Opinion Column: Magnum On PLP, Employment

May 7, 2014

[Opinion column written by One Bermuda Alliance Deputy Chairperson Karen Magnum]

After reading David Burt’s and Walter Roban’s comments on the job loss report of August, 2013, I had to smile – and write a reply.

They both obviously feel that if they can take a swing at something the One Bermuda Alliance has done, they should, no matter what they know to be the true facts.

The report did not refer to the year 2013 – it was a snapshot of what was going on in one week at the end of August of last year, just months after the OBA won the Government in December’s election.

Was it reasonable for these two men to expect we would have finished the job of repairing the damage their Government did to the economy by August? Was it reasonable to expect that by August we would have found a way of putting everybody who was out of work back to work? Of course not.

Job losses didn’t stop on the day the OBA took office. The leaks in the Government coffers didn’t stop the day the OBA took office. In August of 2013, the OBA was still trying desperately to jam on the brakes and stop the downward slide that the PLP Government had set off years before.

If there is a magic wand you can wave to undo economic damage when governments change, nobody told us about it. Nobody told the U.S.A. about it, either, or the UK, or the countries in the EU. But Mr. Burt and Mr Roban want Bermudians to believe we have had that magic wand since the election and can produce miracles overnight.

Both of these men have some background in economics – Mr. Roban worked in a bank. Mr. Burt studied finance when he was working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. You know they know better. As Bob Marley says in one of my favorite songs: “You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time”

It is the simplest and most obvious fact that full employment will only come with new capital projects and private business building projects. I think the overwhelming majority of Bermudians get that. Maybe there are some who are prepared to deny it to prove their loyalty to the “economists” of the PLP, but there can’t be many who really believe their story.

What the OBA has done during its first months in office is to work to restore the confidence in Bermuda that the PLP Government lost for us. As a result of that, the pipeline is beginning to fill with projects that, if they are successful, will create the jobs Bermuda needs.

- Karen Magnum

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  1. Terry says:

    Short. Brief. And correct.

    • Nancy says:


      The Political strategist of the OBA is at work, but is failing. Today we see the OBA attempting to use all kinds of approaches to win back the faith from the public. But, because many believed they were fooled a year ago, I do not think many will fall as quickly today for the what the government is attempting to put forward. Today what the government puts forward is only accept without question by their faithful party followers, but others like myself will question their real intentions.

      People have awaken to the false promises of the OBA. Folks have also become aware that the OBA do not have a PLAN to move Bermuda forward. Their only Plan is to keep falling back on what the PLP did or did not do. Folks are growing tried of that old line, as they are looking up to the government of the day to carry Bermuda forward. So far the government has failed to do such.

      The letter writing and articles which continue to miss the real point of what the people expect of the government, and want to hear, continues to fall short. This recent letter is nothing more than an attempt to appeal to those folks whom they need to regain their trust in them. The letter merely appeals to their already secure strong voting base whom have never changed their votes for more than over 40 years.

      The OBA continues to use the strategy of Political trickery to win the appeal of those voters whom have lost their trust in the OBA. It is not uncommon for politicians or political parties to use their faith, personality, kindness or false caring by giving out gifts,to gain political advantage, to appeal to a certain demographic. But will it work this time around?

      Recent actions by the OBA government clearly indicates that it is clear the OBA are attempting to appeal to certain folks. Many have lost the faith in the OBA based upon their past and recent political actions, policies and laws. Mostly, because the government has failed to listen or take action.

      Lastly, based upon the actions of the OBA, over the past year, I do not think folks will be so easily fooled this time around. The strategy of yesterday will not be effective today, regardless of the attempts by the OBA to fight back.

      • jt says:

        Don’t forget to breath Betty.

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          Hi Jt, you missing me….

          “OBAubp as a Wound government with no Wings to fly”

          The problem is the OBAubp can not say what their PLAN is to get our economy back kicking. So they spent time focusing on the PLP, and what they did or did not do. Folks are tried of that old story, they want actions from the current government. They want the government whom promised them so much to stand up and be accountable. What the PLP did or did not do, rings hallow in most folks minds today. They are looking to hold the OBAupb government to the wicket. OBAubp government cannot escape it, by calling out…..”PLP made me do it”……that will no long work, and folks now beginning to see “OBAubp as a Wound government with no Wings to fly”

          • Truuufff says:

            blah blah blah Batty Dump / Lavern / SherrieJ. Ya lips are moving but all we hear is blah blah blah. You and your rants are old and tired. Take a rest.

          • Kangoocar says:

            Did you forget to sign in on your ” NANCY ” computer, betty??? Also just to let you know, your jumping in at the top of the thread is annoying, rude and certainly only highlights your NONSENSE!!!!!!!!

            • BETTTY TRUMP says:

              Kangoocar, I just returned from your homeland of Australia. What a beautiful place to visit and live. I look forward to returning this summer. The Kangoocars were jumping up and down, somewhat how your doing today. But my love for you continues to grow daily.

              Love to you !!

      • anon says:

        You’re joking about who’s being easily fooled right?

      • anon says:

        Hi Betty really racking up those words per minute they’re paying you today I see. Ta-ching

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        hey Bernews…watz da chance of gettin a “delete” box…?? Like…Dislike…DELETE!!…

  2. Steve Biko says:

    It’s funny how some people , especially PoliTRICKtions Quote Bob Marley, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela etc, etc, and these same PoliTRICKtions fight against the SAME CAUSE that these Great Men lived and died for. SMFH.
    Like Bob said “De Babylon System is the Vampire, sucking the blood of the sufferer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Those words from your favorite song are from Get Up Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Rights, and that’s what us as African Descendants have been doing since we came to this beautiful Island and STILL DOING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Navin Johnson says:

      Funny from someone using the name of Stephen Biko

      • Question says:

        Hopefully Bernews will allow this comment to be posted – - –

        Please refrain from your negative posts – - we, the readers of this blog, are tired of your wasteful, useless rants.


        • Mike Hind says:

          Are you quoting someone’s post to you?

          • Question says:


            This post can be related to anyone of us, including you.

            Couldn’t just “not” reply to my post, huh?


            • Mike Hind says:

              No. That couldn’t HONESTLY be related to my posts.

              However, if you’re not honest, I suppose you might be right…

    • watching says:

      they quote these particular artists because they hope they will resonate with the demographic they are trying to fool…

    • BlueFamiliar says:

      It’ll be interesting to see who is the next person to quote one of the people you mentioned.

      But that aside, why don’t you start worrying less about having descended from those from the African continent, and start worrying more about your present as a Bermudian, and the future for upcoming generations of Bermudians.

      Yes, I know. I just painted a big old bullseye on myself but we’re supposed to use our ancestral heritage and experience as a reminder not to redo the bad and to continue with the good, not as a bat to swing when someone says something with which you might not agree.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      you cannot live in a babylon system, then shout you don’t like this or you don’t want that, you cannot enjoy all of the amenities provided by the babylonial system, then b**** n moan about how they RUN tings…you are not in charge, they are in charge, it is their game in which YOU are merely a pawn…and until you wake up…your trumpet blowing is just that…

    • Doubting Thomas says:

      @Steve Biko…Bob also sang, “you can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time”.

    • Cleancut says:

      Maybe we should start producing freedom songs like Bob Marley, Because if the PLP regain power at least we will have the same luxuries are friends have to the south, Music, Sex and freedom.

  3. Jacki Robinson says:

    are you serious?

    • anon says:

      Yup…fooled like sheeps to a slaughter. In this case it would be another slaughter

  4. flikel says:

    “nobody told us about it. Nobody told the U.S.A. about it, either, or the UK, or the countries in the EU”

    Interesting comment. The author points out the fact that many countries have suffered economic decline….in fact, she seems to acknowledge world wide economic declines.

    So….am I to believe that Bermuda’s problems are not attributed to the world wide economic decline, but blamed solely on the PLP?

    Am I to believe the UBP or OBA government would have bucked the world wide trend and isolated Bermuda from the economic malaise experienced by our major trading partners?

    If the present government has the belief that it could have chartered Bermuda safely through the world wide recession, a situation the US government called the worst economic situation since the Great Depression…..then surely, they can swiftly fix Bermuda’s economy and stop blaming their inabilities on the PLP.

    • Mike Hind says:

      No. You are not to believe this. No one is saying this.

      This is a fabrication.

      What people ARE saying is that, had the PLP done a little better at managing our finances, the worldwide economic decline might not have – and, in fact, probably wouldn’t have – affected us quite as badly as it did.

      To say that this is “blam[ing it] solely on the PLP” is a complete falsehood.

      • Question says:

        Agreed, Mike. This particular article from the OBA Deputy Chair is not a “blaming solely on the PLP” article – very true.

        It is more like a 60% blaming it on the PLP article.

        That comment is focused on the numerous previous comments/posts from OBA supporters who have indicated the “solely blaming the PLP” mantra – again, that is not the case with the specific article above.


        • Mike Hind says:

          The OBA supporters that don’t exist.

          This whole “Solely blaming the PLP” thing is, as I mentioned, a fabrication.

          • Question says:


            I must disagree with your statement. I have read on this blog previously, on more than one occasion, the ideal of “the economy and its decline was due to the negative policies of the PLP government”.

            I agree that most OBA supporters are smart enough not to make those types of statements now; however, right after the election, I cannot, in good conscience, agree.


            • Mike Hind says:

              Of course you must.

              This fabrication is one of the cornerstones of your false narrative.

      • Portia says:

        And what exactly would the UBP have done to “manage our finances” better? Because to be honest, I have never seen a report that outlines what they would have done to steer us from financial disaster. And neither have they published any figures or charts to illustrate how their plan would have saved us. So, really, the assertion that they would have done a better job is dubious at best. There’s nothing to back it up.

        Perhaps they would have cut out projects like Grand Atlantic and Loughlands. Perhaps they would have eliminated some social programs. Would that have helped? Perhaps. But then you would also have to realize that cutting out those projects would have also cut the jobs that people had in those projects; and without them the construction industry might have collapsed sooner than it did.

        Cutting spending is only half the solution; managing the money you have is half the battle – but to avoid financial trouble you need to find a way of getting the money in too. We have had an un-diversified economy for many years now, and neither adinistration effectively rectified that.

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          funny alot of foreigners live up Loughlands. Low cost houseing for Bermudians indeed ….

          LOL and it smells bad to boot

          • Anbu says:

            Dude i live at loughlands and the majority of us and i mean the vast majority are bermudian. So stop ya noise mate. If u dont live there u dont know. Nuff said

        • Mike Hind says:

          Not sure where I mentioned the UBP.
          Oh, wait. I didn’t.

          What I said was “…had the PLP done a little better at managing our finances…”

          Please address what I said, not what you wish I had said.

          It’s the only way we can have a real conversation.

          • Portia says:

            I mentioned the UBP because if the PLP had lost the election before the 2008 recession, then we would have had a UBP Governmment and it would have been their responsiblity to deal with the financial crisis. Those were the only options between political parties. Your statement called into question the performance of one party, and I rebutted by questioning whether another party (the only other option) would have fared better under the same circumstances.

            If you want to have a real conversation, you might want to try really reading and thinking about what people write, instead of this knee-jerk reaction which doesn’t even address the points I laid out.

            • Mike Hind says:

              But it has nothing to do with what I said!

              And I didn’t call it into question. I don’t think there is any denying that they didn’t do a very good job managing our money, is there?

              Whether or not someone else would have done a better or worse job isn’t part of what I wrote.

              And “knee-jerk reaction”? You might want to look up what that means.

              The points you laid out had nothing to do with the post you were responding to.

              I DID read your post and explained, clearly, I thought, that it had nothing to do with what I wrote.

              And, considering I am not, nor have I ever been, a member or supporter of the UBP, you asking what they would have done is off the mark and off topic.

              Now… how about talking about what I ACTUALLY wrote?

            • Kangoocar says:

              Let me help you once again to understand Portia, the UBP would have handled the situation way differently leading up to and during the Great Recession, first off the UBP would NOT have escalated the construction boom by starting government capital projects and that time, they would have waited until the construction slow down started to happen. ( because it always does) then they would have started the capital projects to keep the industry flowing smoothly which means the construction workers would have stayed employed!!! All the plp did is escalate the cost of construction because all the local companies were so busy they could charge what ever they wanted and they were still getting the jobs, along with this MANY foreigners were needed to be brought in to keep up with the work load, ( you know the much despised foreigners that all the plper’s dislike ) well they can thank the plp for them being here!!!! The plp once again put themselves first over everyone else!!!
              Second, when the recession hit, the plp in all their infinite wisdom ( even though they were told repeatedly not to do it ) raised the I payroll tax on the IB, can you really defend that stupid mistake?? They did that after already making the IB sector uncomfortable with their term limit BS along with that other stupid law about us Bermudians married to foreigners needing a LICENSE/PERMIT to buy property in our own country?? I could go on all day about the nonsense the plp did, I have to ask though, were the heck were you when this was all happening??? In closing I will remind you again, the UBP would have never been that stupid!!!!!!

        • Toodle-oo says:

          Sounds like you’re too young to remember what the UBP did when faced with the exact same situation in 1991.

          Most of us breezed through without even realizing that the US was in a recession.

          Just a little bit of ‘real history’ for those who don’t know but who love to make stupid remarks.

          • Dennis Williams says:

            well..not all of us… you must be joking…and you cannot compare the two…hardly the exact same situation

            • Kangoocar says:

              Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree does it Dennis??? You definitely are Alvin’s off spring aren’t you?

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          Well said Portia, your comment is Spot on. Please continue writing.

        • anon says:

          I can’t believe that a Gov. that squandered hundreds of millions and created debt that is complete unsustainable can still have people actually trying to defend them. The mind boggles at the naivity of it all. I am surprised that Bermuda really has this many complete and utter simpletons, I really am. We like to think we’re all sophisticated but apparently we’re really not.

          • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:


          • godson says:

            “Squandered?” I don’t like either party, but it MUST be acknowledged that neither party is all bad, and neither party is all good either…. The sad thing is neither party want to admit that they have/are messing up… And They have blind followers excusing their behavior, withoiut question…Many Bermudians are sophisticated, which is why you and I are online. OBA/UBP MUST ADMIT that we were affected by a reccession…-peace

            • Mike Hind says:

              I’m sorry, but when have they denied it? (And you’re letting you’re colours show when you call them the OBA/UBP… if you want to pretend to be objective, you gotta do better than that)

              And why aren’t you calling for the PLP to admit that their mismanagement and overspending had an effect, as well?

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          Perhaps Portia if the OBA had existed and had been in power, maybe it wouldn’t have increased the Payroll Tax to 16% in a poorly thought out and badly communicated budget. It was reversed a year later by the Cog, as we all know, but the damage was done. Thousands of jobs had been lost. Due to PLP arrogance and stupidity.

        • BlueFamiliar says:

          It’s a little late to be discussing what they would have done, or the possible unproveable outcomes of those actions, though it might well be an interesting discussion.

          The reality is this.

          We hit a bad recession and the Government of the day handled it badly. Not only did they handle it badly but they appeared to be ignoring just how bad things were.

          We, the Bermudian people, didn’t demand better of them. We just let it ride.

          The government of the day was the PLP.

          Now the government of the day is the OBA.

          It’s their responsibility to take what they inherited by winning the election and doing their best with it.

          The repeated statement of how bad things got under the PLP is not necessarily making excuses for what they’re doing today. It is more likely a reminder to the public and opposition that Rome wasn’t built in a day. This rebuild of our economy is going to take a while.

          I like to believe the Bermudian public is no longer willing to just let things ride. I like to believe we’re watching the actions of the present government, AND the opposition, and weighing what we’re seeing and hearing.

          I like to believe the voting Bermudian public is a lot smarter than a lot of the posters on these political stories seem to suggest.

        • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

          Portia…go and get a birdseye perspective on what 2.6 Billion Dollars is. Thats the bottom line… Trust me the UBP/OBA wouldn’t have left us with that much debt. Can anyone tell me how much debt the PLP inherited when the took over at the Helm..?

        • Doubting Thomas says:

          @Portia…the UBP never “lost” $800 MILLION! Perhaps we will never know what they would have done! However, we DO know what the PLP did AFTER they took over a country that had an economy that was doing very well.

    • Serengeti says:

      There was no ‘worldwide economic decline’. It affected some countries, and not others. Many countries continued to grow, uninterrupted. And many of the countries that were affected, were back into growth again after a year. Bermuda, on the other hand, has been in recession for 6 years.

      There are a few other countries that have done as badly, and their economies are going to take several years to correct as well.

      Why do you think Bermuda has done so much worse since 2007 than most other countries?

      • North West says:

        Where have you been living?

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          Where have you been living? He’s complely right.

      • Tough Love says:

        Name five countries that were affected by the crisis that were back to growth in a year. Are any of these as financially recognized as the US, UK and Bermuda?

        Speaking personally I could care less about non-prominent countries and how well they did, when they didn’t experience the boom prior to the bubble bursting in the first place.

        • True Love says:

          Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Sweden. All more prominent than Bermuda. All with larger populations to sustain. If Bermuda had better policies in place prior to and after 2008, the country would be in a better position today.

        • Terry says:


          Now. Growth………………….

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          USA was back to growth after a year. Canada was 9months. The UK, which you asked about, was in recession for 6 quarters.
          Other major economies affected by the crisis that were back to growth in a year? In addition to the ones others have listed, there’s Germany, Hong Kong, luxembourg, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland.

          Is that a list of “non-prominent countries” in your mind?

          Now why don’t you go back to Alaska Hall and dream up some more myths to sell the masses.

    • Portia says:

      flikel, the truth is, had the UBP been in Government when the Great Recession hit, Bermuda would have still suffered badly, if not just as much. The reason is because firstly, our economy is simply not diversified enough to bring in the kind of revenue that would have been needed to keep us afloat. Other countries have manufacturing jobs, they can export things, and they are cheaper to vacation in or do business in than Bermuda. We only had tourism and IB, and in both sectors, it just didn’t make financial sense for people to use Bermuda anyone.

      We priced ourselves out of both industries, and that was happening before the recession hit. When the market crashed and companies took defensive measures to protect their capital, it just made sense to move business to other jurisdictions that do what we do for less (and those jobs had already started moving to places like Canada, the U.S., India, etc. because tecnology now makes it possible to do those jobs there for less $$$). If you want to know where Bermuda went wrong, that report released by the World Bank last week which said that Bermuda is the 3rd most expensive country in the world, is a good indicator.

      I often hear people say that companies don’t exist to provide employees with jobs. Well, neither do they exist to keep Bermuda afloat. Their loyalty is to themselves and their shareholders. The bottom line is all they understand. It doesn’t matter how many work permits or job incentives schemes you throw at them. If at any point being here is no longer profitable or necessary to IB or tourists, they will take their business elsewhere. And that’s exactly what they did.

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        Well said again Portia, I enjoy reading your comments they are very informative and factual on most occasions.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        Here it comes.
        The”worldwide recession” myth won’t work any more, because it’s a lie, so trot out the “it couldn’t have been avoided” nonsense.

        Portia, when the Opposition was warning the PLP government about the impending financial crisis, the PLP said they were “making mischief”, they “didn’t understand” “Bermuda is different”.

        They were too stupid, arrogant and ignorant to admit they had it wrong.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      dummy cant help you thats for sure

  5. Question says:

    Again, an opinion piece written by an OBA member who is not an elected official, is not a part of the Government team, speaking for the Government. This is a sad indication that the Government CANNOT BE TRUSTED to speak for itself!

    And to further analyse the comments above, the writer does not even speak to the content of the opposition members’ comments – - just simply glossing over the “why” she feels they are incorrect or “misleading.”

    Moreover, I cannot take this opinion piece seriously when the level of respect is not even present in the writing – - – both members of the opposition, MP Burt and MP Roban, are ELECTED OFFICIALS of this country – - so why would the OBA writer not acknowledge those facts?? Making reference to “David Burt” and “Walter Roban” is not acceptable from the OBA Deputy Chairperson in 2014.

    You know better, so do better. If we want the opposition to tow the line, there is no way that we should not ask the same of the Government and their surrogate speakers – members of the OBA caucus.


    • Mike Hind says:

      Are you even remotely serious?
      Come on. This is an opinion piece, just like those from Mr. Famouss.

      This faux outrage of yours is insane. Come on.

      You’re becoming a joke.

      • Tough Love says:

        Actually Mr. Famouss does give the proper title to the members of the government as he references them.

        It is very disrespectful to not call members of parliament by their titles. Even Sherri J makes her callers call them by their titles. The least Magnum could have done was call them MPs.

        But I guess that’s how she sees them.

        • Mike Hind says:

          NOTHING to do with what I wrote.

        • Anbu says:

          In order to be addressed by title u actually have to be ” honorable”. Doesnt happen often in our politics. The dont deserve it straight up and down. Nobody in the plp or oba deserve it. Ever

      • Question says:


        “This faux outrage of yours is insane. Come on.”

        This is my call to you – - first, I never said that she is not entitled to her opinion. She totally does!!!

        But you completely ignored my post and its contents just to reply to my post – really>?

        The most important thing I mentioned in my post was this – - can you speak to this point if you choose to reply? – - my point: –

        “You know better, so do better. If we want the opposition to tow the line, there is no way that we should not ask the same of the Government and their surrogate speakers – members of the OBA caucus.”

        Can you speak to that? – I am interested in your opinion.


        • Mike Hind says:

          Nope. I’m not part of that group.

          However, I AM talking to your hypocritical faux outrage about her not having been elected.

          It’s ridiculous and I hope you know it.

          Come on.

          • Question says:

            Speak to my point please – simple request.

            Instead of making your post about me, speak to my point.


            • Mike Hind says:

              Your point is ridiculous and hypocritical and, as such, can and should be dismissed, as I did.
              That whole post was a ridiculous joke.

    • Serengeti says:

      “Again, an opinion piece written by an OBA member who is not an elected official, is not a part of the Government team, speaking for the Government. This is a sad indication that the Government CANNOT BE TRUSTED to speak for itself!”

      I see what you mean. We should stop people from stating their opinions about things. I’m going to paste this comment on the Chris Famous article. he isn’t elected either. It’s scandalous.

      • Question says:

        And I do not disagree with your statement. Post under his article, if you feel it is warranted; however, Mr. Famous does provide the relevant MPs, on both sides, their due respect.


    • BlueFamiliar says:

      Given that your response is an equivalent to Ms. Magnum’s opinion piece, could you please advise us of your political affiliations so that we can judge who can and can not be trusted to speak for themselves?

      • Question says:

        Your point of requesting my political affiliation is wasteful energy – - I have no political affiliation as I am not a member of any political party. I choose to think and speak for myself.

        Again, please show me in my post where I indicated that Mrs. Magnum does not have the right to express herself and her opinion – - I will help – it is not there. I simply have the right to disagree with parts of her opinion.


        • BlueFamiliar says:


          You missed my point.

          • Question says:

            No – I didn’t miss it – I simply chose not to reply to it.

            Simple difference.


            • Mike Hind says:

              So… It’s ok for YOU to not reply, but not for me?


              • Question says:

                Again, this should prove to all that your motives on this blog are nothing more than self serving and self indulgent.

                My post had nothing to do with you, but you just had to comment – you can call me a liar, a hypocrite and the like – but you have shown yourself to be a sad, little man with real “God” complex issues.

                But there’s the interesting part, you can continue to be the weirdo that you are – I will love you anyway and will continue to post my thoughts, feelings and opinion on the topics of the day.

                You will always be here – and I’m not going anywhere either.

                Have a great day, Mike.


            • BlueFamiliar says:

              As I said, you missed my point or you wouldn’t be belabouring my request.

              My point was that affiliation doesn’t matter. A person’s opinion is their opinion unless they are speaking in an official capacity for the affiliated group.

              Ms. Magnum was expressing her opinion, not speaking for the government. Something of which we are all entitled to do. She just gets better coverage because of her position.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      again dummy so Chris Famous speaks for who hes not electer either so what ever any answer you make for him can be applied to this lady above so your point is mute like you should be.


      • Question says:


        Your statement is simply drivel – moving on. Pleas read my post above and see what I think about post under Mr. Famous.


  6. Yawn says:


    Same drivel….

    Diferent story…

    Different day….

    We really have no imagination–thus the constant self perpetuating cycle of doing the same things with the same results.

    It would be refreshing to have new thoughts and positive forward looking ideas..maybe then–things could change…

    Sad Bermuda sad…

  7. BatDuti says:

    I worked with Mr. Roban at the bank, sometimes a nice guy, never a smart one. Easily swayed by others, and follows well. I can promise you that his time at the bank did not allow him to understand economics, even in the slightest. See the problem is not that he does not want Bermuda to do well, the problem is that he doesn’t know how, but seems to think he does. Personally I see him as one of the most dangerous types of politicians for Bermuda, because he actually believes the things he says.

    • North West says:

      LOL. But true!

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Who is more dangerous than you, to bring a personal work relationship spin to the blogs. REALLY

    • Impressive says:

      thats pretty personal and insulting, wow.

  8. Navin Johnson says:

    Shame we were subjected to Colonel Burch all of those years…he was never elected to anything either……

    • watching says:

      in the same manner Minister Fahy isn’t.

    • clearasmud says:

      By your logic we could save some money by getting rid of the Senate as non of them are elected!

      • frank says:

        I said that a long time ago
        think how much we could save

    • Cleancut says:

      Yes a huge amount of damage was caused by Col. Burch. Ask anyone in IB at the time.

  9. Huh says:

    I see that the PLP have organized another charter to Egypt including a lovely cruise on de Nile…

    • Cleancut says:

      That’s not true, the PLP camp are heading to the Playboy Mansion.

  10. swing voter says:

    around 2000 people are unemployed. Most reached that status between 2008 and 1212……this present government has been in place for 18months…..That’s a fact. Do the math, connect the dots, and STFU

  11. Looking in says:

    Who would you recommend to manage Bermuda, for your children’s sake? The One Bermuda Alliance or the PLP?Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder would say “not 14 yrs again,we cannot take it no longer”

  12. Alvin Williams says:

    Isn’t this the same OBA lady that is part of a team; Ms Jackson is the other one; who as co-vice Chairpersons who are suppose to convince the people of Bermuda what good their OBA government is doing?
    Now they are crying because her party and government have adopted a axiom as a tool of governance; ‘Promises are like pie crust made to be broken’; and are now reaping the political consequence as a result.
    So far the OBA government has alienated every one from seniors to students and they have clearly lost the trust of the people. They really did not have what is called a political honey moon with the people of Bermuda because of the policies they put in place.
    One wonders how they are going to restore that trust which they lost in the first months of taking over the reigns of government.
    Their leader is a bad example refusing to engage the people by answering questions asked by the political opposition on behalf of the people and more interested in indulging photo-opts and scripted press conferences again without answering questions. Not even a print media who is willing to indulged in selective censorship is going to protect this government from the political fallout and reality of it’s failed governance- for the Emperor truly has no clothes.

  13. Need Peace says:

    This Government is really pissing me off! Constantly complaining about the mess they inherited like someone begged them to be government! Pee or get off the toilet dammit!

    • mixitup says:

      EXACTLY! Get your collective Flippin heads from under the ‘hood’ and get on with it.. You promised BIG now deliver!!

  14. Coffee says:

    Whose opinion piece again ?

  15. Looking in says:

    Do you remember the 14 yrs of disaster to our people?

    • mixitup says:

      Where do you people continue to get this 14yrs from? If I recall up until like 2008 this Island was finacially booming…. Oh right! 14 years ago is when a ‘black’ government was voted in.. ok I get your issue now.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        It started as soon as the Dame said ‘At your own peril’ . So yeah, 14 years .

        Remember , the PLP inherited a runaway economic train that took a while to slow down. But they started working on it from day one.

      • shutthemdown says:

        now of course this is the real issue.

        so for the next 3 years all the oba/ubp will do is blame the PLP and then it will be time for them to go.

        I will be suprised if they create 1 job OVER their current losses.

        So all they can do is blame the PLP, thats all they got, but they do own the media.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Not even remotely true.

        But you keep fanning the flames of racial intolerance. See how much good that does for our island.

        Come on. Do better.

        • Evie says:

          Do you remember going to the movies when u were younger little theater where did you sit upstairs or downstairs

          who feels it knows don’t tell me what i feel is not real that was not so long ago

        • Evie says:

          Do you remember going to the movies when u were younger little theater where did you sit upstairs or downstairs

          who feels it knows don’t tell me what i feel is not real that was not so long ago

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            who fu399 cares that was the past and is hardly the present or future…..


  16. Hopeful says:

    I am tired of the references to what the previous government may have, or may not have done. I am more interested to hear what ideas can be implemented to ensure everyone’s survival on the island. I witness everyday the impact of unemployment or trying to survive on a low income. We have alot of social problems as a result of this. Unfortunately, the people who are getting by, or who are not struggling are unable to really relate, because truly, unless you have really ‘walked in their shoes’ how would you know how they are feeling.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Yet they try to relate to those they know not every day on every subjuct. One thing is for sure they hve wild imaginations. They could all be fantascy writers in fact do that you might get rich………….

      LOL he who feels it knows it ha these lot have no feelings so they know nothing just party pride