Live Updates: Gathering At House Of Assembly

May 15, 2015

[Updating] Following the release of the Aecon/CCC/Government emails, the People’s Campaign have called upon all Bermudians to “make their voices heard” today [May 15] beginning at 9:00am at the House of Assembly “demanding that all persons involved be held fully accountable.”


In 2014, Minister Richards announced that Government reached an agreement with Canadian Commercial Corporation [CCC] to build a new airport terminal, which would cost in the “range of $200 million.”

The agreement has been strongly criticised by the Opposition over the past few months who have said, “Bermuda deserves better than privatisation through the back door without a tender process.”

The People’s Campaign recently released over 2,000 pages of emails showing correspondence between Aecon, CCC and the Government over the contract to develop the new airport terminal.

Finance Minister Bob Richards has strenuously denied accusations levied against him by the People’s Campaign, saying the “notion that somehow we were doing some sort of deal with Aecon before we met and dealt with CCC is nonsense” and the “idea that somehow we had some sort of plot or collusion is ludicrous,” adding that “there is nothing that we have done that has not been according to the book.”

The Opposition have taken a different view, saying “these documents prove collusion to extract over a billion dollars from Bermuda in the form of a no-bid contract,” and the deal was “tainted from the start,” with Shadow Minister of Finance David Burt saying the “Minister of Finance is unquestionably compromised” and “the path now leads only to his resignation or removal and the termination of this entire shameful affair.”

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  1. Thanks for this live up-date at the H.o.A. today Bernews.

    • “Revenge isn’t a passion, it’s a disease and unfortunately many are inflicted…”

      • By the way, the photo depicts P.L.P. all the way and not true representatives of the, “people of Bermuda”

        Take note of picture above…
        Shadow Minister of Finance talking with the People’s Campaign leaders prior to going in the House :-(

    • Mockingjay says:

      Looking at SpongeBob’s Fuzzieness pic he’s saying ” Well when I last saw it was this long”

      • Barracuda says:

        what he was actually saying was , “this is how long Marc Bean will be in charge of the PLP” LMSFAO

  2. SpinCycle says:

    So when exactly will the new BRIA (Bob Richards International Airport) be started, and completed?

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Around mid 2019.

    • Encyclopedia says:

      What puzzles me is CCC says they met the Minister for the first time in Aecon’s office while the Minister says that CCC brought Aecon to him and that is when he met Aecon for the first time.

      On this very specific and limited point, the Minister is not telling the whole truth. Why is that?

      • TonyC says:

        Quite straightforward explanation (it may not be correct, but is an explanation). The Minister could have had Aecon “brought to him” as an entity by CCC, yet the physical meeting was held in Aecon’s offices.

        I genuinely believe that this is being blown out of all proportion by an opposition party desperate to find something, anything. Let’s face it, if they had spent a little money on maintaining the airport we already have, instead of blowing it all on popstars, then we wouldn’t need a new airport now.

        • Mockingjay says:

          Trying to explain a lie is always interesting.

        • 32n64w says:

          The meeting was held at the offices of CIBC, the Government’s financial consultant.

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          Not true, the airport is falling apart due to the age of many of it’s systems and even its very physical infrastructure, the construction at the time it was built, was even than of a very basic utilitarian design and construction, as I believe that it was built under the pervue was of the US Air Force for Bermuda to use as a civil air terminal. In fact it was owed and operated under the US until only the mid nineties.

      • JD says:

        So as I understand it CCC is there to act as a government to government facilitator for overseas infrastructure projects involving Canadian firms, like Aecon.

        Aecon became aware of the Bermuda Airport project after reading the Minister’s public statements and contacted CCC about it. Nothing unusual there, CCC are supposed to be a facilitator remember.

        It’s likely then that CCC arranged a meeting between CCC, Aecon and the Minsiter at Aecon’s office so that Aecon could present their airport credentials (Quito Airport).

  3. serengeti says:

    Nobody voted for these idiots. The government should ignore them.

    • anon says:

      That’s what democracy is all about. Everyone having the right to speak. The members of the senate are not elected either so we shouldn’t let them do their jobs?

      This is great for democracy.

      • serengeti says:

        Half a dozen extremists pretending they are important is not ‘great for democracy’. It’s really not much to do with democracy at all. It’s a vocal fringe group, and a semi-official mouthpiece for the PLP. It’s a way for the PLP to make streams of outrageous allegations without having to back them up.

      • Tolerate says:

        @anon, I agree with you 100%. An organised, orderly demonstration is healthy.
        However democracy also states that the Party that secures the majority of votes becomes Government. Unfortunately there are MANY from DAY#1 that have been calling for the removal of the OBA? Democracy states that if your Party loses in an election; than you go back to the drawing board and work your behind of to prove you are a more worthy chose.
        You don’t attempt to win the Government by default. What I am seeing is an aggressive plan to discredit the OBA at every turn in an attempt to convince voters not to vote for them.
        I say this because I require more SUBSTANCE from the PLP’s plan on how to get us out of this mess than just “The OBA is BAD don’t vote for them”.
        So who do I vote for????

    • Impressive says:

      With your rationale, should the general public ignore Minister Fahy??? Just asking

    • Rhonda says:

      @ serengeti says:
      May 15, 2015
      Nobody voted for these idiots. The government should ignore them.

      I wonder, if you would say the same about Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. he was never elected to public office. But I believe, even you would agree he did much for social justice, in the USA and by extension we here in Bermuda benefited…… in-spite of the derogatory names he was called…

      • Sabrina says:

        Please do not compare the work that Rev Dr King Jr did with what Rev Tweed and others are doing now. That’s an insult.

      • hmmm says:

        How dare you make a mockery of Martin Luther King, by trying to compare the struggle with this . SMDH

      • serengeti says:

        You’re comparing these people with MLK? Why leave it there? Why not compare them to Ghandi, Pope John Paul, or Jesus?

        • Mockingjay says:

          Ghandi hated blacks,de poop and de priests have their own internal moral issues and Jesus was only conjured up by the Greeks in Kemet (Egypt) a few thousand years ago who original name was Serapis.
          School’s out for now till next time.

    • Dave says:

      So people exactly how many people showed up today in their red outfits ? it looked liked maybe thirty people !!!!! what does this say for reverend Tweed and his followers?

  4. serengeti says:

    So far, there’s a man with a box and a couple of policemen. Maybe calling this for 9.00am was a bit ambitious?

    • stunned... says:

      most of them don’t even get to work before that time…ambitious yes.

      • Jonah says:

        wow…easy De Klerk…

        • serengeti says:

          Ah…De Klerk… the person who when President brokered the end of apartheid and supported the transformation of South Africa into a multiracial society, supported equal voting rights, then won the Nobel peace Prize along with Nelson Mandela, and served as Vice President under Mr Mandela.
          That’s who you had in mind is it? Ok.

        • stunned... says:

          born and bred Bermy. i may have been born in the same month as WH de Klerk but that’s where similarities end.

    • Chingas says:

      LOL…Probably still thinking of a witty, one-liner to put on their poster board

  5. SOB says:

    Isn’t one of these cowboys an expat on permit??? Go back to your jobs, you look like amateurs.

  6. San George says:

    Why does Bob Richards bother with us given all the billions of dollars he has dealt with? Leave the public purse to Craig Cannonier and Crockwell – now those boys will give you something to march about.

    Quo Fata Ferunt

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Maybe because he cares about Bermuda’s future. He has characterised his job as Finance Minister and the financial challenges he is tackling, as the most important thing he has ever done.

      • Trulytruly says:

        Based on the financial update Bob just gave in the House he is more than pulling his weight. He is in the process of wrestling the enormous deficit and debt monster to the ground. If you can’t appreciate the nearly insurmountable task that he is undertaking you are living in denial.

        • Shaka says:

          Smoke & mirrors brotha! The documents/emails don’t lie. Bob has been found wanting…

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            Actually, the emails back him, he has been giving the CCC/Aecon consortium a run to get this contract… it kind of indicates that he is working for the interest of Bermudians and not giving them a deal as the PLP/PC collusion tries to portray it as.

        • Jonah says:

          No excuse for misleading and possibly more..

  7. swing voter says:

    um not sayin nuffin ….. until 2017

  8. Ed Case says:

    It always smacks of desparation (or manipulation) when someone uses a religious person to get a point across. Is Mr Tweed an expert in complex financial negotiations I wonder?

    Or does he just sell tickets for God?

    I think we all know the answer.

    His presence actually decreases the credibility of the “People’s Complainers”.

    Ed Case
    Flatts, Bermuda

    • Really??? says:

      @ Ed Case: Tell me, did it also smack of “daspartion” or manipulation when Martin Luther King, Thelonius Monk fought for the people’s rights? Hmmm….

      • Double D says:

        Are you really comparing MLK’s fight for civil rights to this nonsense? Hahahha.

        That right there shows that this is all about nothing and you are being manipulated.

      • Redman says:

        @ Really???,

        Agree completely!

      • BTCHECKER says:

        This is about an airport.

    • Redman says:

      @ Ed Case,

      Have to disagree with you on the religious person point.
      As Really??? pointed out where would we be if not for persons such as he/she mentioned as well many others who stood up to be counted at various times.

      I would say that the attempts by the PC to paint the Finance Min. as corrupt using a few emails between other parties shows desperation. In fact it’s pathetic & IMO bordering on libelous!!

      • stunned... says:

        i previously thought that the reverend had aims on being an Al Sharpton but is he really that narcissistic to see himself as a MLK? tell me it aint so…

      • Ed Case says:

        Redman: If you were having your appendix out, would you have Rev Tweed do it or a doctor? That is the point i am making. Being religious does not make someone an expert in billion dollar deals. It just makes them religious.

        Using someone religious to influence people too stupid to know any better – is dishonest, at best.

        That is clearly what is happening here. Religion is used to get the edge over gullible people.

        If Tweed was an actuary, an accountant, a CEO – then he might actually have appropriate skills to be making his claims.

        As it is – he is a preacher who has undue influence on people – and as such he is being used.

        • Redman says:

          @ Ed Case,

          I feel you pal but IMO Minister Tweed’s religious back ground and the fact that he isn’t an accountant etc… does not disqualify him from leading this group. We’ve had a few groups formed over the years I didn’t see many if any accountants, actuaries etc stepping up to the plate.

          However if he was as you described it would stop him making a fool of himself which he has done on this. I’m no accountant but even I can see that they’re completely out of their depth and they are not helping their cause outside of the party faithful and the easily fooled.

          While I agree this is all about helping to get the PLP re-elected again and has nothing to do with corruption or any other BS they are quoting because if it was they would’ve been all over the Port Royal fiasco and others that have come to light.

  9. James says:

    Interesting. They’re distributing flyers created by Chris Famous, a PLP administrator.

    But these are just “concerned Bermudians”—not politically-aligned in any way.

    • Yahoo says:

      Yes, not hard to spot his craftsmanship, just look for the signs that look like they were made by someone who just learned how to use photoshop.

    • Island Girl says:

      If there were an impartial group of concerned citizens I would pay attention to what they are saying. However, knowing that they have a political affiliation and are not totally unbiased diminishes their credibility. I feel sorry for the PLP if they can’t fight their own battles.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        They were created as part of the PLP long term election strategy, this way they can distance themselves from actions that can be seen as destabilizing this country, but at the same time be directing them.

  10. Bassmaster says:

    Minister Richards cannot be trusted. Last night he stated to not finding out about Aecon/CCC in April,May and June.

    • Juice says:

      None of them can be trusted, oba, plp, whoever, not a single one. Unless you know them personally and they have earned your trust, then none of them should be trusted. History has shown us over and over, politicians are not to be trusted implicitly.

      • swing voter says:

        damn skippy!!!! which is the reason I will NEVER support another political entity. I vote on election day for the lesser of 2 evils period. Even Ray Charles (RIP) could have seen Bermuda was moving BACKWARDS in 2012. Lets see what 2017 holds ;-)

      • stunned... says:

        at juice-why do you think Min Fahey said the plp will be opposition for a long time? i’ll help: they were kicked out due to incompetence, maladministration and straying away from founding principles. do you really think the plp will ever be trusted to lead this country? they will earn respect for being a formidable opposition but let’s face it, that’s all they can do and lawd knows they’ve shown us that.

    • Bermyman says:

      If the Minister did not know off hand who was Aecon or who was CCC then is that his fault if these people claimed to represent one faction and in turn were representing another? What people seem to forget is that the Minister was on one side of the emails and not privy to open correspondence.

      Lets be clear here, this is not Bermudian money this is the developers money. Who they choose to award the contract to is upto them. AECON is world renowned and has vast experience. Any kind of foreign investment in Bermuda is likely to involve some sort of foreign entity. What is important here is that this has a positive economic impact in the long run and also a new piece of infrastructure that desperately needs to be replaced. Those that cannot understand that are the ones that are pro-debt in my opinion and therefore do not understand the situation we are currently in.

      No group or faction has been more damaging to Bermuda than the PLP and the BIU over the past 2 years. No one has cause more stoppages to economic activity, cost the Island more money in lost revenues and continues to be ‘pro-debt’ in their behaviour. Maybe the fact that the BIU are currently in default on their financial audits is a big tell tale as to why they take this attitude. They simply do not understand the attempted economic suicide their beloved PLP undertook in a very irresponsible period of Governance.

      What amazes me is the one of the PLP’s key recommendations in their so called economic plan (that consists nothing more than a few bullet points), is SEA BED MINING. Tell me how you would tender a Seabed mining project without a similar agreement in place to the airport? The only thing about the Mining project is the environmental impact and the raw material can never be put back, whilst this Airport will be Bermuda’s once again in 30 years time.

      We need to protest against these ECONOMIC TERRORISTS = BIU, PLP, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC.

      For peet’s sake they are out there protesting against jobs that will cost the Bermuda taxpayers nothing!

  11. Navin Johnson says:

    How about he is just a member of the PLP? Simple as that PLP before, people, god and country…..just another sycophant of the party……

  12. a best move finally says:

    My notice is going in today to remove my union dues from the BPSU and donate to charity. I refuse to use my hard earned money with a group intent on destabilizing the country (and doing it under veiled disguise of the People’s Campaign). It may not add up to much to some, but $79 per month times 12 months equals $948. Imagine how much good charites can do for our childen, families and sickly with that kind of money from more persons fed up with their unions. Feeling great and this is the best move I can make to be a part of getting Bermuda better.

    • Ripleys says:

      Well said. I hope more people do this as the union bosses are serving themselves not their members.

    • Redman says:

      @ a best move finally,

      Good for you, I did the same when I had enough of the Union.
      Be sure to follow up and check on where your dues are actually going, it has been suggested that the funds haven’t always gone to the Charities as requested and still made their way to the Unions coffers.

    • Now if only countless others would, “take the blinders off of their eye” we may have a bright future for all and not them who choose to dress in “Red” i.e. Tee shirts up on the hill :-(

    • jt says:

      You should be able to do whatever you want with your own money. A lot of people could use $1000/yr in their own pocket tight now. If they had the choice imagine how many would not be paying dues to the unions.

    • George says:

      Hear hear! I am considering doing the same or even better create a petition of BPSU members to demand that Jason Hayward desist from engaging in political rallies that contravene his position as the President of the BPSU and the BPSU constitution!

      • hmmm says:

        Isn’t he a paid employee now, if so, he is paid to be working, not protesting on personal matters.

  13. lucky 7 says:

    I see a lot of OBA red being worn, nice to see those people out to support Minister Richards ;)

  14. Yahoo says:

    Uh oh, misunderstood sign lady has arrived. Those with white mental illness beware…

    • hmmm says:

      Which one is Mockingjay?

      • Yahoo says:

        He’s not out of bed yet.

      • Barracuda says:

        He is still at home sitting in front of his computer in his underwear making veiled threats.

        • Impressive says:

          As funny as your comment actually is, in a subtle way, it shows your hatred and immaturity..

          • Barracuda says:

            You would know, I recognize your avatar , you and cluckingbird are the biggest haters out there.

        • Unbelievable says:

          He should at his job “keeping the lights on”. Hint hint.

        • stunned... says:

          nah, he and marc were home playing marbles today.

  15. Better Bermuda for All says:

    Wow what a turnout…….NOT

  16. Joonya says:

    I listened to Bob last night and every explanation he gave made sense and sounded above board.
    When one is in negotiations and you are trying to hammer out logistics of a deal, things maybe communicated that are not correct, or need to be amended down the road. That is the nature of it.
    For PC and the Unions to cherry pick and take words out of context for their own political need is desperate and unproductive.
    And from listening to Jason’s latest speech to his Bros and Sis, it appears to me that he (and the other 2 clowns) sounded the ‘corruption’ alarm to awaken the sheep, and get them all stirred up in emotion and anger (as they do) to bring attention to the fact that Bermudian companies wont be running the project (at increased debt to the people of Bda I’ll add).

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Read the documents from beginning to end, they show a picture that supports Minister Richards and the efforts he has been doing. And as loose and what some might consider immoral as some might sound to be, they read like any other big business correspondence would when trying to hammer out a contract like this. Would matter if this was an open tender and what businesses where bidding, everyone of them would have correspondences like these. If the PLP want to try and make them out as some unusual, out of the ordinary conspiracy workings, it only goes to show just how unequiped they are to actual deal in the world of big business. When you look at what CCC/Aecon have been going through to try and hammer out this deal, it goes to show that Minister Richards does.

  17. stunned... says:

    kudos. thank you on behalf of the chosen charity.

  18. Noncents says:

    Sorry Peggy Burns but this pathetic attendance hardly warrants calling an election.

  19. SpinCycle says:

    OMG its an uprising!
    8 Police
    5 House of Assembly people
    6 reporters
    2 vagrants
    8 bystanders
    4 People’s campaigners
    12 aunties, friends and paid rabble rousers

    • Better Bermuda for All says:

      ..and don’t forget our the all important Peggy Burns and her offensive signs

  20. lucky 7 says:

    To the three (not so) amigos, Bermuda needs the OBA right now, deal with it

  21. Redman says:

    The Circus is in town I see. Send in the Clowns!! :-)

  22. Long Bay Trading Co. says:

    I have already changed my monthy contribution to a charity rather than pay my hard earned monies to these fools!! People’s Campaign ??? Really??? The only people you campaign for are PLP/BIU – THAT IS WHAT YOU STAND FOR. Not for the good of ALL OF US BERMUDIANS. You certainly do not represent me.

  23. Alvin Williams says:

    Rev. Tweed has a Bermudian father born and bred in Bermuda and was a social reformer in his own right Kingsley Tweed; a far cry from the minister of Foreign employment procurement who sits in the Senate who has no such ties. Further to that the AME church and it’s ministers have a long history of social activism. In the words of the late minister of the Hamilton AME Church Rev. Larry Lowe during the 1981 labour strike;” I christen their babies; I marry them; I bury their dead; is it any wonder that I will be at their side in their hour of need”. So indeed Rev Tweed is walking in the foot steps of all who came before him.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Micheal Fahy is a Bermudian. Rev. Tweed is not.

      Get it right.

    • Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

      I think most people are aware of who Rev Tweed’s father was, but it doesn’t help in his credibility.

      There’s been too much talk about born-Bermudians being the only true Bermudians. By that definition, Rev Tweed is not a true Bermudian and therefore his speaking for the People’s Campaign/BIU/PLP is more than a little hypocritical.

      If he’d like to be involved in social activism perhaps he should do so in his own country where, perhaps, his credibility might be a good deal higher.

      Disclaimer, what I’ve expressed about his birth and the need for him to go back to his own country is not my own beliefs. I’m just stating what I’ve heard time and time again from the PLP and it’s more rabid followers. No, not through the media but from people face to face.

      I just wonder how Rev Tweed feels about being used.

    • BTCHECKER says:

      But Alvin we are talking about an airport. Where was reverend tweed on rights for senior citizens?

      where was reverend tweed on the issue of rights for those with mental illness?

      Where was reverend tweed on the issue of gay rights?

      There are far more important social issues than calling Bob Richards a liar and the allegation that somehow Minster Fahy should be able to serve the public because he is not as Bermudian as you.

      I would be with you if Tweed fought as vociferously for other issues – but like you he only seems to be anti OBA. Not pro-social issues.

      • Shaka says:

        I take it you didn’t read the emails :- )

        Sounds like a paid blogger to me. Do they pay you in cash or mail a cheque?

        • BTCHECKER says:

          PAid blogger? for who?

          I think this Bob Richards should resign – this should have been put out to a propoer bid. You can critics the PLP for 10 years about backroom deals and lack of process and then do the same thing for something as important as the airport.

          Now Shaka – Any response to my points on Reverend Tweed and his political rather than social bias?

          Course not, better to deflect than defend the indefensible

      • Paradise Reclaimed says:

        No fan of Tweed, whatsoever.

        To his credit, he did, last year combine some words of profound logic.

        During the debate on the Himan Rigyts Act Rev. Tweed sai roughly, “The criteria for protection under the Human Roghts Act should be whether or not a person is human’.”

        That was brilliant, seen no other redeeming effort, statement, or thought before or since.


      • Pastor Syl says:

        To be scrupulously fair, Rev. Tweed was vocal in the cause of human rights for gay people.

    • Ed Case says:

      Rev Tweed might be walking in the footsteps of those who went before him, but is he an expert in the field of international negotiations that run into billions of dollars? Does he have the vast legal knowledge that can assist in the successful brokering of a complex financial deal?

      Please shed some light on this. Other than his belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree… yeah, makes perfect sense.

      If I said my ace boy the plumber was going to speak for the People’s Complainers you would think I was insane. Tell me why this is different.

    • Better Bermuda for All says:

      A lot of our PRCs have a parent that was born in Bermuda

    • Facts Only says:

      Isn’t the Reverend Tweed a FOREIGNER?!?!?!?

    • serengeti says:

      Rev Tweed is an expat. So Alvin is in favour of expats taking part in the political process. We should therefore move to having all residents able to vote. When Scotland did that recently Jonathan Starling, a resident of Scotland, called it a ‘triumph for democracy’. And he’s right – if all residents can vote, that must be more democratic.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Minister Micheal Fahy is a Bermudian. He has every right to do what he pleases just like you do.

      Get it right, Alvin.

    • .Al,(and others)stop the “crap’ that bie’ wasn’t raised here,he is a new kid on the bloc’ attempting to walk in someone else’s shoes, (them shoes he can never fit into.) No, he is misrepresenting the church and of course anyone that’s believing otherwise. I will say to his face, “you are a snake in the grass.” So now, you can let go of your father shirt tail and do what you were invited here to do and that is, “to preach the word.”
      I want to see, hear and know when it’s time to renew your contract so I can start the objections off. Why must it be renewed there are others born on Island that can teach the word of God. (I know it’s not right but it’s how I feel) I do not like you nor what you stand for! As I’d written above “you’re a snake in the grass.”

    • Rich says:

      And there we have it. The litmus test of ‘true Bermudianism’. The Minister you speak of is a Bermudian, end of story.

    • Sabrina says:

      Yes he does – but where was he born and where did he spend his years – not in Bermuda. So, how Bermudian is he.

      • Sabrina says:

        I just noticed the order this was placed in – just to clarify – I am referring to Rev Tweed.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      One key difference is that Minister Fahy has lived here all his life, while Rev Tweed has only just recently moved here. Also the social activism his father represented is being made a mockery of by the social activism he has embraced

  24. Lois Frederick says:

    It’s interesting that this issue has been bumped up ahead of Immigration by the Opposition. At least on Immigration you can have an ideological debate. With the Airport there is no meat on the bone in fact, many of the jobs that will be created directly by the airport construction, will go to Bermudian construction workers. Do all the protesters have jobs? There are people crying out for job creation. This is one of the projects that will create new jobs next year. Strange illogical twisted thinking.

  25. Young Bermudian says:

    I actually agree that the airport development is an opportunity to relieve BDA of fiscal responsibility for 30 years. It may provide jobs, BUT it was devised completely wrong. It was shady and not transparent. Governments must be accountable and politicians need to be reminded that the taxpayer is BOSS. Even though I agree with the lack of accountability in this situation I cannot support the People’s Campaign. The tactics are not 21st century and they are just as polarizing as the OBA.

  26. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    so.. rough idea of how many people showed?

    • hmmm says:

      People who were not organisers.

    • there too often says:

      33, that’s like 52% of the population, if my math is correct…

    • skytrain says:

      From the pictures and video it seems to be a whopping .0004% of the population.
      Nice touch as well having everyone in OBA red shirts.

  27. SANDGROWNAN says:

    Bean “..and only a blind man would deny that democracy has disappeared over the last few years”

    WTF does that mean? We don’t have elections? I guess you need to back that up with hard evidence or STFU.

    • serengeti says:

      Is he perhaps referring to people who hang around outside polling stations and abuse people?

    • Rich says:

      Bean is absolutely right. We have had people storm legislative chambers recently. That’s very undemocratic.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      It means he is actually believes the PLP should not have been voted out, he believes he is the rightful leader of Bermuda. In a massive Freudian slip, he actually started to call the OBA the opposition.

  28. Unbelievable says:

    Today’s attendance is very low. Bermuda is tired of the protests and politics in general.

    • bluebird says:

      For the sake of young entreperners would the PLP/BIU please shut up,
      as you are making investors very nerve racking.
      Example there is no Hotel chain inthe world that will build an hotel in Bermuda

    • Redman says:

      @ Unbelievable,

      The PC have just been reminded that unless they have the Unions directly call their members out to ‘protest’ against the OBA Govt, Foreigners who don’t look or think like them then they will not get the turnout and scenes that they want.

      Time to move on to their next manufactured issue, Yawns, goes back to work.

  29. Let there be hope says:

    When they start looking into the misdealing’s from both parties then they can call themselves the “Peoples Campaign”. All I see are few people who are sulking because their beloved party lost the election.

  30. Triangle Drifter says:

    WOW! From the 10:45 pic, there has to be at least 500 people there!!!

    NAAAAGHT! A whole lot of nuffin about nuffin.

  31. swing voter says:

    damn skippy!!!! which is the reason I will NEVER support another political entity. I vote on election day for the lesser of 2 evils period. Even Ray Charles (RIP) could have clearly seen Bermuda was moving BACKWARDS in 2012. Change was not only necessary, it was critical to our survival. Lets see what 2017 holds ;-)

  32. Hob Knob says:

    @ best move finally, me too.

    The union only ever supports those that have been misbehaving for years and are blocking employment positions for the youth of Bermuda.

    They perpetuate their own support by condoning this behavior.

    They really don’t need the help of reasonable people which they would never reciprocate by listening to our concerns as they demonstrated earlier this year!


    Fed up with being misrepresented.

  33. Trulytruly says:


  34. A Front Ed says:

    If Aecon used CCC as cover, does than mean the unions/PLP are using the People’s Campaign as cover? Could all this noise be designed to mask the fact that the PLP leader is due in court soon?

  35. bluebird says:

    Thank you mr richards for getting us a NEW AIRPORT that some one else will finance and build.
    We have NO MONEY and cannot afford another $2BILLION DOLLARS OF PLP/BIU DEBT
    And when the Airport is finished they cannot take it out of the counrty.

  36. Joonya says:

    Burt has a red tie on…. Say no more.
    Unless.. he’s crossing the floor… LOL

  37. Ed Case says:

    People’s Complainers need to have a membership drive. I’ve seen more people at church on a Monday!

  38. Facts Only says:

    What an embarrassment to the PLP/Bean/Burt/People’s Complainers….12 unemployable protesters….meanwhile, the rest of Bermuda is trying to get on with business…keep doing the country’s work, OBA, digging us out of the hole that the PLP left after 14 years of unprecedented malfeasance!!!

  39. Common Sense says:

    Why did these people not march against the scandals of Berkeley, TCD, Heritage Wharf, Court/police Building, Grand Atlantic, BLDC, Housing Corporation, Global Hue, Faith Based Tourism and others. I believe that we all realize that the money misspent / overspent on these was OUR money. It would be great if we could afford the money right now to build the airport, but we can’t. Part of the high price we are paying for re-electing the PLP

    • swing voter says:

      I think the protest was loud and clear in Dec. 2012

  40. jt says:

    The Reverend’s choir is bigger than this gathering.
    A clear sign that most of The People want jobs and recognize the need for immediate foreign investment as well an influx of foreign workers/residents.
    It’s actually very refreshing to know that the noise is from a few…whether they be members of the opposition, self proclaimed social activists, union heads, talk show people, or bloggers…the sum of their numbers is relatively small.
    Most Bermudians know what is needed. Most of The People openly or quietly support the government and are optimistic that they can turn things around.

    • High Road says:

      We have no option here folks and time is running out, we all need to work together for a better future. It can be done and we have the right plan in place. Putting up obstacles to future development will only lead to ruin and a situation nobody wants and we all will regret.

  41. Navin Johnson says:

    Of course the PLP gave the hospital away and we will pay $1,000,000,000.00 over the next 30 years

  42. High Road says:

    Absolutely pathetic disgusting and inexcusable what these people are trying to do. Grow up

  43. Just a matter of time says:

    Such ignorant comments which are so blind to history. It doesn’t matter how many protestors there are. Are only near riots worthwhile of attention? Sometimes one person or a few protesting can make a difference. Gandhi. Malcolm X. James Meredith and many many others. Never underestimate the power of one or a few. It is still democracy in action and the power of one or a few has changed many a mindset.

    It’s funny, since the 2012 election, OBA supporters never come out to stand up for anything. There are MANY who regret wasting their vote on this Government. So keep up the insults on the people’s rights and denigrating their intelligence etc which will backfire in the end. Many are observing what the Min of Finance is doing (or not doing) with quiet indignation. Trust.

  44. watchfuleyes says:

    the attendance is only poor because most of us are working- bad time of the day, THAT’S ALL- do not let that indicate that people are not supportive! don’t blow the trumpet yet.

    • jt says:

      Schedule something for after work…or for Saturday.
      Still, if you don’t get 5,000 out it very clearly shows how most of The People are thinking.

    • Stand up says:

      Exactly! I here now though! And those that haven’t made it yet will be here this afternoon!

      • Redman says:

        @ Stand up,

        Have they made it there yet?? It is afternoon now and most people who still have jobs (thanks to 17th Dec 2012) have knocked off by now… Fail!!.

    • Stand up says:

      Exactly! But I’m here now thankfully! And those that haven’t yet arrived because of work commitments will be here this afternoon!

    • hmmm says:

      If most people are working, then the OBA are doing a great job…Oh the irony in your statement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Balanced Facts says:

    Good thing it didn’t rain…Tweed may have been there under an umbrella with Marc Bean and Burt! LOL

  46. The Truth and Nothing but the Truth !! says:

    Just another “FAIL” by the PLP/BIU/BPSU/PC!!! That looks to me like a vote of “NO CONFIDENCE” for Tweed and his group

  47. Long Bay Trading Co. says:

    Hey folks – remember the old song “nuffin from nuffin makes nuffin” ?

    The people have spoken – or rather in this case the REAL PEOPLE OF BERMUDA who truely care about this Island have spoken by staying away – NOT THE FALSE PROPHETS calling themselves the People’s Campaign. We have spoken by getting on with our busy day and working to earn a living and hopefully doing what we can to keep MOVING BERMUDA FORWARD.

    Got it yet PLP/PC/BIU??

    A bunch of self appointed, self serving, cry babies whose only real and true argument and TRUE agenda is that their precious PLP party lost and they cannot accept that. Get the OBA out NO MATTER WHAT IT COSTS – even if we have to put Bermuda in the toilet to do it, we will – that is the true mantra of the PC/BIU/PLP.

  48. @ Long Bay Trading Co: Thanks, now I pray they would leave the grounds and allow the Government and Opposition Parties get down to doing what they are paid to do…
    Them that’s a part of the make believe,”People’s Campaign” are “pissin-into-the-wind.” A word to the wise: “People don’t care how much you think you know until they see how much you care.” We have families needing incomes and these incomes are here for some and soon for others but first people must learn to think for themselves…

  49. Bermyman says:

    Anyone noticed that the pro PLP/BIU/People’s Republic posters are currently not active on this site? It is safe to say that the majority of the small gathering at the house today are the paid PLP bloggers.

  50. Coffee says:

    With great pleasure and Britain and the United States of America brokered a deal to develop and operate a airport in Bermuda . For 50 yrs the United States Navy had the sole responsibility for the maintained conditioned of the runway at absolutely no cost to Bermuda . Oh , remember they also threw in a bridge or two !

    Bob Richards needs to pull his head from under the fuzzy hood and listen to the people instead of negotiating a confirmed six for a nine rotten 35 year ,one billion dollar give away . He tried to justify this deal by the deal we got from America , no comparison whatsoever !

    • How can you or anyone confirm/justify that which you’ve written to be truth and nothing but the truth? I quote:
      “Bob Richards needs to pull his head from under the fuzzy hood and listen to the people instead of negotiating a confirmed six for a nine rotten 35years one billion dollar give away. He tried to justify this deal by the deal we got from America, no comparison whatsoever!”
      “6 for a 9 one billion dollar deal?” Obviously you’ve never done business…We will receive a new airport and still own the airport etc. It’ll be maintained by C.C.C. at no expense to us or Bermuda Government during them 35 yrs. So where can accepting this particular opportunity be wrong? It is a win – win opportunity. Remember people Bermuda is broke!

  51. Zaob Yob says:

    Another sign of turning the corner! First the economic green shoots, and now the overwhelming condemnation of the PLP’s Ministry of Propoganda. Hopefully this will render the PC as an impudent provocateur which has outgrown any relevance or use it may once have had. Let’s hope the PLP and it’s amassed machinery can recognize that the majority of people have had enough of their mud slinging politics and just want to get the country fixed.

  52. Big Eyes says:

    All I have to say i can’t wait for the next election…and don’t let the numbers outside Cabinet fool you.

    • Better Bermuda for All says:

      So can vote the PLP back in so they can give us another $2B in debt?

    • aceboy says:

      You think a PLP win would be good for Bermuda? Honestly?

    • Redman says:

      @ Big Eyes,

      I can’t wait for it either. The PLP will likely get the same treatment as the Labour Party got in Britain or if heaven forbid they win the Govt they will actually have to back up their BS and then you will be sorry.

      Sadly though they will fail again & it will be the working class that will feel the pain the most… again; just like after their previous tenure. So if you are a masochist and want more pain then vote the PLP back in. :-)

  53. animallover says:

    What’s all the fuss or fuzzy fuss about? Bob Richards knows what he;s doing. Hey all you PLp people, you know very well that if Bob Richards were PLP, there would be no march at all, this is all a stupid farce. Why the heck is this Rev. Tweed up there anyway, isnlt he American???

  54. Better Bermuda for All says:

    Oh look…everyone dropped off their old grannies so they can gossip to one another…what a protest

  55. Spectator says:

    Wow, 20+ people. Good turnout.

  56. Trulytruly says:

    According to Walton talking tonight the PC are mobilized. They appear to have better things to do on Friday night than stand outside the House. With the plp it is bewildering to hear them sounding so righteous when it comes to running Bermuda’s financial affairs. Rewriting history it seems. As Bob said earlier tonight. The plp were not good with budgets. It made me chuckle but it is true and painfully sad.

  57. Trulytruly says:

    So that was a flop. What happened to the “several hundred” people that attended the meeting the night before? Can anyone produce an image to show the audience on that night? Doesn’t jive with the pathetic turnout at the House.

    • It was feeding time at the Salvation Army etc. Therefore the “mass supporters” couldn’t be there :-(
      Next week,(mark my words)”Kon’tucky Fried Chick’en” for everyone who attends…Free lunch and dinner!