Opinion: Most Precious Resources Are People

March 31, 2014

[Opinion column written by Opposition Leader Marc Bean] Thank you all for your continued support. As we walk in the street and or attend events it means much to us to have our fellow Bermudians approach us and share their views and wishes with us.

Our most precious resources are the people of this island. So today we would like to address the men of Bermuda.

Generation Golden

We would like to speak to the elder gentlemen of our society. Those men of my father’s generation. Those men that learned the trades such as:

  • Fishing
  • Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Hospitality
  • Farming

We thank you for building the Bermuda that our generation now enjoys. We thank you for sacrificing your weekends in an effort to lend a hand helping to build our workmen’s clubs, our neighbours’ homes and our collective communities.

We thank you for sacrificing financially in order to afford to send many in our generation off to college and universities. Many who now enjoy working in International Business and the Civil Service, are there because of your financial prudence.

We thank you for being willing to stand on the picket lines and fighting for adult suffrage and fair working benefits, conditions and wages.

In your golden years be assured that we will do everything to ensure that your homes and health care are protected.

Generation Now

To the men of my generation, we again call upon you take up the mantle of leadership that our country needs. Leadership does not equate to politics alone.

Leadership comes in multiple forms such as;

  • Attending our children’s PTA
  • Attending our children’s sporting events
  • Taking our children to the library and Museums
  • Joining our community clubs
  • Partaking in community events such as the Kappa Tournament
  • Joining and fully participating in union activities

There are far too many accusations that Bermudian men do not play a significant enough role in their children’s lives. While there will always be negligent fathers, we refuse to accept that this is the norm or majority of Bermudians fathers.

Far too often we allow the media to define us, instead of us defining ourselves. Our every decision and action set the foundation for the future of our children. This is our time of self-definition.

Generation Next

To the men of the future, we say that it is time to begin to focus on your futures. Look not to simply graduate from high school and then university. Look towards the day that you open your own businesses.

The world is ever changing, and many of the professions that exist today will cease to exist in 10-20 years. Our model of IB is constantly evolving, thus less and less entry level opportunities are being made available for all Bermudians.

Therefore, we would be misleading you by simply saying go get a university education. Bermuda is in need of Bermudians grasping a hold of the future in many fields such as;

  • Information Technology
  • Applied Sciences
  • Aquaculture
  • Automotive Technology
  • Social Media

Tourism related activities

Many Bermudians spend their lives seeking to find a job working for someone. We challenge you to seek not only your professional qualifications, and skill sets, but to go the extra mile and look to becoming your own boss. Then look even further, to partner with others in Bermuda, The Caribbean, Latin America and Africa.

The world is full of opportunity. Any one of you can become the next Marc Zuckerberg or Magic Johnson.

Limit not yourselves in your ambitions. You are the Future of Bermuda.

To all men of Bermuda, we say reach out to every generation.

-Marc Bean

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  1. el says:

    whilst I can appreciate the “optimism” from the plp Leader Mark Bean, the reality is that owning your own business in Bermuda seems like it is possible for entrepeneurs of mom and pop shops, however, because of our economic system, it is virtually impossible for melinated Bermudians to claim their kingdom because of the two groups represented in Bermuda.. It appears as a cheapshot to suggest that all bermudians should aspire to Business owners when the governments we elect don’t think we are precious enough and payscales were never changed to reflect just how important our people are, so they won’t be competeing with seven billion other persons vying to get their spot in Bermuda.. The sincerity of politicians lately is not even laughable anymore it is more like watching children put their hand in the cookie jar then hide their hands behind their back to conceal the ‘theft” . Bermudians are waking up to a lot of realities however it does not include even owning our own home because of the inflated prices which do not compliment the payscales for most of us.. giving platitude to others appears more insincere especially if the reason for the accolades has been disrespected.. bothe parties have disrespected our elderly and indiginent, we need more substantiated praise and appreciation to be reflected in our lifestyles, starting with removing legislative barriers preventing us from achieving our highest potential.there are far too many foreigners working here and we should not be told to compete against or with them in any way shape or form , Bermuda for Bermudians has taken on a new meaning.We can no longer afford to have faith because to hope for something that will never transpire is a fools paradise.

    • Loquatz says:

      “melinated Bermudians” ???

      • Mazumbo says:

        Part of the F— up’s with men is, over the decades when men were going through domestic issues the courts (lawyers and judges) railroaded some men into total disrepute from society, instead of trying to reconcile the family they ripped apart families for the sake of financial and real estate gain not considering the well being of the children and their providers.
        I know there are some deadbeats but majority of men who lost their dignity of hard work through the courts is shameful.

  2. MISSBERMUDA says:

    Man would be nothing without Woman. But as a misogynist you really wouldn’t understand now would you Mr. Bean.

    • campervan says:

      He’s been really quiet lately.
      I thought perhaps he had moved to Arizona where a business can happily and legally refuse to serve gay people.
      Oh well, he’s still here with his misogynistic, anti gay hyperbole.
      So much for progress and progressive ideals.

      Come on, get yourself a 21st century leader PLP.

      • Mazumbo says:

        You have so much hate towards the man that you cant even see the forest through the trees. After all the negativity we hear about men especially young men and we all jump on the bandwagon and share our criticism, but when someone gives a positive solution to the problems we complain about we want to shoot the messenger.
        We just had a passing of an icon that made a great contribution in Bermuda, but around my dinner table he wasn’t talked about as a defender for our cause “per say” but you have to acknowledge the positive things he did regardless of what he stood for.
        Food for thought.

        • Hmmm says:

          Huh??? positive solution…how is this a positive solution?

        • jt says:

          There are no solutions offered. Only the beginnings of some ideas.

          • Mazumbo says:

            And when you ACT on ideas and they work they become solutions

            • jt says:

              All the PLP know is that they want to go to Disneyworld and what rides they want to go on. They have no idea how to get there or how to pay for it. No different than when they governed.

  3. Hmmm says:

    Bean states the obvious again.

    ps why only expand globally in Caribbean, Latin america and Africa. Stop restricting and limiting choice.

  4. O'Brien says:

    ‘To the men of my generation, we again call upon you take up the mantle of leadership that our country needs.’

    Because only men are suited for leadership. Women, know your place…

  5. Looking in says:

    The PLP are divided.

  6. Bermewjan says:

    Feeling the heat Marc?

    Clearly this ‘we love our voters’ press release has been generated in response to Terry’s third party announcement.

    Seems like the battle is on Marc, and the fire is ready for the cooking… now where did I put my popcorn.

  7. Suzie Quattro says:

    Let’s have a couple of dozen posts debating whether bean wrote the article all by himself.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Looks like something dredged up froom the past.

  8. aceboy says:

    Fluff piece to say “I am still alive” to his supporters.

  9. kat says:

    Very good Mr Bean. Keep up the good work.

  10. Bermuda Boy says:

    Marc, Bermuda’s most precious resource has to be the people, remember the PLP / BIU “lost, ha ha ” all of our money.

  11. Hmmm says:

    Is he talking about them as a resource for money in his betting shop !!!!!

  12. Gotham says:

    I have to wonder if he really believes all this stuff he comes up with…

  13. tricks are for kids says:

    SMH……We really have some negative people on this island…Maybe it’s THEY that are responsible for the way the island is. This IS a positive article but of course in seeps the negativity and the personal attacks (which are not even related to the article). We will NEVER move forward at this rate……….

    • Mazumbo says:

      It’s negative people everywhere, King and Mandela were positive people and look what happened to them.
      People are the same where ever you go.

  14. Blooper says:

    after a deafening silence a very somber and rather sheepish change of attitude if I say so myself, however a bit more refreshing than the past outbursts, are we thinking a bit more now instead of lashing out. Will make for better opposition if he can get his party in line ( flipflop et al )

  15. young observer says:

    Very well written Marc!

  16. OK…push the lever down….whooooosh…