Tourism Minister Comments On Singapore Trip

January 27, 2014

Shawn CrockwellMinister of Tourism Development and Transport Shawn Crockwell today commented on his recent trip to Singapore to examine their gaming industry.

Minister Crockwell was joined by Attorney-General Mark Pettingill and a technical officer from the A-G’s chambers.

On the way to Singapore the delegation stopped in London where they met with 2 Hare Court, leading law chambers with expertise in advice pertaining to legislative and regulatory structures of casino gaming jurisdictions.

Minister Crockwell said: “We had a valuable exchange concerning how detailed Bermuda’s statutory regime should be taking into account our jurisdiction’s size and how best to pursue casino industry development while safeguarding and augmenting Bermuda’s reputation as a leading insurance/reinsurance destination.”

Once in Singapore the delegation met with Stamford Law Corporation, another highly respected law firm which represented Stephen Wynn in his company’s Request for Proposal process for Singapore.

During this meeting an appraisal was given as to the legal backdrop to the introduction of casino gaming to Singapore and the importance of doing our due diligence on prospective operators and the jurisdictions in which they operate to ensure there is compliance with best practice regulations.

The delegation also met with former General Counsel for Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd. Lim Seok Hui.

Minister Crockwell said: “We discussed compliance matters between casino operators and regulatory bodies and the various challenges that both entities are confronted with. We were also given advice on a course of action to ensure a healthy and beneficial relationship between casino resort operators and Government.

“This meeting confirmed that we are on the right track with the Integrated Resort model for Bermuda. What is crucial is that we emphasize to prospective developers the importance of the other amenities like convention facilities, quality dining and entertainment. Casinos are the smallest component of an Integrated Resort.”

The delegation met with Singapore Attorney General, Steven Chong Horng Sionc, S.C. and Chief Prosecutor Criminal Justice Division, Aedit Abdullah, S.C.

Minister Crockwell said: “The meeting was positive with invaluable information exchanged regarding legal issues pertaining to the gaming industry. An undertaking was also given to provide comprehensive information to the delegation regarding relevant legal statutes and judicial rulings”.

They also met with Casino Operators including President and CEO of Marina Bay Sands, Ken Davie and Senior VP of Casino Operations, George Tanasijevich.

Minister Crockwell said: “Insight was provided as to the process to establish the casino resort industry in Singapore from the pre-RFP stage to the building and operation of the resort. This meeting highlighted the steps taken by the Singaporean Government and how they ensured the industry would be successful.

“Valuable advice was received as to what should be offered to prospective developers to ensure mutual success between them and Government. Additionally, the meeting again confirmed that Bermuda is on the right track with the Integrated Resort model and that it is crucial to emphasize to prospective developers the importance of amenities aside from the casino component.

“It was revealed to us that in the Marina Bay Sands’ model the casinos account for less than three percent (3%) of the facilities’ space. In that sense it is the smallest component of the casino Resort concept.”

To assess the social impact of gaming, the delegation met with Ministry of Social and Family Development Permanent Secretary, Chan Heng Kee. An overview was provided as to the role of the Ministry in ensuring that gaming is conducted responsibly within Singapore and the challenges and successes encountered to date.

National Council on Problem Gaming (NCPG) Director Yognathan Ammayappan provided information regarding the successes achieved by the NCPG and ongoing challenges to date in combating issues of problem gaming. Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) General Counsel, Tan Teck Wong and CRA Senior Assistant Director of the Inspection and Compliance Division, Benny Wong jointly offered insight into the complexities of the regulatory framework of the industry.

A meeting was also held with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore Manager Corporate Tax Division, Iris Lam and Senior Tax Officer, Yeak Wong Peng. At the meeting insight was offered as to the complexities of the taxing regime, the fees levied against the industry; and methods of collecting taxes and ensuring compliance with taxation measures.

Minister Crockwell stated “it is important to note that everyone we met with in Singapore has confirmed their willingness to assist with ongoing cooperation with Bermuda”.

A final meeting was held with the special enforcement division of the Singapore police force responsible for gaming law violations [Casino Crime Investigation Branch]. They are willing to collaborate with Bermuda Police Service and to assist with specialized training to effectively police casino gaming.

Minister Crockwell said: “The fact finding trip to Singapore couldn’t have gone any better. The information and insight provided was absolutely invaluable and will help ensure Bermuda avoids many of the mistakes made in other jurisdictions as we move forward with the Integrated Casino Resort model.

“During the next few weeks we will be hosting public meetings and disseminating information on gaming. I trust that when the public hear the details of what we are proposing, and our plans to mitigate the negative effects of gaming, they will support us as we seek to provide opportunities and jobs for Bermudians and revitalize our tourism industry.”

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  1. in the know says:

    Well done Minister!
    your hard work & due diligence will pay off by bring back hotel development, providing job for Bermudians, providing entertainment for tourist.

    again well done you & the oba govt is on the right track!!
    now let’s widen the north & south channel & look at widening town cut & two rock passage

    • OBA 4 ever.....yea right more like 1 term wonder says:

      I guess Minister Crockwell forgot to mention all the prostitutes that work in and around these casinos in Singapore. I wonder if he’ll bring the complete model here in Bermuda with that and a spliff crime will really be down. Next thing the Department Of Work Force & Development will be teaching people how to be PIMPS and Ladies of the night. Unemployment will be a thing of the past. Go OBA

      • swing voter says:

        prostitutes working overtly at local hotel?

      • Uncle Red says:

        Now we’re talking! Sunday liquor sales, casinos and hookers. Right up my alley!!!

        • Black Soil says:

          Next we’ll hear that all this was the PLP’s idea.

          • Black Soil says:

            This progress towards an economic turnaround is freaking out the PLP. Their efforts to demonize the OBA are amateurish. Their attempts to convince the voters that many of the OBA initiative were “really” their ideas is pathetic. GOOD BYE PLP. You had your chance and you screwed it up!

        • Betty Trump says:

          out of Italy on my way traveling to Singapore to check things out… landing soon… REALLY one thing for sure the UBPoba are at lost here.. on things…”NO IDEA OF HOW TO GROW OUR ECOMONY”…still NO action PLAN..REALLY

        • pebblebeach says:

          Uncle Red please don’t crack me up…Thanks for the laugh…

      • Balanced Facts says:

        YOU KOOL AID DRINKING LIAR!!! I HAVE BEEN TO SINGAPORE! There simply are NO Prostitutes around the two well run and regulated Casinos they have there, they are extremely strict in this Country with the rule of law. STOP IT ! You cant just make it up as you go along for the sake of stirring the political pot!

        • OBA 4 ever.....yea right more like 1 term wonder says:

          Type this in youtube then sit down and shut up boy!

          Singapore Sex Industry – Prostitution, Geylang Street Hookers

        • sage says:

          If you have been there why don’t you know that prostitution is legal in Singapore? They just aren’t allowed to solicit openly, that’s why you don’t see them, but they are there. As far as the “strict” rule of law goes, they are one of the worst wildlife smuggling hubs controlled by organized crime.

        • Betty Trump says:

          Do your own homework on Singapore first before you spit out nonsense to please your soul. REALLY…get real why such difficulty in accepting FACTS by the UBPoba diehardblindfaithfnessloyalist fans…REALLY REAL FACTS and do some homework, and than speak…

          • Cow Polly says:

            Your ability to rationalise never ceases to amaze me! Casinos = prostitution????? Well, unless the department of immigration is going to open up a new category for expats, we’ll have to assume these prostitutes are going to be home grown and guess what? Those that want to be already are……… so no, no new jobs being created in that category

  2. Mazumbo says:

    Who is the Technical Officer from the A.G. Chambers ??????????
    How many Bermudian’s are in training for casino gambling????
    How long will it take to train the Bermuda Police????
    Here’s a fact for the fact finding trip is how much did this cost the tax payer at lest Mrs. Cox Gazzeted trip expenses oh I forgot that’s just for the other party.

    • Story Teller says:

      Show me one example of where any previous leader or politician in this island Gazetted their trip expenses.

    • Laughing cow says:

      We must be the laughing stock of the international world with the likes of our Minister of Tourism – he can’t be a police officer, prison officer but he can be a member of parliament and represent us…this shite is better than a sitcom.

      • Bermail says:

        Especially given the fact that a the Shadow Minister of Workforce Development is a convicted armed bank robber.

        Now that is funny!

        • js says:

          “shadow” is the key word

          • Kangoocar says:

            So I can look forward to you being outraged if the plp win the next election and he is picked to be a minister???

            • Mazumbo says:

              And those are the ones we know about.

            • js says:

              I believe that’s a rhetorical question

              • Kangoocar says:

                There is nothing rhetorical about it,I asked you a straight up question!! How about answering what I asked???

            • frank says:

              kangoor car take a break the tourism minister was convicted for stealing drugs from the court and did time so what are you saying

              • Suzie Quattro says:

                I think he’s saying that the PLP’s Shadow Minister of Workforce Development is a convicted armed bank robber. So everyone has skeletons in closets. And if he is deemed to have atoned for his previous behavior, so has the Tourism Minister.

        • Jo Blo says:

          Our country was founded on robbing merchant ships, or privateering for those looking for a less brash term. Some of the wealthiest local families here have legacies literally built on that! Is it really that big of a deal our Tourism Minister has a criminal record. Let (s)he without sin cast the first stone!

          • Reality Check.. says:

            Interesting take… hmm?..

          • Bermuda Male says:

            There is a huge difference between being a convicted criminal and being with or without sin!
            Are we so desperate that we have to resort to the Westgate/Casemates alumni for our choice of candidates?
            ..ok I know, yes.

          • moms says:

            @Jo Blo— got big boulders to throw!!!

        • Laughing cow says:

          He’s not representing Bermuda on the international scene. The shadow minister was not placed in a position of trust and misused said trust…

          Does two wrongs make it right?

          Still conclude most international government do not allow criminal record holders to vote much less run for government positions.

          • Mazumbo says:

            Yes, only Banana Republics.

          • Johnny says:

            Washington Dc, the Capital of USA, had a convicted crackhead voted as Mayor, in the 1990′s.

            • spot2 says:

              Yes. And as someone who lived in DC at the time let me also point out that DC was then one of the top 3 murder capitals of the USA. And the amount of corruption uncovered from Mario Barry’s office on down thru the DC administration is STILL being unraveled!

        • moms says:

          @bermail–whats really even more funnier is the Tourism minister is a convicted drug thief!!!!

      • FACT says:

        Dammm that is so true……LMAO. He can’t be any officer with that type of record.

        I remember my friend trying to give back to the community for all is wrong, he was told BLANK NO sorry you have a criminal record. Why don’t you upper level people in the OBA look at changing this law. We have some men in Bermuda that lets just say went down the wrong path in their younger days. Some of these men might want to be on the police force.

  3. more than enough says:

    shall we have a parade?
    at least he is attempting transparency,
    but he failed to mention the opulence of the accommodations, the taste of the succulent entree’s, and the vibrant night life.

  4. Terry says:

    And where are we getting monies for your last paragraph ‘in the know’.

    • in the know says:

      This could be a great chance to partner with the cruise lines like RCCL carnival & other to get their investment into widening town cut &/or two rock passage.

      Rccl just spent 30 million 2-3 years ago in falmouth Jamaica( just outside of ocho rios) on a new cruise terminal & pier
      RCCL just got approval from Ny to build a new pier in ny for their next newest & biggest ship the quantum of the seas

      • frank says:

        when a cruise line builds a pier they control that pier
        which means their ships get to dock first

  5. Rhonda Neil says:

    okay so what is the job of the TA…

    • in the know says:

      The TA’s role would be to promote Bermuda the destination. But you’re also smart enough to understand that since the minister has been working on this since becoming the minister it is better for him to carry this through.
      Plus I think you’ll understand that since the TA just hired the ceo like this past week & is probably in the final stages of hiring all the staff, It would have been impossible for them to now take over the carrying over this important issue.

      Give it a Break!

    • Story Teller says:

      To promote BDA and her attractions.

      Not to draw up legislation aimed at creating a new industry sector.

      Once in place, the TA will assume responsibility for promoting BDA as a tourism gaming destination.

      But I know that you know that.

  6. Scrubs says:

    Can’t wait to hear Lavernes and Flip Flops noise on this and a few other of the plp mouthpieces

    • Mazumbo says:

      Its called Democracy, but I guess that’s uncomfortable with a Dictatorial Party who is not transparent, open and honest to say the least.

      • Story Teller says:

        It’s democracy now is it?

        Just a few years ago such actions were labeled as being a lynch mob.

        Funny how one election changes one’s perspectives, don’t you think?

      • Kangoocar says:

        @mazumbo, I guess you define democracy as the following then?? ” we had to deceive you, we don’t care what you think and that is a plantation question?? ” I also would be willing to bet they did not stay in a $4000 a night hotel room while being chauffeured around in the longest stretch limo they could find and after some research I could not find anywhere that it was mentioned that the gombeys accompanied them on this fact finding trip also could not find anything on a visit to the play boy mansion either???

        • Ian says:

          Do you event stop to process how dumb you look talking about PLP deceiving people weeks after you party broke their promise on gaming reforendum and then followed it up with a bold faced lie about why they “had to” – not even a good lie for that matter. Retire Kangoocar, your seniality is getting the better of you these days. Stick to your tea party conventions, where you can be surrounded by folks just as daft as you.

        • Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

          To all the hooded ones who repeat lies until they themselves believe them:

          This Premier:

          Never stayed in any hotel at $4000 per night. Ask your folks to look through our receipts.

          Never rode in a stretch limo on Government business. We DID use large SUV’s in order to transport additional people.

          Never spent a dime of the public purse during the wonderful event at the Playboy Mansion. If you lived in LA or were more exposed, you would know that most charities in the area compete to book the Mansion for their fundraisers.

          Always took the Gombeys as often as possible to events where we wanted to offer a glimpse of the Bermuda vibe!

          You should use your victory period to celebrate and build the country, not to simply repeat the lies you have told for so many years.

          • Bermuda Male says:

            oh please, $1,500,000,000 debt and counting is not a lie.
            Mass unemployment is not a lie.
            Massive overruns on all major Government construction projects is not a lie.
            Bermuda was not a charity waiting in line..until now.
            Sneaking stateless Uighurs into the Island was not a lie.
            Angry, aggressive and intimidating behavior toward non friends and family was not a lie.
            There can be no joy in trying to repair what took 14 years to destroy.

            • Employment says:

              you mother just left my house at 2am i hope the money i gave her helps you Bermuda Male

            • clearasmud says:

              Curious that you have seem to have no problem with the present government adding another billion in just weeks of taking over! Fair is Fair!

            • Yes Doc. call a spade a spade…Thanks Bermuda Mate for enlightening those that seem to have forgotten so damn soon the problems we (Bermuda) face today and for many more years to come…
              What we see here is an example of “Champayne taste but only having beer monies” Yup, the inability to admit guilt!

              • Bettty Trump says:

                Stop it RAY, you will defend the indefensible actions of this UBPoba government, yet want to hang others with no Evidence to prove your lies and mistruths.

                Put away your UBPoba blindfaithfulnessloyalist sword, and get a life. Stop with your bitterness and lies.. take a hard look at this government and see where they are putting the average man….no where fast…and further behind the food line and money line.

          • Mazumbo says:

            Your turn Kangoocar, You made the accusation !

            • Kangoocar says:

              The light work has already been done for me!! Just because dreb comes on here and repeats himself in true narcissist fashion that I or those that already got to him are fooled, you are the real fool!!! He spent your money as well as all the rest of ours!! The only thing I can offer you is a wet wipe for your nose once you extract it!!! The day will come that the truth will come out, stay tuned!!!

          • Moojun says:

            May ask then…

            1- How about any hotel room over $500 per night when on the People’s business? You know, a mere mortal’s room rate? It’s our money, please tell us you didn’t spend more than $500 per night on a hotel room?

            2 – Stretch is cheap, we all know it. In Vegas a Stretch will take you and your friends to a strip club for free. It’s the SUV’s that cost money……

            3 – Of course you didn’t. It was all paid for up front. Too many dodgy receivables have taught the Playboy Mansion not to accept payment ‘during’ the wonderful event.

            4 – As I always say, the best camouflage is a big entourage! (trademark).

            Look, I am neither OBA nor PLP. I am Bermudian. And all I want is our elected politicians to serve the taxpaying public. For the record, I am still waiting and expect to wait a long time yet. The above jibes are tongue in cheek and I will direct them equally to the sitting Government and the Opposition whenever they present the opportunity.

            I just hate the political choice of words and pseudo- denials based on nothing more than a selective use of the English Dictionary.

            Where have all the Statesmen gone? Why are we left with nothing more than Politicians?

            • Bettty Trump says:

              “Diehardblindfaithfulnessloyalist” UBPoba fan club

              Where is your evidence, or is it that the diehardblindfaithfulnessloyalist love to spin lies rather than facts… this seems to be what you do daily. Excuse the UBPOba government for their lies to the people of Bermuda in less than 5 months, yet want to kill others..REALLY

              Where is your hard evidence…if you have none,..I suggest you keep your hands of the key board..

          • MAKE MY DAY says:

            Anything that Browne says like BHo in the States – has to be “suspect”!!! It’s their narcissistic nature of conveniently “spinning” the issues!! We were never fooled!!

            PS: How many Arabs have visited the Island on vacation – since that PLP marketing sojourn of a few yrs ago – to the middle east??

            Also, there won’t be anymore “trips” to the Playboy Mansion – for obvious reasons!!

            • Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

              Try Islamic Finance. Check with the Finance Minister.

            • Kangoocar says:

              @make my day, well said on all points!!!

          • Betty Trump says:

            Well said Dr.Brown, Well said…

            but the diehard “blindfaithfulnessloyalistUBPoba” fans will never admit to FACTS…only those lies that they enjoy spinning daily…yet they call themselves CHANGE and TRANSPARENCY…far from it. REALLY !!

            Now let me enjoy my trip down here in Singapore, checking on things…ya know

            They love to click the dislike switch when they are called out ….provide evidence to prove otherwise…since they are not able too, only weapon is to click, click, and more clicks….lol

            • Sandgrownan says:

              Your knees must get sore

              • Kangoocar says:

                @sandgrownan, totally agree, I am becoming broke handing out the amount of wet wipes I have on this thread!!

  7. Bill Stephens says:

    It amazes me but some people just cant stand to see Bermuda re-invent itself and have another source for jobs. The training comment above is borderline ignorant as no one will train our people without the industry being in approved. The people who are against hotel casino gaming are clearly against jobs and investment in Bermuda – pure and simple! A testament to this is that we cannot continue to be the Bermuda of old – no one just wants the quaint old Bermuda anymore – they want value for money and service options ranging from beach clubs to casinos. We simply have to have the wide range of services to continue to attract visitors of all species and investment to the Island. We dont grow money in Bermuda – we need to attract it to us and put it to work for our people / community. Get behind this new industry Bermuda – the OBA are doing the right research, they have the right controls / system and we can all work together to make it work to our advantage!

    • Jo Blo says:

      I think even our OBA ministers recognize that the prospects for returns on this gaming move will likely not warrant much of the attention this topic is getting right now. So what else should we be looking at; offshore fishing to compete with the Japanese, tech incentives for the creation of an offshore Silicon Valley, yacht manufacturing??? Gotta get the momentum up and keep it up.

    • godson says:

      “no one just wants the quaint old Bermuda anymore”…are you sure about that uncle Bill? Are we as “quaint” as we used to be?

  8. js says:

    Low Thia Khiang, the leader of the Singaporean opposition The Workers’Party issued a warning in a parliament session about legalizing gambling

    “The government sought the opinion of the people but it does not go along with the opinion of the people and it has now made a unilateral decision. Eventually will it turn out to be a blessing or a curse to our people? We have to wait and see under the current situation. Where a party is dominant and the civil society is very weak the people cannot sway the government’s decision on such a matter that concerns the fate of the people. If the government’s judgment is wrong it would lead the nation and our people on to the ‘river of no return’ where the cost would be very real and very heavy”

    if I was a betting person no pun intended I would say the Singaporean experience probably convinced the OBA that to hold a referendum was an unwise strategic move

    however unlike the Singaporean government the OBA is far from a dominant party and Bermuda’s civil society is far from weak

    clearly the OBA has taken a calculated risk and only time will tell whether it pays off in economic and political dividends

  9. Mazumbo says:

    Uh I think ya talking bout the Tea Party’ers march.

    • petition now says:

      March we need to revolt against not having the right to say yea or nay

  10. Bermuda boy says:

    Mazumbo, why would you need to know? Great job OBA, thanks.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      A “step” in the right direction!! The “devil” will be in the details!!

  11. more than enough says:

    all of these people and groups are willing to assist…?
    for free?

    • Kangoocar says:

      I understand you find that hard to believe after 14 yrs of, insane amounts of money going out for all the consultants the plp for some reason needed to hire, even though eventually most of them in the end were found to have connections with those that were hiring them??? But then suddenly all those plper’s that were doing the hiring of those consultants became very wealthy??? Yup, I can totally understand why you find it amazing that they are willing to help for free!!!!

      • more than enough says:

        you think they are going to help for free…? riiiight.

  12. Unbelievebale says:

    It must drive some PLP folks mental that the OBA is getting this done. Albeit, the OBA are pretty sloppy so far but they are certainly getting this done.

    • Ian says:

      Theres any idiotic statement, which I suspect even you could admit if you chose to be sincere with yourself. I think you know exactly what drives certain “PLP folk” crazy about the OBA. They’re a party that BLATENTLY represents foreign interests first and foremost, and are prepared to tell bold faced lies to their countrymen to accomodate those interests. And to add insult to injury they think adding “for the benefit of Bermudians” on the end of everything the propose (to make life better for non Bermudians) isnt the biggest, most repetitive insult to peoples intelligence.

      • Unbelievebale says:

        I hope you aren’t one of those that believes that Bermuda can do without foreigners.

        • Ian says:

          Nope.. I’m one of those people who think foreigners are necessary for Bermuda to afford its people the lifestyles they enjoy. I’m also one of those people who feel this governments philosophy of essentially selling off this island to foreigners to “stimulate the economy” is overkill, to put it lightly. It wreaks of alterior motives, namely self gain for certain folks and their friends/family. Are you going to simply ignore the simple fact the OBA has bent over backwards for people that have thrived here on every financial break you can think of? Housing allowances, tuition allowances, utility allowances, travel allowances, transportation allowances etc. And Bermudians are supposed to sympathize with them to the point of buying into this notion that, beyond all of these perks they’re so used to, we should give them the freedom to compete with regular Bermudians for commercial opportunites BIRTHRIGHTS like and land ON A 21 SQUARE MILE ISLAND?! Beyond those who clearly have little to no intimate attachment to Bermuda and ALL of its people, you other OBA faithful look like the biggest suckers around starting with your susceptibility to being manipulated by operation UBP to BDA to OBA (back to UBP) in the first place. Just as foolish and the simpltons that bought into colonialist social engineering practices of our past.

          • Dontworryboutathing says:

            THe PLP Government built the South Shore “affordable” housing complex for the locals. How did that work out?
            We may need foreign investment there, unless some Bermudian investor with Big Cahonas wants to take a chance.

          • Bettty Trump says:

            Well said Ian…well said…the blindfaithfulnessloyalist will not admit to any factual information only spin to suit their needs ….REALLY

        • Mazumbo says:

          We need foreigners but not at the expense of selling our Island to the highest bidder and giving undeserved privilege to them then under mind and marginalize the locals.

      • Kangoocar says:

        Being you are a 20 something yr old and still are wiping mucus from behind your ears, I will help you!!! With out foreign investment/workers here we would have nothing!!! The next time you save enough money to go to Disney World, only take Bermuda $$$$ with you and let me know how that works out for you!!! After you change your next dirty diapers, I will educate you on the importance of us earning these foreign $$$ so you can eat!!!!

        • Ian says:

          Kangoocar, between your mindless/ultra right wind/extreme neo conservative rants and blatently Anti-Bermudian disposition, there is very little about you that is truly Bermudian. Best case scenario is the closest you’ll come to that youre simply the worst type of Bermudian we get, a true sell out in every sense of the world. You would be the first to give outsiders anything they wanted on, and about, this island for the sake of a buck. You are the Uncle Tom of Bermuda and Bermudians of any colour. Doubt there is anything I can learn from you…

          • Why doesn't the Opposition ask? says:

            “Doubt there is anything I can learn from you…”

            Maybe tolerance and acceptance of others that differ from you.

            Nah, much easier to call people Uncle Toms and the like as opposed to being tolerant, civil and mature.

        • moms says:

          @Kangocar—if we only need foreign investments to live a certain type of lifestyle than maybe we should think of our life and how we want to live it without utilizing too many “overseas Chiefs” we are litterally pimping ourselves out! how many foreigners would be enough one hundred or one hundre thousand!!!!! we don’t need foreigners , we want them so we can have more of their money!! so do we need the money or the foreigner?! whoever has enough to invest in this beautiful island SHOULD do so if they would like to see this beautiful island, whos’ people have contributed so much to western civilization and the building of numerous industries,and whos labour has never been appreciated! lets remember that when slavery was supposed to be abolished it continued in BErmuda and the slave driving people demanded to be paid because they were no longer benefitting from free labour!! When are we going to examine the problem for what it is rather than what we THINK it is, history reveals that Herstory was never told from Her perspective!!!Bermuda and her Peole deserve far more respect than to be whores to the rest of the world begging for a blye!

          • Kangoocar says:

            That all sounds very good to those that have not grasped the fundamentals of economics! Our BDA $$$ are worthless in the world and we don’t produce anything?? So, you need to understand that we need the foreigners and the money they bring!! The next time you travel, take some BDA $$ with you and try buying something, and let me know how that works out for you! In simple form, Bermuda companies would not be able to buy FOOD, electricity, cell phones, internet, clothing and anything else for that matter, are you getting the point?? So in effect we are wh@res to the rest of the world because we have to sell ourselves for their money!!! They can spend it anywhere you know!!!

  13. islandguy says:

    Sounds to me that either govt in power will never get it right to the opposition at the times supporters!Notice i didnt single out a govt i generalized!Hense the reason Bermuda is to small for party politics!
    I used toenjoys reading these blogs but everything is so racially or party motivated,not enjoyable anymore.

  14. islandguy says:

    Sounds to me that either govt in power will never get it right to the opposition at the time and its supporters.
    Thought ill correct that before someone jumps at me for that,:)

  15. Lois Frederick says:

    What an excellent report on what was achieved on the trip to Singapore. Thanks to the Minister for sharing the information with lots of detail.

    • moms says:

      what detail?????he has not disclosed how to move ahead just that he gained information that will/can be useful, what exactly was that information? what legislation would they be comparing, we have our own constitutional order that does not compare outside of our jurisdiction, by the way where is Englands/Britians Constitution!?!

  16. Triangle Drifter says:

    It is like trying to satisfy a dog. No matter how much food you give it, a dog is always hungry. Of course I am not calling the PLP or their dedicated followers dogs. They merely follow the traits of a dog.

    Oh where have we heard somethoing like that before? Hmmm.

    The point is that there is no pleasing the PLP. There really is no point in trying. There is no point in responding to them.

    That was quite the report. Certainly one like we have never seen before. Nothing like the PLP style of hoping to sneak away without the taxpayer knowing & then coming back with nothing to show for the tens of thousands spent. It illustrates in a small way the complexities of setting up gambling & making sure it is done properly. We have had enough ill thought through legislation to last us quite awhile.

    • clearasmud says:

      Please could you explain for me why they took this trip when the issuse has not even been debated in the house. our Premier told us that in lieu of the referendum that MPs would be asked to canvas their constituents so that the discussions would reflect the peoples wishes! This has not yet been done so it seems to me that our leader had already made up his mind about gambling which will make any discussions a farce! FYI I am not against gambling but I dont care for being mislead by our government.

  17. bluebird says:

    Thank you OBA and mr crockwell for your forward thinking and due diligence as that is the way a Government should be run,”for the people”
    and not for themselves (PDP)progressive Destructive party.

    • Ian says:

      Birdbrain, You should consider wearing protection with the amount of OBA a$$ kissing you seem so fond of…

      • Why doesn't the Opposition ask? says:

        And you should take your tongue out the Opposition’s _ _ _…

      • Independent says:

        @ Ian,

        Give this guy a mic lol. Blue bird is an a$$ kisser though, can’t deny that. Can’t forget Kangocar either. He has earned his groupie status as well.

        Shout out to Triangle Drifter lol

  18. bluebird says:

    as I understand 15cents of every dollar I have comes from Tourism.
    I also understand that 85cents of the same dollar I have comes from IB.
    So please tell me where your dollars come from except the $300Million that is borrowed each year to help pay for the $750Million payroll of the Government of 8,000 of the 25,000 working Bermudians.

  19. Jo Blo says:

    Focus on the bigger picture folks.

  20. Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

    To all the hooded ones who repeat lies until they themselves believe them:

    This Premier:

    Never stayed in any hotel at $4000 per night. Ask your folks to look through our receipts.

    Never rode in a stretch limo on Government business. We DID use large SUV’s in order to transport additional people.

    Never spent a dime of the public purse during the wonderful event at the Playboy Mansion. If you lived in LA or were more exposed, you would know that most charities in the area compete to book the Mansion for their fundraisers.

    Always took the Gombeys as often as possible to events where we wanted to offer a glimpse of the Bermuda vibe!

    You should use your victory period to celebrate and build the country, not to simply repeat the lies you have told for so many years.

    • Barracuda says:

      Yeah we heard you the first time and still don’t believe you.
      The folks will be looking at the receipts.

    • Susie Quattro says:

      What exactly do you mean by the “hooded ones”? It sounds racist, but you might be able to explain it another way.

      You, as Premier:

      Did stay in the Burj Al Arab. What was the cost? $2,000 a night? $3,000? So that you could “experience the best”, wasn’t it?

      You did spend $33,000 on limos in the nine month period starting May 2009, including $8,000 on limos in one trip.

      So you’re saying that the “wonderful event that the Playboy mansion” cost the Bermuda taxpayer nothing. No cost for the donated prizes? No cost for travel getting there or staying there?

      And yes, you took gombeys and bar tenders all over the place. And tourism numbers went down by 35% during Global Hue’s tenure. Tourism never hit the goals you set, and the hotels you promised never materialized.

      • Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

        Today is a slow day so here goes:

        To Susie Quattro (one day you will shed your fear and use your real name!):

        1. Review the history of those who attacked others while wearing hoods over their heads. The reference here is to demonstrate the similarity. I urge you to take away the cloak of anonymity and face your opponents like an adult.

        2.The rate at the Burj Al Arab was under $1500 per night. Yes, I said at the time that I wanted to see what a seven-star hotel offered so I could develop my own knowledge and share with our local hoteliers. Our own AAA review had shown that we have no five star hotel in Bermuda!

        3. Whatever the cost of ground transportation, it merely reflected that I was more active than many of my predecessors. All transportation was justified regardless of cost. What is a reasonable amount, may I ask? Do you think we rented limos and drove around DC in the cold weather for fun?

        4.I know it is difficult for you and others of your ilk to understand but my wife and I could afford to, and did stay in a Los Angeles hotel at our own expense. We also paid for our own airline tickets, food, drinks and the spa. We charged nothing back to the Government for that trip. It was a birthday gift from my lovely wife.
        As for the donated prizes, I believe they came from Elbow Beach and JetBlue. They were donations and therefore did not cost Bermuda a dime.

        5. Bar tenders? You need help.

        6. You are lying about the drop in Tourism numbers during GlobalHue’s tenure. In fact in 2007 we had more AIR arrivals and more TOTAL arrivals than we had in the previous 15 years or more. Ask Minister Crockwell to show you the numbers.

        I spent the time writing this so that readers who are looking for the truth might be refreshed. I will continue to pray that those who are so afraid to reveal their identities will eventually remove their hoods and engage in a Big Conversation.

        • Cow Polly says:

          “2.The rate at the Burj Al Arab was under $1500 per night. Yes, I said at the time that I wanted to see what a seven-star hotel offered so I could develop my own knowledge and share with our local hoteliers. Our own AAA review had shown that we have no five star hotel in Bermuda!”

          So why didn’t you and your lovely wife, who can afford it, stay in one at your OWN expense to save Bermuda, who can’t? Oh and I know know it is difficult for you and others of your ilk to understand, but when I and my fellow hard working Bermudians ‘develop my own knowledge’ I take courses, etc. on my own dime with the hope that my new knowledge will be valued by my employers and may, just may, elevate me one more rung up ladder. How impressed were your employers????

          • Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

            To hooded Cow Polly:
            That trip to Dubai was to attend an International Conference on Hotel Investment. As your Tourism Minister, I was among 25 or more Tourism Ministers who wanted to SEE how Dubai was doing its business (similar to the recent Government trip to Singapore which I am sure you understand) and to sit with prospective manager and investors to discuss Bermuda. In fact, the Jumeirah Group followed up but faded when their company ran into difficulty.
            It would surprise you to know how many official trips WERE paid for by us. The record shows that when I represented Bermuda at the Commonwealth Games in India, WE paid for the entire trip. You might also be surprised that whenever I had meetings at the New York office (which was quite often), we stayed in our apartment (sorry, but we do have one) and never billed BDOT for lodging. I know you understand that we couldn’t pay for ALL of the trips. That would have been uncivilized.
            I now invite you to remove your hood!

        • Suzie Quattro says:

          What do you mean by “you and others of your ilk”? What “ilk” am I?

          Bar tenders. Yes, I can remember bar tenders going to Davos, at taxpayer expense, to make dark n stormy’s at the Bermuda party.

          • Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

            By “ilk” I mean those who see everything done by the PLP as a reflection of incompetence or ignorance. I would include in that “ilk” all those who have believed the lies of the Demonization Campaign and repeat them.
            I have never been to Davos, but if that’s what the Minister wanted to do to showcase Bermuda and the funds were in his/her budget, it was not unreasonable at the time.
            I invite you to remove your hood.

            • Barracuda says:

              I must ask, why would an ex premier who thinks so highly of himself, come on to this blog and mount a massive defensive campaign ? Oh that’s right,you have some spare time on your hands.
              Maybe you could tell me where Marc Bean Is.

          • Bettty Trump says:

            @Suzie…..You remember, but believe something of which you have seen no hard evidence…just following the ilk of you kind..really false information and lies…Mike Hinds always askes for evident, yet you continue to act and speak with none, you even believe things without seeing hard evidents.

      • Come Correct says:

        Hooded ones = anyone that disagrees.

        If in doubt, slap a little racial emotion into it.

        He seems so concerned about the lies but what about the truth. He only covers what people bring up but why not clear his name and cover everything? Uighers.. ect. It’s a bit of a task to name them all.

        • Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

          To Come Correct:
          My name is already clear. YOU might not have cleared me but that is not important.
          Re the Uighurs, there is nothing to clear. I made a decision to do something humanitarian that had political consequences. Some people were sufficiently angry that they demonstrated at the Cabinet building and led a movement that sparked a no-confidence motion. They later went directly to the British Government under the cute name of Concerned Bermudians and used a list of racist, groundless allegations about corruption.
          All of these strategies have failed. So I have faced the music as a result of my decisions. Isn’t that what a leader should do? What’s next?
          In my upcoming book I go into more detail.
          Just remember, the fact that you disagreed with my policies does not mean that I must answer to you!

          • Barracuda says:

            Don’t trip over your ego on the way to the bathroom.

            • Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

              You prefer a more bent-over position with my cap in my hand,scratching my head and saying “Yassuh Boss”?
              If I have to reinforce my ego to withstand the attacks,I shall do just that. I invite you to remove your hood.

          • Sandgrownan says:

            But you ARE a self admitted liar and unethical (we know this), and to yourself you probably seem Machiavellian. The challenge is this, poor fiscal management under your leadership, coupled with 60′s era racial politics with knuckle dragging foot soldiers and you put this little island back 30 years. That’s your legacy.

            I doubt you have a humanitarian bone in your body and everything was done to suit DREB and DREB only.

            The comments here show a distinct lack of shame or humility or even self’s hard to tell. Pulling the race card is laughable.

            The PLP were incompetent. They had a golden opportunity and they blew it and you are partly responsible. Shame eh?

  21. Lewis Hamilton says:

    Once we get the casinos, can we transform the old us base in southampton into a race track and bring a formula 1 grand prix to bermuda like in singapore???? Pretty please!

  22. Bermuda Boy says:

    Ewart, you have the nerve to talk about lies, give me a break.

  23. Hmmmmm says:

    66 comments later, let’s see where we are on this one.We have the Minister issuing a statement saying that his trip was “productive”. He is obviously not held to the same standard as the PLP’s Ministers because he has not been asked how much the trip cost, including airfare, hotel, transport, meals etc. There was a time when that was all that mattered and as this thread indicates, it still matters to some people (where the PLP is concerned). Did any of you haters ever stop to think why you knew so much about PLP Minister’s travel? Of course not. Well, Dame Jennifer Smith as Premier instituted a rule that applied even after she left office: any Minister who travels on Government business MUST make a ministerial statement on the trip, its purpose and the results.Every PLP Minister did this. For its first several months, the OBA did not make ANY ministerial statements on travel. In spite of how much he has travelled, the Premier has made only ONE statement on his trips. Further, the UBP and then the OBA made a career out of asking parliamentary questions about travel to paint the picture of a lavish PLP spending loads of money.Look at how things have changed in such a short time. Not one parliamentary question asked about travel. only one media outlet in 14 months of OBA Government has asked how much a trip cost. And without one shred of results except the Minister’s description of the trip as “productive”, the blind and ignorant are hailing this as the dawn of a new day. This unequal treatment does a disservice to the country and feeds the suspicions of those of us who believe the “plantation question” theory. The evidence is plain.

    • swing voter says:

      I don’t recall the 1st term PLP being roughed up. The tough questions were asked after the plumbing clogged up and the toilet began to overflow. This 1st term OBA team get a pass in my book especially since they’re getting things done above board and investment will begin to flow….Crockwells comments give us hope, unlike others who went and came back with nothing but a smile on their faces (yup I said it again and will continue to compare performance of our current ministers to past ‘efforts’)

      • Hmmmmm says:

        You have a selective memory then. I hope you weren’t among those who protested at the introduction of one man, one vote, each vote of equal value. 2001/02 during the PLP’s 1st term a certain sector of this country cried bloody murder over the introduction of changes to the constitution. It was so funny to see the British tell them they had nothing to fear from this foreign, weird concept caled democracy. They sure did rough up the PLP over that one. And by the way, just where is the evidence of the OBA “getting things done” above board or at all ? Still waiting…..

      • Bettty Trump says:

        I still waiting to see what they are getting done. After all there seems to be no evidence of such…but more job losses, folks losing their homes etc..should I go on…and on… you must be deaf and blindfaithfulnessloyalist …living in some dream world..Really

        • Deja Vu says:

          Curious….so unfortunate that the OBA can’t blame the “World Economic Downturn” for all the job losses, right Betty? Probably never opened the article that was posted by Bernews about what the OBA had accomplished legislatively in their first year. Or the figures from the Stats Dept. as to how the I.B. sector has grown more stable and is more robust since before the 2008 crash.

          • Betty Trump says:

            @ DEJA VU….Who benefited from those laws..big business not the average every day man..please this govt seems to promote non-Bermudians, heck to the born Bermudians…

  24. Why doesn't the Opposition ask? says:

    “Not one parliamentary question asked about travel”

    Why hasn’t the Opposition issued a Parliamentary Question on the travel then?

    • Hmmmmm says:

      If they had, how would you know? For your sake, I hope Mr. Cannonier and the other travellers in the Cabinet are staying in Red Roof Inns or Howard Johnsons. Cause if they reveal that they had room service or stayed in a Marriott (ugghhh) or maybe even a Four Seasons somewhere, I think MAWI had better get some suites ready for you lot.

  25. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    What if ! You wind up attracting the wrong element to our shores.
    An angry man who think he has been cheated is worse than a pit bull on Steroids.

    What if ! As a consequence we wind up driving away the family man his wife and children.
    What if ! Bermuda gets branded with a unsavory reputation.

    What if ! We are playing cards with the Devil.

    What if ! The house always wins, a fool and his money are soon parted.

    What if ! We have to dig up our 9 golf courses to plant Onions to survive.

    After many years of gaining our pristine reputation and see it all gone at 10,35 pm on a Tuesday night at the table ,then, What if !.

    The politicians had better think very long and very hard on this one, this country can not afford another Blunder.

    You do not make a living by putting your hands in another mans pocket.

    Gambling is a Hard Core Business.

    What if ! We are building a house of straw.

  26. Cow Polly says:

    What pristine reputation? What family man, wife and child? Those types vacation in Florida at Disney World which, incidentally, is opposed to gambling and so has already cornered the market on sanctimonious tourism and we don’t have an alternative to compete with Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck!

  27. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Sayings or proverbs , some of which have stood the test of time,

    ” Be it, as it may”.

    Me Thinks we need a think tank.

    I was kind of hoping that the brains of this country would realize that
    “Having Many irons in the fire”
    instead of
    “Having all their eggs in one basket”
    would better
    “Serve the common good”.

    Because Bermuda just did not jump out of a Cracker Jack Box it has taken years to build this fantastic Country and you and your parents were all part of the process.

    “Don”t stick your head in the Sand”.

    “A Penny earned is a penny Saved”.

    “Crime does not pay, it drives them away”.

    We together have a beautiful country to show for it all, with beautiful people who all played their part , but you all know that, don’t you, because it was your Blood Sweat and Tears and hard work that brought us to where we are today.

    You don’t need me to tell you because you know we are the envy of the planet.

    ” You are what you are going to be “. ( my Father )

    “If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones”

    We are a Destination or a Paradise where people would part with a life time of savings to come for a few days just to sit out in the sun, others come on cruise ships and max out there credit cards just to swim for an hour or so at Horse shoe bay.

    Do you really think that Gaming will solve all of our problems ,if so, you are dreamers.
    The answer is DIVERSITY because people are Diverse ( it is a nice word to mean we are all different) Here is a hint, 99 % have an interest other than the grind of 9 to 5 , it could be Gardening , basket ball; Tennis ; Marathons; Music ; Dance; Sailing; Power boating and “Junk Yard Dog” stock car racing real soon.
    when most come on holiday it is usually for a REASON or an ACTIVITY and there is your drawing card. Does any body really know why the come on holiday ? it’s to get away from 9 to 5.

    ” We all can have a piece of the pie”.

    “Half a cake is better than no cake at all “.

    Bermuda like many other countries has fallen on hard times, this is not the first time. In the past we have been fortunate we recovered .

    ” There is no quick fix”.

    “We can manage with less “.

    ” It all comes to those who wait “.

    Some of the big Stores,such as, Wall-Mart; E bay; Google: are Managed by the geniuses of our time and they are not risk takers, they succeeded on diversity of services and products, Bermuda needs to follow their lead, to day people want.

    “Value for money”.

    ” A Man who works from 9 to 5 has nothing but a man who works form 9 to 9 has every thing”. ( my Father )

    “Hay Big spender “.

    “Money does not grow on Trees “.

    ” Everybody it’s Party time”.( Its not a saying just made that up.)

    This Island an expensive destination and that has got to change,not tomorrow , NOW.

    Read the sage report thank you Mr. B D.

    There are three major items which will bring any country to its knees.