Bermudians Start Lining The Streets For Holiday

May 25, 2014

Avid parade and race watchers are out already this afternoon [May 25], with some dedicated Bermuda Day fans setting up their ‘camps’ earlier today along Cedar Avenue.  A few people are looking ‘settled in’, sitting down in chairs ready to await the beginning of tomorrow’s festivities.

The Sinclair Packwood Memorial Cycle Race starts in Somerset at 8.50am, the Half Marathon starts in Somerset with over 1,000 runners due to set off at 9.00am, and the Heritage Junior Classic Race starts on Front Street at 9.45am.


Tomorrow’s parade begin at 1.30pm and will include the Bermuda Classic Bike Club, Bermuda Longriders Motor Cycle Club, Classic Car – Roger Francis, Latest Peugeot Convertible, Bermuda Regiment, Grand Marshals, Miss Bermuda 2013 Katherine Arnfield, Little Miss Paradise Sedona-Sky Duffy, Elite Starz features the Top Model Constant Che-Chulae Dowling, Somerset Brigade Band, The Bermuda Train – St. James, Church Performing Arts Group, Bermuda Rifle & Drill Team, Bermudians for the Garry Dill’s Heart Fund, Gladwyn Smith Float, Boundary Breakers, Bermuda Finest Ltd. Float, Fusion Fitness, Transforming Arts Association Ministry charity, Simmons’ Family and Friends Float, The Ex-Artillery Majorettes, Hennessey’s Official Day In The Parade/Alexandria Dowling, The Raynors sing Carpenters’ Music, and the Bermuda Police Service Float.

The parade will also include the Berkeley Institute Marching Band, Challenge Dance Crew, Department of Corrections Float, Rated ‘E’, Troika Float, Krazed Ego, Vasco Da Gama Club Float, Calypso Queen Eilene and Dancers, Bermuda Squad, The Chewstick Foundation, Vice Versa Dance Group and Float, Warwick United Majorettes & Drum Corps, The Motivated Old School Dancers, Bermuda Shriners’ Club Float, KAST Majorettes and Dancers, H & H Gombeys, “We the people!” The Pembroke Parish Float, No Limit Star Crew, Sui Generis Dance Team, Department of Community and Cultural Affairs Float, St. George’s Original Dancerettes, Sandy’s Secondary Middle School Float, Show Time Drumline, Xquisite Styles Float, Pembroke Hamilton Club Majorettes and Drum Corp, Open Your Heart Foundation Float, A-Team/Bermuda Best Dance Hall Group, PCC Majorettes and Drummers, Caravan of Love, Peace and Healing by Global Art, TV and Communications Plus Float, Diverse Conception, CedarBridge Academy Float, De Onion Patch Crew Rhythm, The Bermuda Gombeys: Warner Gombeys, Gombey Warriors, Warwick Gombeys, The Bermuda Carnival Revelers, Passion Bermuda Jason Sukdeo, and Places New Generation Gombeys.

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  1. Comebye Ahh says:

    Happy May 24th. May everyone have fun and stay safe

    • Hot Button says:

      If you do not have a spot where do you see the parade and what about our tourists. Not a happy picture at all. Guess we seniors have to stay at home and watch it on TV.

      • lovely n fresh says:

        I feel u, i saw a lady trying to secure a spot, and. saw a hamilton corporation worker, tell her that she need to move because she want the spot for her and her family. Now know, there were no marking on the side walk. Were i saw this lady setting up on sunday to try and sit. This lady worker riped up another person name, and told the other you have to move. The lady told the hamilton corporation worker, she will not be disrespectful by doing that to another by removing some else tape and sit at the marked spot with tape. She will stay were she is. That hamilton corporation worker cussed that other woman out called her names etc. The lady sat there and took the verbal beating, till she finally told the corporation im not moving, there was no marking here your name is up further why u being so disrespectful, the lady was respectful as she could be. Hamilton corporation you need to invent a soloution for thE next year. But your worker need to be repremended. I live in the city and pay city taxes, just to think i paying that rude hcw wages. Your staff was out of order rude disrespectful and out right fowl with her choice of words she cuss that girl royal.

  2. Q says:

    This has got to be the shortest parade in history.. I’ll go to the beach tomorrow.

  3. nuffin but the truth says:

    some people have nothing better to do other than to sit off on the road!

    • Evie says:

      Is your life that sad truly a sourpuss SMDH

  4. Watcher55 says:

    Some people really do need a life!

    • One Up One Down says:

      Some people should LIVE and let live

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Lets have some ‘after’ pictures of the sites srayed, roped & taped off claiming use of public property.

    It would be interesting to see who cleans up after themselves & who the slobs are. They brought all of their stuff to the parade. They should certainly be able to take their own trash away with them.

    • el says:

      @Triangledrifter-it would be interesting to see you drift away….Do ya thang Bermoodians!Its Your day!!!

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        I guess you just showed the catagory that you fit into. One of the ones who feels entitled to have somebody pick up after you.

        • Watcher55 says:

          Your right, we will se trash until tomorrow and spray paint and duct tape on the roads for months

    • lovely n fresh says:

      I cleaned my own. And swept my area. Im greatful to enjoy the bermuda with beautiful people

  6. I'm Amazed says:

    Fellow Bermudians, Continue to enjoy the tradition, be safe, and have lots of fun!

  7. Squirt says:

    Nuffin but the truth. Do u have to comment stupidly every damn day bout every damn thing.
    Jeesh. Get a life mate. Go fishing, get some leg or anything. So predictable bubby.

    Night night

    • nuffin but the truth says:

      Go Squirt yourself in the eye!

  8. Coffee says:

    Great to see people enjoying paradise !

  9. glen's says:

    Enjoy people! Be safe..


  10. bda says:

    I agree it is DISGUSTING the way Bermudians leave events! Can’t say how disappointed I am after parades.

    • Hurricane says:

      I don’t support trash being left behind. I was going for years and didn’t leave mine, but It’s just some trash after a parade and gets cleaned up, shy*. You’ll get over it and end up being ok……..SMH

  11. yella says:

    HAPPY Bermuda DAY everybody. Enjoy your day. Our family is going to the beach. No Parade this year for us. Watch the runners then of to beach we go. No this is my spot I sit here every year nothing but drama. All I can do is LOL.

  12. Hey ya'll says:

    Tradition, tradition, tradition…Today is a national holiday, chill out and enjoy yourselves.

  13. squirt says:

    Next year COH will be trying to charge dollars for these spots, watch and see. Just like Cup Match…. greedy bazzerds !!!!!!
    Then we can see the folks that wanna camp out for 10 days disappear in a hurry….lmfao…10 days !!!!!! Are you xuxking serious..OMG.