-financially and otherwise, so I say Mr. Marshall and the group are doing the right thing and it does not matter who agrees or not, the truth will always win out eventually.

  6. X man says:

    I believe that in light of our economic situation – it’s time to down size the Army by 40%
    What we need is a 40 men all Volunteer Marching Band – a 25 men professional rapid deployment Force [ Commando's ]
    a 60 men professional regular Army.
    125 -135 men. — lets begin to use the borrowed money we have wisely.
    later for the 18year old conscription call up’s — lets not waste our borrowed money ‘- we are on borrowed time.
    back when I was 18 it was just a way of life to my generation it was a time when Bermuda had plenty of money to waste! LETS get people who want to do the job and be there.– any Army runs a lot better when the Moral is up.

    • Sisu says:

      Agree in principle that if Bermuda is to keep the regiment it should be full-time and scaled back. But if you ask those in charge they will tell you that we need 300-400 soldiers to safely man all of our key points. From what, I don’t know. But there’s obviously a threat out there we don’t know about… Any ideas?

  7. watchfuleyes says:

    The only potential threat as we now know thanks to Mr.Marshall and the group BAD is coming from inside the Regiment itself, thanks to people like Brangman. We will have to wait for another decade to find out if there were/are any more ‘Brangmans in the midst’. All this crap about protecting Bermuda from unknown threats is no more than a hoax.