Man Sentenced To 6 Years, Jeep Confiscated

March 15, 2014

Appearing in Supreme Court yesterday [Mar 14] a 52 year old man was sentenced to 6 years in prison for stealing, with the Court also ordering his jeep — purchased with stolen money — be forfeited.

Xavier Trace Douglas was sentenced to six years in prison for stealing $70,000 from a couple of seniors in September of 2012. Douglas was also ordered to make restitution by forfeiting a Jeep Patriot for which he had paid $45,000 by using some of the stolen money.

In handing down the sentence, Justice Carlyle Greaves said that, “Douglas was not a Robin Hood who stole to assist a damsel in distress.” The Justice said, “he is a con-man who stole to buy a young love.”

Crown Prosecutor Nicole Smith told Justice Greaves that Douglas had talked the bank into giving him access to $70,000 from the couple’s joint account. Douglas had then used $45,000 from the proceeds to buy a second-hand Jeep Patriot.

Douglas had later withdrawn $13,000 in cash, given $8,000 of this to a younger woman with whom he was seeking a relationship so that she could settle her rent arrears, and used the cash balance to insure the Jeep and equip it with some items. Other funds had been used for other purposes.

Douglas was  first arrested by Police in November 2012, and formally charged in Magistrates Court in July 2013 with his case being sent to the Supreme Court, and convicted in Supreme Court in 2014.

The Prosecutor had recommended a sentence of six years, while lawyer Peter Farge asked for a six month sentence, arguing that Douglas was an older man obsessed with a younger woman and that this was a “crime of the heart.” This prompted Justice Greaves to ask if this meant that Douglas was a “Sugar Daddy”.

Noting that Douglas had a previous offence of a similar nature for which he had been imprisoned, Justice Greaves set sentence at six years, ordered restitution, and ruled that the Jeep Patriot, currently held in Police custody, was to be forfeited and sold to make restitution. .

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  1. Michael says:

    The power of the *****.

    • Um Jus Sayin' says:

      Not even sure if he even got the *****. All that plus six years, and he may not have even gotten lucky. Oh Well!!

      • Ne’er got the can of puss n boots but the cat got a full course meal n now “Bubba” has a can of pedigree upon his arrival… How patriotic can that be… Now he can get chauffeured in the Landrover with valid protection n silver plated bracelets…n wave… Wben is her trial….?

  2. boogiedownproductions says:

    Love can cause us to do stupid things
    If thats the truth

  3. WTH says:

    “Crime of the heart” my a**. Should be ashamed of yourself, robbing seniors

  4. Arthur says:

    Wow! He ‘talked’ the bank into giving him access to $70,000 of someone else’s money.
    He must be a smooth talker!
    Please tell me the name of that bank.

    • Audrey says:

      This is what I’m saying!! That really worries me!

  5. Hurricane says:

    What is more disturbing about this than anything is that he was able to get the bank to do this. Heads need to roll. (SMH)…………I’m here shaking mine.

  6. Terrier says:

    What kind of bank gives access to your account to somebody else by being ‘talked into it’?
    Whoever gave access should also be held accountable.
    Does anybody know which bank it was?

    • shaka zulu says:

      So the bank gave him access to the 70,000.00?? without a power of attorney the bank she also be held responsible.Hell i do 6 years for 70 thousand, show me the line, and free meals and board for 6 years!!meanwhile the courts gets there money, and i do not think that couple will see all there money??talk about a screwed up justice system..

  7. sage says:

    What a crab.(no offense to brachyura)

  8. Coffee says:

    He had a job . Why didn’t the courts make him work to pay back the money , then send his corny backside to prison !

    • Ha! says:

      He already lost his job due to another offense that landed him in court…

  9. nuffin but the truth says:

    the Bank and him and the female should all have been put on trial for this!

    What Bank was it? and shame!…and then remove all your money from that Bank.

    • shaka zulu says:

      I don’t blame the girl, she probably did not know where the money came from!!problem is to many weak guys out there being held by the power of a “******” like kryptonite to superman..LOL

  10. Audrey says:

    The part that worries me most is…How in the heck was he given permission by the bank to access these peoples accounts?? Im just saying.

    • Jonny rocket says:

      The girl in this case probably works for the bank lol…