Terry Lister Comments On A ‘Third Way Forward’

March 31, 2014

Terry ListerThere has been “strong and growing dissatisfaction” with the performance of both political parties and a third political party is a step that “must be taken together with the many people who wish to have a different type of politics,” Independent MP Terry Lister said.

In response to reports he may be preparing to lead a third party, Mr. Lister said that people of all political persuasions have come to him and “expressed a desire to see and develop a ‘third way forward.”

First appointed by the PLP to the Senate in 1993, Mr Lister has represented Constituency #33 Sandy’s South since he was first elected to Parliament in 1998.

Mr Lister put himself up for Party Leader twice in recent years, both times being defeated during internal PLP elections, first by Paula Cox and then by Marc Bean. In February 2013, Mr. Lister announced his resignation from the PLP, stating that he will sit in the House as an Independent.

Speaking to Bernews, Mr. Lister said: “I can confirm that for many months now, there has been strong and growing dissatisfaction with the performance of both political parties, their leadership, and their management styles, processes, and outcomes thus far. This has resulted in a strong, across-the-board, interest in finding a better solution to Bermuda’s pressing problems.

“As a result of that growing sense of dissatisfaction, many people, of all political persuasions, have come to me and expressed a desire to see and develop a ‘third way forward’. As a sitting Parliamentarian with Cabinet level experience, and as a mature and experienced businessman, I have become the focal point for this strong desire for change.

“I see the need for something better for Bermuda. I believe we need to have leaders who work together rather than mouth the words and so I have spent the last fourteen months working with the OBA Government and its Ministers with the single purpose of making better legislation. I have been fearless in challenging government moves that I did not believe where in the best interest of the country.

“However a third party is a step that must be taken together with the many people who wish to have a different type of politics. I will continue to be a focal point however those who wish to move forward should contact me so that we can determine how many committed Bermudians are prepared to work to bring about the change the country needs,” added Mr. Lister.

The only name that has been publicly linked with the possible third party is Mr. Lister, however the group is understood to involve some other fairly well known individuals.

Many of those involved at these preliminary discussions are understood to be  people previously linked with the PLP and we understand the group includes at least two former Progressive Labour Party candidates.

Those communicating with the group are also understood to include at least one person affiliated with the One Bermuda Alliance, as well as someone who has previously run as an Independent candidate.

The group is understood to be generally disillusioned with the present situation and be “feeling out” if there is support for a third party in Bermuda, one focusing on the middle class.

The last time Bermuda had three political parties was three years ago – the Progressive Labour Party, United Bermuda Party and Bermuda Democratic Alliance. In May 2011 the UBP and BDA merged to form the One Bermuda Alliance, who won the General Election the following year to become the ruling party.

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  1. Blue Familiar says:

    I find myself thinking that this is not the time to be splitting things further. We already have an opposition that is determined to undermind the ruling party, how is compounding the problem in the best interests of the country?

    I don’t have a problem with there being a third party, I’m just not certain that now is the time for that to happen.

    • watching says:

      How is the Opposition undermining the Government? The Opposition has in fact supported most legislation in the House. and where they haven’t, they have suggested alternatives. I don’t consider that to be undermining. I consider that to be working constructively for Bermuda. When the OBA criticized the PLP government, was that undermining?

      • Supported Legislation – really. I dare say you need to look at the voting numbers and you will see there is no support for anything that the Govt puts forward.

        • Greed Killed Bermuda says:

          You clearly don’t pay attention. Almost all things is parliament pass with cross party support.

  2. Greed Killed Bermuda says:

    Oh this is rich, “I have become the focal point for this strong desire for change”

    Typical Terry Lister – all about self!

    • ya right says:

      Teryy is just mad he wasn’t voted in as the leader of the PLP. So like a child, he gets mad and leaves.

    • Cleancut says:

      He wants to be king!

  3. aceboy says:

    After sitting in a meeting and listening to Mr. Lister wax lyrical about independence and how it must be attained at any cost I lost any faith I had in the man. He claimed that his mates in school who had no jobs, no house and nothing to eat were BETTER off than any Bermudian because they lived in a free country. They were free alright, free of jobs, houses and food.

  4. 1minute says:

    Mr Lister, instead of a third party we should go away from party politics as it doesn’t work in Bermuda and is only causing a divide in the community.

    Voting should use proportional representation to elect: a Leader, Deputy Leader, Ministers and 2 alternates. It should be a cross section of the community working for the betterment of the country.

  5. Meeeee says:

    The OBA came into power promising real change. The PLP went out of power leaving behind a shambles.

    The OBA started off by keeping to exactly the same policies and structure, particularly the size of Cabinet, as the PLP had followed. Financially the OBA simply extended the long PLP spending spree by one more year.

    Change? Hardly.

    The time is right for a third party.

  6. Justin says:

    It would have been interesting if he had joined the BDA when they formed… Plus, how is his party going to be any different? Despite what the PLP say the OBA is doing a good job. For the first time in many years Bermuda is showing signs of life which should be making everyone smile.

  7. el says:

    We can have ten parties, but within the system we are under it would still be useless, it is not always the politicians it is the system that we have been subjected to and trying to work with it is like oil and water! Party system has been exposed for what it really is these past sixteen years, and should be clear that it needs to revert back to the rightful rulers of the earth..Party politics ensures that one group gets revenge on the other, when the electorate are expecting tangible changes to their lives that will validate their vote! there is no longer respect for the electorate, the plp when they were voted in immediately held meeting to secure changes for PRC’s, the oba did the same thing, so who comes first in this country? Politicians also are not selected after they are elected many times and so they just become a part of a backbench vote that is sometimes under the whip, so where is the representation for so called “bermudians”?Bermudians deserve to SEE, TOUCH,TASTE, FEEl and recognize their contribution and reward, and it should be for longer periods of time.. Everytime we have a new party then previous legislations gets thrown out, former policies are ignored when the new sheriff appears in the same old town! We do not have a general concensus on things and there is no standard of proceedures for operating on a long term basis, i.e twenty year plans in place that will seal it so no elected governemtn can just change things on a whim.. It is important for the people to be included in decision making processes that effect their daily lives and we as Bermudians are the true stakeholders in this land.. so form all the parties while ignoring the core problems, and we will sink deeper in quicksand.

  8. BETTTY TRUMP says:

    As I thought, it is so. Does Mr Lister really have any data to support that folks are willing to vote for a third party? Folks may express at times concerns regarding the behaviour of both parties, but does this actually transfer into voting for a new party? I do not think so, at least not in large enough numbers to make a change overall. I think Mr. Lister needs to re-think this idea and perhaps become a little more realistic.

    As I thought, it would not be members of the OBAubp moving in great numbers, but members of the PLP or swing voters. Most likely those old members of the PLP whom do not want to get off the Stage. After all “ALL the world is a STAGE, and some are merely players”. Lister’s party will not make a real significant different not enough for change or a third party to substantiate or live beyond a One General Election. More of the same old same old. Some will vote, but not the numbers he is looking for as change in Bermuda is difficult to come by, especially if the old guard politicians put on another hat, like many in the OBAubp did folks.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Folks are also tired of MPs moving from one party to another. Many questions where is there commitment when the going gets tough or they encounter that things are no going their way? This seems to be another one of those times when a certain number of former MPs and folks believe that things are not going their way, and so they will go get some new marbles to play with.

      The challenge will be: Will folks change their votes? Do not see them gaining any votes from the loyal faithfulness followers of the OBAubp, as they do want anyone there whom will not represent their interest or feel that their maybe threaten by this group of individuals.

      Same folks representing Bermuda whom have been in one party or another, do you think Bermuda is tired of this type of thing? IF it is the disgruntled old MPs of the PLP, this will not work either. I think much or little thought is behind such a move to gain power by any means necessary is really crazy. Some folks just need to get off the stage and work behind the scenes, as they still have a vital role to play there, unfortunately many do not recognize it. Many have missed the mark on what they key roles should be to Bermuda, and this is why we are were we are today.

      • jt says:

        You sound worried Betty….you probably should be.

      • looking and listening says:

        @betty trump (twice. You are something else. I guess you are so grass roots you are unable to rise above. Like this is a sad day for Bermuda you are a sad case of an excuse for a thinking being. Stop writing the rubbish you are being fed. You are obviously not tired of the abuse you have endured for 14 years and want more. But some of us are extremely tired. Sick and tired and embarrassed by what both parties are doing to this country. Rather than condemning others, rather than disrespecting those who paved the way for you why not try to open your mind to something from which you just might benefit. It is people like you who will eventually bring Bermuda to its knees. Try to think sensibly…. think country first. Put country first. Not just for you but for your children and their children etc. Surely ones does not need a PhD to figure out who will benefit when ALL of us come to our senses and put Bermuda FIRST!!!!

        I will not vote PLP or OBA. Do what else is there for me? What choice do I have? A third party sounds very attractive to me. Do whomever old, young, middle aged, black, white, Portuguese, Filipino somebody, anybody as long as you have the interest of Bermuda and those who live here first and foremost. You Got my vote.

  9. Hmmm says:

    PLP tactic to form a coallition and steal back power by deceit perhaps ?

    Plan C perhaps ?

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      @Hmmmm…I do not think so, this is Lister fight for Leadership by any means necessary. He does not want to get off the stage, and a few are there for that reason. This is where you Question is it about country or SELF? Is it Power or SELF? IS IT BERMUDA OF SELF?

      • jt says:

        We’ve certainly had enough of self – got us where we are.

      • looking and listening says:

        Why does everything have to be Lister this and Lister that? Surely there must be some other people with some smarts in Bermuda. Mr. Lister if it is you – following or leading – go ahead and do what you have to do for some of us who want to see Bermuda get back to where it should be. We are in trouble and need to be saved by somebody.
        @Betty Trump… you are right the world us a stage. And you my dear would never get an award. Most people know how and when to act. Different settings different roles different masks. Regardless if the stage you are on your mask remains unchanged.
        Ignorance is Bliss it is better to be wise.

  10. Citizen Banned says:

    As long as we can keep the PLP out then fine. Best of luck Sir!

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Don’t be surprise it might keep OBAubp out as well, it does have impact on both sides. However, It can likely push the third party in the ground for good. Once and for all the life of third party in Bermuda does not work might be the outcome. What might happen is how we do politics might change and have real different outcomes.

      • Citizen Banned says:

        Thanks Betttty. As I said, long as it keeps the PLP out.

  11. you are kidding me.. says:

    not now or ever . Bermuda is to small for a third party we had UBP,PLP.NLP,that didn’t work and it woulnd work,,,what we should do is pick the best out of OBA and PLP and form one Party that would work together for the country rather then having these two parties criticizing everything about one another ,,we need a party that’s going to work together for Bermuda ,,,it also amazes me how Mr.Lister out of the blue seems to have all the answers wile when he was in the drivers seat didn’t seem to do much at all…

  12. Pebblebeach says:

    Yeah right TL. Good luck with that…

  13. Triangle Drifter says:

    Blah, blah, blah. Heard it all before. Time to retire, enjoy the pension on the taxpayers dime & disappear like Paula & the others.

  14. swing voter says:

    So, conservative labor voters like myself now have a real choice. I voted for change December 17th and chose the lesser of the 2 polictical evils (satire folks) …. OBA have a bigger core than PLP….so ppl like myself can go for the conservative labor movement. The PLP is finished

  15. LaVerne Furbert says:

    Bernews, Terry Lister actually made three bids for the leadership of the PLP. The first time when he was in the Senate. He was appointed by the then Party Leader, L. Frederick Wade, and he challenged Mr. Wade for leadership while in the Senate. This in spite of the fact that the PLP’s constitution states that only Members of Parliament can challenge for the leadership of the Party.

    • looking and listening says:

      Freddie who? Does he even remember who he is himself? I never knew Mr. Wade and certainly stand no chance of knowing him now. Somebody please tell me what is wrong with this picture. No disrespect intended Wade family. Something definitely wrong with you Laverne and company. If this is one of the reasons the PLP has treated Mr. Lister as badly as you have… no wonder this country is in the huge mess it is. All of you who feel this way… get ready for take off. You are all going to hell in a hand basket. Well I never.
      Oh! One more thing Laverne do you feel the same disdain for Paula Cox as you seemingly do for Mr. Lister?
      From what I am being told you used to be one of her strongest defenders ..well up until she sent you packing. Here are a few other things she did to you and the entire country but more poignant for you and the PLP. She lost the election and she lost Freddie Wade’s precious seat. Absolutely unforgiveable. But yet you harp on the fact that Mr. Lister challenged Freddie Wade way back when? Obviously you need to stop smoking Laverne it is evidently causing you severe brain damage. No wonder this place is in the mess it is.

  16. watching says:

    Mr. Lister seems to have an awful lot of time to be commenting on every single thing lately.

  17. Bermewjan says:

    I can’t see it working myself, and believe me I have tried. The last election was emphatic in stating that Bermuda just isn’t ready for the change. The independents were slammed in the election in which they could have made the most impact. In the end they just pulled votes from the PLP that contributed to the OBA win.

    Our people are mostly entrenched along racial lines with an additional group that will vote based on the island’s economic need – mostly black folks, given that the white votes stay put because they are the minority and fear the goals of the black party.

    And since this is obviously a play by Terry to split the PLP so that he can claim the leadership of that faction by force of public support, this only muddies the water more.

    We talk the talk about having independent MPs in the House or a viable third party, but when it comes down to it we don’t walk the walk. I suspect it will be many years before we break down the the racial barriers as the voters deeply fear that they will be victimised by the other race should they be ultimately successful in achieving what are perceived to be their true nefarious goals. This is all hype and fear-mongering of course, but it works well in Bermuda and has flourished very successfully over many generations since the vote became available to all adult Bermudians.

    It is a shame, but if you are white you are taught by both races that your interests are only really represented by the white party, whereas if you are a black segregationalist, elitist or just downright fearful of white people, then the black party is your only option. Thus is falls to the enlightened, caring black folks who see beyond race, to steer this country at the polls.

    So let’s encourage education and enlightenment of all our people, which hopefully in a generation or two to come will result in the breaking of this racial deadlock in our political system.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Thanks for your real comment, interesting but holds much truth.

  18. Looking in says:

    Mr.Lister should join the govt,they could do with his expertise.The PLP threw him out with the bath water.

    • frank says:

      lets get it right mr lister left the plp and did his voters a great injustice going around cavassing under the plp getting their votes then switching up to become an independent stupid
      if that is how he felt than he should have ran as an independent
      the same goes for randy horton

  19. Unbelievable says:

    This could only work if the HoA numbers to support a third party were there. If enough were to split from the OBA and the PLP to join the new group and have an equal share across three parties, then this could work.

    So if there were 10 or so per party. A majority would have to emerge to form some kind of Govt however.

  20. watching says:

    When no one wants you to be their leader, then you go and be the leader of your own party.

  21. Starting Point says:

    LOL new political party that speaks for Bermudians and labour….PLP running on same platform, two parties merge to fight sitting government as ‘new’ party but with same old familiar faces….

    you can’t copy a strategy that has already been done to success only the election before lol.

  22. Hmmmmm says:

    An untapped revenue stream for Bermuda is selling tickets for people to come and watch this farce live. Another might be to get academics to pay us to study these blatant examples of narcissism and psychological detachment dressed up as politics. Lister has been Minister of everything and with the exception of cluster boxes within the postal service has nothing to show for his varied tenure. Anyone who has spent 5 minutes with him knows he is selfish and desires only to lead something, anything. This way he achieves his end. Who in their right mind (besides the Speaker of the House of course) would follow Lister to Burger King never mind as their leader. Give me a break. Terry, those voices in your head do not count as people approaching you to do this.

  23. clearasmud says:

    I don’t think we need another party what we need is independent political pressure groups that can analyze issues and put pressure on both the government and the opposition to do the right thing! Too often we don’t get the full story from either the government or opposition because they only tell the public what they believe is in their OWN best interest. The time has come for us to mature politically so that we can see real debates in the house over important issues. We must move away from the nonsense that occurs every Friday!

  24. Suzie Quattro says:

    So is he going to be a surrogate for the PLP?

  25. Come Home, Please says:

    Dear Sir,

    You will recall the run up to Premier Cox’s election at the Delegates Conference and also the same period up to MP Marc Bean defeating you soundly in 2013.

    There comes a time when you have to accept that you simply will not be Premier of Bermuda, please accept this fact.

    You have a contribution to make as a Progressive Labour Party Member of Parliament, politics is not easy and you will never get it right all of the time, the people in Somerset will vote for the PLP, they will not vote for you as an individual.

    Please we ask, just come back into the fold and allow the younger whipper snappers to learn from your extensive experience and hopefully somewhere at some point the type of respect they should be showing you and older Statesmen will happen, given your knowledge of Bermuda and Parliamentary Procedure in particular.

    Do not put us in a position where your legacy is being unceremoniously removed from the seat, the next go round – that would be hurtful, not just for us, but for your legacy.

    Please we ask, come back home and put an end to this train that is not practical.

    A friend hoping you make the right decision

  26. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Best of luck Terry…I believe in you and think you have a chance. You stood up when others shut up!!

  27. enough says:

    I don’t understand this loyalty for political parties. My loyalty is for Bermuda. At the moment my support is for the OBA as they seem to care more about the welfare of the Island and less about themselves than the PLP. No party owns my vote, as the PLP may have learned from the last election

  28. trix says:

    We need a third party so Wayne Furbert can run again, because he’s gone through the others like a dose of salts…..