People’s Campaign May 2014 Public Evaluation

June 20, 2014

The People’s Campaign for Equality, Jobs & Justice released a “Public Evaluation” for May 2014, which they said seeks to assess the Government and the Opposition through public evaluations.

“Public evaluation will allow the People’s Campaign to evaluate how effective those who sit in the House of Parliament are in addressing the issues raised by the people,” the document notes.

The full May 2014 Public Evaluation is below [PDF here]

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  1. Blue Familiar says:

    It took me a couple minutes to figure this out. This isn’t the public’s evaluation, it’s the Campaign’s evaluation made public.

    • Black Soil says:

      Looks like Marc Bean will be replaced with either Terry Lister or Kim Wilson.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Well done the “People’s Campaign for Equality, Jobs and Justice” the report card is a great idea and effective way to measure the performance of the government. I am very pleased with it ! Keep it up ! I am also glad that this group is moving the people’s agenda forward.

      “But there was very little legislation passed that promotes people and progresses people in Bermuda — and we would like to see the Government’s budgets more aligned with the expectations of the people.” Thanks also to Senator Rabain for pointing this out.

      I am sure the Opposition PLP hears your call, and will step up more to ensure that it does an even more effective job in “bringing the people’s expectations to the forefront and reminding the Government they serve the people.”

      Well done, and Thanks !!

      • Wazzzzz Up says:

        Is anyone surprised that Betty was one of the first to reply to a PLP / BIU / “people campaign” announcement with such praise?

        Betty, do really think that people don’t know that you benefit from / work for the PLP /BIU?

        You replying is about as predictable as Laverne supporting every BIU surprise wildcat strike.

        You have a group of people here that claim to speak on behalf of the people and want them to get jobs. At the same time he throws two wildcat strikes in one week.

        Please, Chris stay focused – get your own financial affairs in order, run a successful business, lead by example, and then talk to the government about your bright ideas.

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          The People Campaign is an active group of Bermuda’s People, They will success without you and the others. It is expected that some will follow, and others will not. It is about the people. If I am apart of it or not, does not matter, as it will continue to push the agenda for the thousands of folks whom marched and stands behind the movement. So Really it unfortunate that you take such a position. I rather encourage it, rather than attempt to defeat it !!

          To surprise you, I am not apart of it, but now that you suggesting it, I think I will join and become actively involved. Thanks for your suggestion.

    • ole Onion says:

      Three things I don’t like !! You shouldn’t either !!!
      1 Lies from lawyers
      2 Tricky Politician
      3 Chefs as Accountants
      We need to up our standards of debate for solutions! If we’d just stop practicing white supremacist’s ways & be real to both sides of the coin ….. ……. ….. …. .. !

  2. Anon says:

    You mean “Some People’s Campaign” because they sure don’t represent anything I stand for.

    • Redo says:

      Exactly! These people don’t speak for me, that’s for sure!!!

      • Steve Biko says:

        Just like de O.B.A./ubp don’t speak for average working Bermudians !!!!!!!!!!!

        • Come Correct says:

          What did the PLP do for them, Madumbo? Seems like a lot more confidence in the economy these days, which benefits every class. If your life is so sh***y did you ever consider you might be the issue and not ANY governing party? Sad little pric you are.

        • Hmmm says:

          Yes they do

    • smh says:

      Anon–just goes to show how childish you are, if you elected or didn’t elect oba, you should be concerned about how the government operates as well as legislation pending or not in house of assembly, but if you are a racist(white supremeist) than I can see how you wouldn’t be interested in Everyone!

  3. Joonya says:

    Where was this during the 14 year failure? Oh ya dats right their mates were in power.

    • Ian says:

      How is it Bermuda experienced its most rapid period of growth during “14 year of failure”??

      • Hmmm says:

        Rapid spending increases , they threw all our money, dipped into pension funds and borrowed like the world was ending…..Rapid growth..boom and bust management of the economy. Ian, if you can’t see that the PLP were useless at managing the economy, then you need to go study basic economic, the relationships between fiscal and monetary policy and apply them to Bermuda.

        Wake up for your own sake.

        • Ian says:

          While your account of things is hardly accurate, for starters you should recognize that GDP growth has a few more components than Government Spending… Namely Consumer Spending, Private Investment and Net Exports (if you want to count that)… There was tons of investment in everything from small businesses like new restaurants to new (re)insurance carriers becasue the GLOBAL ECONOMY was seemingly doing pretty “good”. albeit red-lining behind the scenes. As for consumer spending, how are you going to talk about government borrowing when people here were doing it like there was no end in sight to the propsperity and banks where lending same way??? REMEMBER OR AMNESIA O’CLOCK for you?? I can assure you mate, you’re the one that needs some awakening… I rise with the sun every day.

          • Hmmm says:

            Well done on finding something to do with GDP economic formulae. You didn’t seem to grasp it though.

            The rest of your post is just drivel.

            Like I said, go study economics and the relationships between Monetary policy and fiscal policy.

            Go check out stagflation (PLP managed us into that)

  4. Starting Point says:

    I look forward the the Peoples Campaign statement that condemns the BIU for risking the jobs of countless hundreds of Bermudians through the illegal strike by its transport workers.

    The wildcat strikes have resulted in no pay for marine and ports workers, lost revenues and therefore potential job losses for retail in Hamilton, Lost revenues for tour operators, beach concessions. All hard working Bermudian job categories that have been adversely affected by the walkouts.

    I can only assume that an organization formed to protect Bermudian jobs will have a very strong statement against the union in this instance…..

    LOL – it was hard for me to write without laughing, trust me.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Where is the Peoples’ Campaign and PLP condemning this action by Bermudians that is damaging the employment of Bermudians? By their silence they agree with this, so there should be no surprises when more jobs start to disappear and more become unemployed.

  5. in the know says:

    Sounds like the tea party has set up on the lovely paradise of Bermuda

  6. hmmm says:

    So this is a Scorecard pretending to be unbiased that in fact is solely intended to try and win favour for the otherwise proven disaster known as the PLP.

    i.e To trick Bermudians

    You ought to be ashamed.

    • Ian says:

      Funny you say that while its truly on the basis you understand how the OBA works to fool Bermudians. We ALL know at this point their very existence is through a strategy [reduced to writing] that was designed to trick Bermudians into believing they are something other than the former UBP. Christ, especially with the recent ‘removal’ of their surrogate Premier and the other surrogates leading up to that ‘checkmate’. The OBA is an insult the intelligence of so many, including their own supporters.

      • hmmm says:

        The Peoples campaign point to a utopia that just doesn’t and won’t exist ever.

        Everyone should have a job
        Everyone should be able to earn enough to afford a certain standard of living.

        We all agree on that, but the world isn’t perfect.

        There are 50+ jobs advertised on bermudajobsboard, so it appears that if you want a job then there are opportunities out there.
        that’s just looking at the one location too.

        People don’t hand out jobs, you have to go find them, this Govt has made it easier to do that than ever.

        Being unemployed is stressful, I’ve been there. Whilst unemployed I saw my “job” as doing everything I could to find, apply for, and get a job. I never waited for things to fall in my lap, because it doesn’t work like that.

        Independence is absolutely not wanted by the people. How many times does it have to be said. the PLP came up with no positives except pride. Well pride comes before a fall. The negatives were abundant. Now this group are supporting Independence. they are truly out of touch with the people.

        • Ian says:

          This Govt has made it easier to do that than ever??? Thats laughable. This Govt has made life easier for foreigners/work-permit-holders, PRC holders and foreign capital FIRST AND FOREMOST. I agree entirely people need to get off their a$$e$ and look for jobs if in need of one. But don’t kid yourself into believing this is somehow an easier exercise now that the OBA is power. If you haven’t noticed things have been getting worse economically. While you people are focused on the woes and inconveniences of foreigners and PRC-holders, real Bermudians with deep roots here are experiencing continued job losses, home foreclosures and challenges paying for the likes of utilities and school feels. The OBA and its cheerleaders perspective and [emphasis all of a sudden] on “Human Rights” is grossly misplaced. As for independence, it is a people-who-support-independence thing, NOT a PLP thing. Heck, John Swan was openly supporting it!

      • ole Onion says:

        So true so true !!!

  7. Alvin Williams says:

    All-right there is a great divide in Bermuda and I for one will not waste time claiming that there is ground for dialogue or a common agenda. I will defend what is mine; let the chips fall were they may.

    • Sad says:

      You’re persistent subtle threats of violence and civil unrest make you the biggest anti-bermudian on this pier of 21 square mile rock

      • smh says:

        No- actually subtle takeover, death by a thousand cuts is much worst..oba deception, their first Premier quitting along with AG, the lack of transparency, communication with electorate and broken promises make this race neck and neck with plp, and oba have not even been in power for two years, Pathetic is all I can say, with all the gate spectacles.. Northgate is the last gate I wanna see cracked.. we aint seeen nothing yet.

        • Onion says:

          You mean like the PATI law that is finally being implemented 18 months into the OBA term after the PLP sat on it for 10 years without doing it?

          You keep using that word “transparency” but I don’t think it means what you think it means.

          • aceboy says:


          • smh says:

            onion–You don’t know what anyone thinks!I know exactly what transparency means–to see right through something, and sometimes it is used facetiously by non-melinated people to suggest that they are transparent in one way,ie-that you can see the veins right through them, coz skin is like tissue and can see blood rushing in them coz it shows red, that is transparent in one sense then if you want to play semantics we can go to etomology, i know how some people love to play with words!Pati should have been first on the table to be discussed but it was more important for oba (and yes plp did same thing), make sure people with permanent residency get heard even though they did not vote and had nothing to do with the process!both parties felt more expediency towards paper bermudians than they do of their own electorate!

            • hmmm says:

              Wow nasty racist comment! Maybe you shook your head too much !!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Ian says:

                Its amazing how people like you don’t see the irony in how its “people like you” that freely and self-righteously throw around words like racist. Do you even have a genuinely close relationship with a black person. Like most folks that fall in your bucket, using that word, I suspect the answer would be NO if you were honest with yourself.

                • Hmmm says:

                  You assumed wrong. Wake up Ian. Sad that you are so full of hate.

                • Rick Rock says:

                  Ian, fair’s fair. You have to admit it.
                  You’re a sour, vile, evil little racist.

            • Come Correct says:

              Semantics like, skin is not like tissue, it is tissue since its an organ and the fact you can’t see red blood pumping through people because it’s blue until its completely exposed to oxygen? Silly racist.

              • Ian says:

                There it is again! More white, OBA supporters ironically claiming their word racist as their own at ever opportunity possible… How many genuinely close black friendships do you have “Come Correct”?

                • SMH says:

                  What a sad, pathetic, little human being you are Ian. If everyone in the world thought like you, we’d still be living in caves and beat each other with clubs

                  • Ian says:

                    I love how you guys so predictably resort to name calling, WITHOUT FAIL, when confronted with the questions that force you to take a closer look in the mirror…

                • Come Correct says:

                  1. Show me where I support the oba.

                  2. Enough to know you’re an idiot.

                  • Ian says:

                    Oh look… More name calling. Notice how I don’t do that. Funny considering I’m probably significantly younger than you.

                    • Come Correct says:

                      What’s funny is you trying to tell other people about their lives and relationships. You going to address my first point that you constantly ask others to do?

        • HMS says:

          @Smh and the People’s Campaign, where WAS and IS you voice when it came to the following?

          Grand Atlantic?
          $800 million is unaccounted for dollars?
          Bermuda Cement Co deal?
          Berkeley // Proactive / BIU?
          TCD deal not going out to tender?
          Bda Emissions deal?
          Tuckers Point SDO?
          Faith Based Tourism?
          Beyoncé Concert?
          AG’s report on person expenses paid for with the peoples money?
          Cedar Beams?
          Dame Lois Building?
          Coco Reef lease / gift?
          SDO at Vesey Street
          PLP minister forgot to sign the Cruise Ship contract?
          Cruise ship pier deal, overspending, gift contract and poor Taxi being forced to install GPS. Who were the “true” beneficiaries”?
          Club Med destruction for hotel that never happened?
          Closing down of St. Georges Golf Course?
          T-Street – Bda Housing Corporation Scandal
          Illegal Lottery – nope nobody resigned there
          Online Swizzle Sales without license?
          Ganja Tea?
          LED light mess up in Govt offices ?
          Quigars deal?
          BIU – 11 years behind on their legal obligation to file financials statement?
          “We had to deceive you”
          Fast Ferry Deal?
          Global Hue contract?
          Hiring of the late Jullian Hall as a legal consultant at the same time he was consulting the BIU during the bond arbitration with government?
          Whites island gift lease to friends?

          • Ian says:

            Lol! That is so desperate.

            • Funny says:

              But yet so true.

            • Hmmm says:

              It is sad that you find actions that the PLP took that put us in the hole so funny Ian.

              Do you hate Bermuda and Bermudians ?

        • Wazzzzz Up says:

          @SMH you complain about OBA replacing a premier and transparency. However, you fail to mention that your own PLP had lets see – how many leaders in a 10 year period. Alex Scott, Jennifer Smith, Dr. Brown , Paula Cox?

          One of those “transparent” leaders you so admire was anything but transparent and admitted to being untruthful in order to be elected! I believe he said something like “we had to deceive you”. Yet, you kept him in power?!

    • Onion says:

      We do have a common agenda.

      To destroy that potential for common ground by promoting the PLP and trying to undermine the OBA will not advance that agenda whatsoever.

  8. Unbelievable says:

    I just read it. Their Manifesto is fine. It’s all what we want but how do you pay for some of these things?
    The re-write of some of the past comments made by MPs aren’t really that important in my view.

    Is this socialism?

  9. Ringmaster says:

    This movement needs to understand where Bermuda is headed. It is clear to most that the BIU are currently the most anti Bermudian entity with their illegal strike actions that cause extreme inconvenience to workers and visitors. When the Hamilton Princess management did not adhere to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the BIU called their members out. When the ferry workers did not adhere to the Collective Bargaining Agreement the workers went on strike. One rule for some and none for others. Those Bermudians, BIU and BPSU members who think they will defend what they have will soon see they have nothing. Sad that they can’t see it is their brothers, sisters and colleagues who will be their own downfall.

    • Impressive says:

      So when an agreement is not adhered to, is that not cause for the entity that represents the workers to stand up for them and demand more??? just asking

      • Ringmaster says:

        My point was, and in retrospect not well set out, was that when the Hamilton Princess was accused of not following the CBA and made 7(?) people redundant many of the BIU came out on strike, not just the Hamilton Princess workers so these others were now in breach of their CBA. The BIU demanded the Hamilton Princess to adhere to the CBA, but clearly not the non involved BIU workers who broke any CBA by joining in. Where was the compliance with the CBA this week when the ferries went on strike for the morning? The workers can apparently break any CBA without penalty and the BIU Executive support them.

        • Impressive says:

          Point taken, Double standards is double standards, and I am not to the type to argue a point just because it supports my view. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

  10. Onion says:

    Hm… positive quotes by PLP members and quoting an OBA member quote critical of the party.

    No question now that this just a PLP front group.

    Shame that the PLP didn’t seem to care about equality, jobs, or justice when they were in power.

  11. Red eye says:

    The peoples campaign is 7years to late as far as um concerned!

  12. jt says:

    Who’s evaluating the People’s Campaign for Just-us?
    They should also carry out an evaluation of the biu…aren’t they also for the people?

  13. Chaos Theory says:

    I didn’t realize the PLP had changed their name and changed their colour to red.

    Nice to see it actually confirmed.

  14. aceboy says:

    Who is FUNDING this?

    • SMH says:

      Obviously the BIU and the PLP and is being paid for from money off people’s backs

      • Wazzzzz Up says:

        You can never prove that the BIU has always been 10+ years behind on their financials.

  15. Ian says:

    Reading these comments, its no wonder black Bermudians have an easier time getting on with white foreigners than they do their own white countrymen. Many white Bermudians find themselves entrenched in an old school mentality as it relates to who black Bermudians are and how they feel about things. And while its obviously not the case in all instances its so common that white Bermudians choose not to fully grasp the concerns of their black ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ simply due to knee-jerk processing’s of deep rooted suspicion, paranoia, anterior motive and a get-back-at-whitey agenda. As a mixed raced Bermudian, I experience it myself. And its deep and somewhat of a spectacle how far it goes. I have experienced countless instances where views have been shared with white Bermudian associates and while they can fully ‘empathize’ with everything you’re saying to your face, its so obvious their way of processing me as a colored Bermudian limits that empathy to little more than superficial social interaction. In general, I feel way more comfortable and accepted as an equal interacting with most white foreigners that stricken with the disease of this islands past [and present] racially divisive dynamics. And it won’t change anytime soon which is why it comes as no surprise the responses I see here to a groups’ [NOT BLACK/PLP GROUP] efforts to put a good foot forward in the interest of expressing the sentiments our community that is not going anywhere.

    • huh says:

      Feelings are not facts. Suggest you look inside yourself and honestly assess your own deep seated attitudes and feelings towards those that don’t look or think like you. We are all unique, just like everyone else. Have a great day. Peace, Love and respect to all.

      • Ian says:

        There you guys go again with that “people who look like me” stuff. All you’re doing is further supporting the validity of my comments above. You actually believe thats the starting point for how colored Bermudians interact with people – whether they “look like me”. And its so ironic given the tendency that most white Bermudians who make those assertions don’t have a single genuine friendship with a black person. And I have seen that from experience. This Peoples Campaign bunch have been very above board in representing real concerns of real Bermudians. This island, as has been the case as of recent under this government, doesn’t revolve solely around the woes of foreigners and PRC-holders.

        • Funny says:

          What’s a real Bermudian?

        • GOD1ST says:

          Who are the “real Bermudians” .Secondly what do you consider to be “real concerns ?”

    • SMH says:

      …???? When did colour come into this or were you just waiting for an excuse to bring it up…..again?

      • Ian says:

        Be for real SMH. Thats all things in Bermuda are about. Look at the comments of the people here speaking negatively against the Peoples Campaign. Clearly they are white OBA supporters that view the PC as a bunch of PLP folks trying to trick them into empathizing with their cause. Its so obvious to anyone that has been here long enough to understand the dynamics yet folks continue playing the denial game in a desperate attempt to fit the world to their understanding of it.

        • Huh says:

          Glad to see that Ian and Betty are enlightening other folks on their perceptions of the People’s Campaign. To me, from their pronouncements they come across as very mixed bag with bits National Socialism, bits of Communism/Marxism and bits of Tea Party. The leaders appear to be very politically ambitious and with PLP in disarray the door is wide open for the them to effectively take over PLP Branches and do to Marc Bean what he did to Terry Lister in 2012.

        • Funny says:

          If the didn’t want to be viewed as a PLP surrogate group then they should have refrained from chanting “PLP,PLP,PLP” when they marched on parliament.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Thanks for sharing Inn, I am pleased to hear your perspective, it is honest and refreshing. Keep speaking.

  16. Huh says:

    WOW, The PLP promoting, xenophobic political action committee now know as the Bermuda Tea Party completely ignoring BIU members knee-jerk economic chaos behaviour & 14 years of PLP while quoting every available recent economic negative statistic. Investors/employers/lenders/entrepreneurs read this stuff and quickly change their minds about setting up/growing/investing/lending in this negative swill of confusion and chaos. You can see what these guys are up to. They do NOT want job creation, investment, business growth, economic expansion because they know if this DOES happen in a meaningful way OBA will be re-elected and their beloved PLP won’t be able to get back in for at least 5 more years!

    • Impressive says:

      xenophobic, tea party and the other phrases that are common in the community or on television nowadays, smh.. I wish people would think for themselves and stop catching the latest phrase to express their biased views.

  17. Impressive says:

    It should also be noted that not one of the critics of this group has addressed the points raised in the document above, not one.. However as usual, many people attacking the group for who they represent and their intentions, but disregard what they are saying,, lol..

  18. bluebird says:

    Now what this is about is…..
    We want less work we want more pay we want to retire early.
    But they cant figure out who is going to pay for this as we are only borrowing $276Million per year to keep the Goverment afloat.
    The day of reconing is in the future and the DEBT COLLECTOR will collect.

  19. GOD1ST says:

    The “People’s” campaign simply refuse to go out and create jobs.

  20. Shirley Richardson says:

    For those people who continue to trash the People’s Campaign, I say poor you. if some of you believe that the march of 3000 people was the
    doing of the PLP, well you’re wrong. the march was made up of everyday hard working, some unemployed, senior,s children,both black and white,
    and even some foreigners .

    In fact if it were not for people standing up for equality,justice and truth, we would still be in slavery,there would still be segregation,and the Portuguese people would still be indentured servants, in this country. So for all the bloggers, who continue to denigrate and criticize the people’s campaign, I can only say to you learn the history of this country, but most of all be thankful for those folks, who have put their lives on the line, so that you can exercise, FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Now I’ll wait for the haters response.

    • Riley B King says:

      Well you’re hardly an impartial commentator yourself.
      This is just another PLP / BIU group. We can all see right through it. Deny it all you want, it just makes you look silly.

      • Ian says:

        Shirley, as you can see Riley’s comments here further support the views I shared above concerning how certain peoples’ insistence on how they understand colored Bermudians think prevents them from thinking outside of that context and seeing bigger pictures. We’re all a bunch of PLP/BIU loving, uneducated, lazy, foreigner hating bigots/”racists”/xenophobes and [lately] Marxists/Socialists/Communists! Lol!

      • Shirley Richardson says:

        Riley You met my expectations, the hater has spoken, and you still didn’t address the issue. It is quite obvious that you’re
        not impartial. Like so many others, just because you have eyes, and ears, does not mean you have a vision or an understanding of the message of the People’s campaign.

        As for me being silly, here’s a quote for you.” HE THAT IS VOID OF WISDOM DISPISES HIS NEIGHBOUR , BUT A MAN OF UNDERSTANDING HOLDS HIS PEACE.” (PROVERBS 11,12)

        • Rick Rock says:

          So why don’t you throw that phrase to Ian, Shirley? Oh wait a minute he can throw around his racist hate speech because – oh yeah, that again. “It’s ok when we do it”…standard PLP operating procedure.

          • Ian says:

            Rick Rock, please explain how I am a racist. I’ve been trying to figure it out every since it became the word of the day for folks here that have the nerve to believe they are qualified to throw it around. Discount at Masters on mirrors for those interested…

    • Funny says:

      Guess you guys shouldn’t have chanted “PLP” when you got to the House then.

      Usually so called impartial groups don’t chant partisan slogans.

      Just saying.

      But they do have some decent proposals while some are just way off target.

    • Girl on Fire says:

      I am Bermudian. I disagree with several points of the People’s Campaign. Some points I think everyone would agree to, such as having quality healthcare and justice for all. But some points I fundamentally disagree with, and would disagree with them no matter who or what group is marching.

      I cannot support an income tax system. Bermudians are already heavily taxed. The government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. The size of the civil service is unsupportable for an island this size. Government employs nearly twice as many people as IB, yet IB brings in 95% of our revenue. It is not logical or rational to expect the private population to support government bloat. I cannot and will not support more taxes. And frankly, I don’t have to. If I’m going to pay more in taxes, I will move somewhere where I will benefit from those taxes – rather than what we currently have: an unstable civil service/union which strikes without warning, a broken public education system, crumbling infrastructure, and ministers that spend all their time trash talking each other. No thanks. Given that I’m a qualified professional, I can work anywhere in the world. And whilst you may not care at all about me, you should know that pretty much any qualified professional can do the same. I cannot tell you the number of people who are in my position and would simply move. Who exactly would you have left to tax? Also, most people don’t keep their assets in Bermuda, so you’re not going to have much wealth to tax, except on property, which is ALREADY taxed.

      Also, there are lots of opportunities for advanced education. The problem is that many scholarships are not awarded each year due to lack of qualified candidates. If you can’t meet the qualifications to even apply for a scholarship, why are you asking me to pay for your education? Shouldn’t you at least hold up your end of the bargain?

      The livable wage is a difficult concept to put into practice. I think most of the campaign’s supporters fail to understand that increasing wages increase our cost of living. Once you’ve applied income tax, you now have LESS money to buy MORE expensive items. That hardly sounds like a promising solution. If I am paying out more in taxes, I have less money to spend in your shop. If you are paying your store clerks more money, you’re going to have make those goods more expensive. When prices increase, demand falls. So less workers are needed, more people are unemployed – more taxes are needed, etc. A vicious cycle where the middle class gets eliminated and the upper class move to calmer waters. Be careful what you wish for.

  21. cromwell says:

    When you look at the professional expensive material and organization you must answer Aceboy who asked who is paying for the Peoples Campaign!

    If its the Union that one thing if its a PLP/BIU front organization its another issue. Its possible since its a left wing socialist agenda we could be seeing the beginning of a new breakaway party party starting from former PLP supporters!!

  22. Jo Blo says:

    Sad times we live in. 2014 and the vast majority are still stuck in an age of viewing life and those in it with binary goggles. Your either this or that, PLP or OBA, black or white, foreigner or Bermudian etc… How is it THAT difficult to recognize the complexities that make our lives so interesting and beautiful.

    As a black Bermudian I have met foreigners I think deserve a place here over certain fellow Bermudians. And conversely, Bermudians I think deserve a place here over known dodgy foreigners. I have met white women I considered marraige material over black women I felt are not and black women I felt were marraige material over whites I know.

    People need to realize it is about the individual not this archaic perspective on things where the basis of understanding is lumping folks into groups and passing judgement. You’re no more civilized than the town idiots of Ye Ole England wielding pitch forks and torches at a monster they could blame their problems on.

    People that have the courage to speak up on public platforms deserve to be repsonded to and engaged with respect and reason. And that be whether they are members of the Peoples Campaign, those on the front lines of Government, those on the front lines of Opposition or the leaders in our commercial space.

    Anything less than a collaborative effort between these groups amounts too little more than crabs in a bucket. Bermuda does not have the luxury of flirting the implications of that approach.