Photos: Perinchief Wins 2014 Alpha Beautillion

June 11, 2014

The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Epsilon Theta Lambda Chapter hosted its 13th annual Alpha Beautillion on Sunday [June 8] with Berkeley’s Ryan Robinson Perinchief winning first place, securing a $5,000 bursary.

The Alpha Beautillion is a rite of passage program for high school male seniors designed to inspire and stimulate academic excellence, community service, learning, and leadership development. Each year, exceptional male senior students are selected from Bermuda’s public and private schools to participate in this mentorship program.

Alpha Beautillion Bermuda, June 8 2014-37

Competing against Mr. Perinchief were Torian Hill from the Bermuda Institute, Caleb Darrell from CedarBridge Academy, Zachary Cole Kawaley-Lathan from Saltus Grammar School, and Khaleb Tota from Warwick Academy.

Over the past seven months, these five young men participated in several fraternity programs and community initiatives.

These programs included the Math Attack Program at Dellwood Middle School, which assists M1 male students with mental mathematics in English and foreign languages, and engaging in extensive community service activities at the Matilda Smith-Williams Residence Home.

Alpha Beautillion Bermuda, June 8 2014-50

During the Beautillion, each Alpha Beau presented an oratorical speech, displayed his talent, and answered an impromptu question on a current event. One of the highlights of the evening was the Alpha Beaus’ participation in a Step Show exhibition.

As the first place winner, Ryan Perinchief received a $5,000 bursary, with the second place winner receiving $3,000, the third place winner $2,000, and both of the other participants $1,000.

All five Beaus will participate in a Leadership Development Institute at St. John’s University in Long Island, New York, sponsored by the Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.

Alpha Beautillion Bermuda, June 8 2014-15

Speaking after event, winner Ryan Perinchief said, “I don’t even know what to say; I’m just absolutely thrilled. We all had a great night and what I think we will all miss the most about this six month long program is the camaraderie it creates between all the contestants.

“Torian, Khaleb, Zack, Caleb, and I have all become great friends as a result of the Alpha Beautillion and I’m excited to see where it takes us all from here. Personally, I’d like to give a huge thank you to my parents, family, friends, and Berkeleyites who came out to support the Alpha Beautillion this year.

Alpha Beautillion Bermuda, June 8 2014-53

Ryan added, “One thing all the contestants mentioned was that the crowd was awesome and it was just what we needed to push that nervousness aside and represent all of our schools well.

“Special shoutouts go to Precious Smith, Marquedelle Rodriguez, Andria Francis, The Midland Heights Crew, and Ms. Shalane Dill and Ms. Keisha Douglas of The Berkeley Institute.

“Overall, it was a humbling experience and I wish to thank Alpha Phi Alpha and all the sponsors for putting together such a positive program for future young males to learn from and look forward to.”

A former Youth Premier, Ryan presently serves as the head boy of Berkeley, is an active member of the St. John Ambulance Brigade, and has represented the island at the United Nations International School Conference in New York and the Pan-American Schools Debate in Mexico.

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  1. Its About Time says:

    Congratulations Ryan. Congratulations Alpha Phi Alpha. Congratulations Bermuda! This was another excellent reminder that there is still a bright future for our country! We need to rally around events like this. Come on Bermuda, lets celebrate our young men!

    • Tell me again says:

      Congrats to the organizers, parents and especially to Ryan who has such a bright future.

  2. um um says:

    Congrats to all participants and well done Berkeley! All the young men did an awesome job. Those speeches, too…wow.

  3. Tricks are For Kids says:

    Congrats to ALL participants…..Ryan was AWESOME!!! I agree with ‘um um’ the speeches were off the hook and it is my hope that some of the “Powers that be” were in attendance and take heed to what the FUTURE of Bermuda had to say………#proudaunt

  4. PBanks says:

    Congrats to these young fellas. Keep striving for excellence. We need to see this event grow and prosper.

  5. Just Me says:

    This was my first time attending the Beautillon and I enjoyed it tremendously. Ryan’s win made it all the better because he truly deserved it :) Well done to all the young men, you should all be proud of yourselves for participating in this program. Congrats again Ryan! MHC!!



  7. Patrick Tannock says:

    Excellent News!!!

    Well done and congratulations Ryan!!! I had the privilege of meeting you a few weeks ago. With young men like you the future looks bright!

    I must also express my congratulations to your parents and commend them on how they have fuelled your aspirations and acknowledge the values they have installed in you and the support they have provided you over the course of your journey!

    Keep up the good work and remember we all have a duty to share our knowledge and success to help others!

    No pressure but you are now on the radar screen and Bermuda will be watching closely as you continue your impressive journey!

    You get out of it what you put into it! With young men like you the future looks bright!!

  8. Nostra says:

    Well done to the five young men who were showcased. They put on an awesome show and their family, friends, and schools should be proud. Bermuda should be proud. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. One of the best and I’ve been to a few.

  9. I'm Amazed says:

    It was an amazing night and the performance by Ryan throughout the night was nothing short of Outstanding! His preparation and research on the speech topic was clearly evident, and let’s not talk about ‘The Revolution will not be Televised”! It was truly a ‘WOW’ moment! The added feather in the cap was the impromptu question. Amazing!!! Another highlight was the salsa dancer – he was very good! All of the young men are to be congratulated, even if nerves did get the best of a few. It can’t be easy to get up in front of a crowd, but the positive feedback, cheers and claps had to be a source of encouragement for them. Keep up the great work young men, and continue to press forward – you are all on the right track! Congratulations Ryan – your win was well earned and deserved, and congratulations to each of the other contestants and all of your families. Well Done! Other media – where are you????