Webcast Replay: Money, Power, Respect Forum

March 20, 2014

[Updated] The “Money, Power, Respect” symposium is taking place this evening [Mar 20], and you can tune in and watch the live video feed below.

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Hosted by BermudaAlpha.bm, in partnership with MenSpeak, the panelists are scheduled to include include economist Craig Simmons, educator Dr. Lou Matthews, Rev. Nicholas Tweed, Eron Hill, Antonio Belvedere, and Quinton Sherlock, who will join the panel from Africa via Skype.

The webcast is over, and the 3-hour replay is available below:

- Note: Thanks to Bermuda College for the “internet hookup” for the live video!

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  1. I love this Man says:

    Line of the night, from Pastor Tweed, “Systems of capital depend upon exploitation to create profit!”


    • Hmmm says:

      Systems of religion depend on exploitation to create profit. He got the words mixed up.

      • Mazumbo says:

        He’s one of the only Pastors that speaks up about the injustice for the people the rest of them seem emasculated.

    • Family Man says:

      A pastor talking about exploitation of people for money … kind of ironic don’t you think?

      • Mazumbo says:

        The difference is one gives hope the other takes hope plus it was the system that created religion.

        • Hmmm says:

          Hope results in relying on others. Making it happen is what life requires. Getting on with it and not excpecting it to be given to you.

  2. Rules of Order says:

    If we look at the history of Bermuda and ask what role has the black church played in establishing moral values, providing a sense of community and identity being a bulwark against racism, slavery and discrimination we will see that the Pastor role is critical and has been a worthwhile investment of peoples willing offerings and tithes. We cannot deny the fact that the society as a whole owes much to the black church as a stabilizing force in a culture with such a vicious history. The pastor is still looked to for direction and a spokesman for the masses who are fearful of speaking up for themselves. I should ask…if it were Nicholas Dill on the panel would there be the same amount of remonstration. Tweed comes from the AME tradition that is built on the principle of justice and resistance against all forms of oppression. A number of the other panelist were educated in the christian tradition and have been influenced by pastors. Those who are not from our culture just would not understand because they look back at the history of the church throughout europe and see nothing but abuse. So tweed is justifiably on the panel as a spokesman for the values and mores of a disintegrating society…black and white!

    • Mazumbo says:

      And what is hilarious is you hear politicians and SOME pastors quote Martin Luther King and Mandela like they supported their struggle but are quiet on the struggle in their own Island, sounds hypocritical to me.

      • Hmmm says:

        MLK realized that to differentiate was to remain differentiated. He was woken to the reality of why the struggle perpetuated and what needed to change, but too much power and money would have to be given up by those involved directly in the struggle. they didn’t like that.

        • Mazumbo says:

          Hey Dreamer ya missing de point, I said that politicians and some pastors advocate the struggle in those places and are silent in Bermuda’s struggle. SMFH

    • Chingas says:

      I agree that the above is a fair assessment. I agree that Rev. Tweed is along with Rev. Dill are the two religious men that I have the most time for. It is religious leaders like Rev. Lambe in his beamer that give religion a bad name.

    • Hmmm says:

      I think the “Gods Will” , blaming God for human actions has been detrimental to society. Please don’t just focus on the positives.

    • Sigh says:

      “I should ask…if it were Nicholas Dill on the panel would there be the same amount of remonstration.”

      Not too sure what you are reading, but I don’t see any massive levels of ‘remonstration’ in the less than 10 posts above. Two people have crticised religion in general and not just the AME So doesn’t seem to be some racist conspiracy as you seem to insinuate in your post.

  3. Bx to BDA says:

    This was an excellent program. This conversation needs to be happening on a national level. When people change their expectaions, it will affect their behavior. Behaviors determine outcomes.

    Well Done Men of Alpha Phi Alpha!