People’s Campaign Release Report On Airport

August 2, 2016

The People’s Campaign has released a new report — entitled ‘A Bad Deal For Bermuda’ — on the airport redevelopment project, saying the purpose of the report is to “keep the critical, unanswered questions concerning this deal in the public domain.”

The report says, “The proposed redevelopment of the LF Wade International Airport by the OBA Government continues to be a source of concern in Bermuda with a growing number of people voicing their view that this deal is not in the best interest of the country.

People's Campaign  Bermuda TC August 2 2016

“People are not convinced that this deal will bring value for money, and, as information slowly drips out from behind the veil of secrecy, it is becoming evident that despite the Minister of Finance’s claim that the debt will not be carried on the Government’s book, there will be significant expenses associated with this project that will become the responsibility of the people of Bermuda.

“Most notably, the taxpayer will be required to guarantee any shortfalls on the debt repayment for this project and will be liable for the cost of other facets of operations connected to the airport.

“The Government continues to dismiss the public opposition and ignore demands for answers to basic questions relating to how the deal is structured.

“The Government insists that the reason for the lack of public support is due to the public’s inability to understand the deal on the one hand, and the ‘lies’ and ‘distortions’ advanced by politically-motivated opponents on the other.

“These diversionary tactics are designed to avert public attention away from the fact that the Government continues to conceal vital details surrounding this proposed deal from the public.

“Despite the lack of public support, the Government is blindly proceeding to commit the country to a deal that privatizes a vital public asset and removes a major revenue stream from the Island’s portfolio for at least the next thirty years.

“From the start, this proposal has been shrouded in a process that lacks transparency – who can forget Aecon’s entry into Bermuda under the ‘cover’ of misrepresenting themselves as Canadian Commercial Corporation [CCC]?

“Contrary to the Government’s protestations, it is evident from inception that the process was driven by Aecon who, like the ‘tail wagging the dog’, manufactured a process to ensure that they would be guaranteed not only the construction contract but the post-development management concessions contract as well; and this was done with the support of both CCC and the consent of the Government.

“Documents have shown that Aecon, along with CCC and representatives of the Government, created a paper trail to generate the appearance of a “fair” process despite the fact that there was a no-bid process designed to ensure that Aecon would be the beneficiary.

“In spite of public opposition from across the spectrum, the Government has doggedly continued to ignore the people it was elected to serve as it sells off the birth-right of future generations of Bermudians.

“The purpose of this report is to keep the critical, unanswered questions concerning this deal in the public domain, and to query a process that is shrouded in secrecy.

“It appears that every effort is being made to keep the Bermudian people in the dark until reaching a point of no return and ultimately resulting in the people resigning themselves to the inevitability of a project. This deal will not only be to the detriment of the people of this country but will also enslave future generations to a debt that will drain essential resources.

“This deal will see the shift of key resources out of Bermuda’s control and place them squarely in the hands of a foreign company; a company whose national allegiance and principle interests lie elsewhere.”

The full report is available from the BIU headquarters.

Update 3.29pm: The report will also be made available online via the BUI website [] and the People’s Campaign Facebook page.

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  1. Its a done deal, next episode.

    • Pride says:

      Did I miss the PC’s report concerning the steep increase in BIU dues?

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Nah, it’s filed in the same place as the PLP’s agenda plan to create a ‘non-political’ front organization to propagate their misinformation and other electioneering ploys.

  2. Justin says:

    The PLP sold us out a long time ago and that’s why we are going down this road. Does the People’s Campaign agree that we need a new airport? Does the People’s Campaign have an alternative idea that adds nothing to our national debt? Also, revenue is one thing and expenses are another. To my knowledge the airport currently runs at a loss or very close to break even which makes the lost revenue argument redundant.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Clearly the People’s Campaign is totally ignorant of financial facts. They say this will result in financial slavery. Unless Bermuda can pay from our savings, and thanks to the PLP there are no savings but a negative $2.5bn in the piggy bank, any form of debt will require the revenue being paid to pay for the loan. Whether the debt is a loan, a PPP or whatever, it will take revenue to pay for it. What form of funding have they discovered that needs no repayment? These wiz kids must think they can continue to borrow money and not pay it back. Good luck, Jamaica used that method which is why their currency went from .9 to the USD to over 120.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I won’t hold my breath to wait for them to release a special report on how the PLP had tried to sell us to economic slavery. The fact that the PLP ran government (and promise to do so again) at a state of massive unsustainable debt, fuelled by foreign creditors that had to be paid back by borrowing from more creditors is how you sell a country to economic slavery… not by entering a partnership to build a facility. By their own logic, this means the PLP sold us into economic slavery by building the Hospital… when are they going to write a special report about that deal.
      The simple fact that they use the term ‘slavery’ for this report has nothing to do with reality, and everything to do with their inability to engage in actual debate on it, so they seek to emotive the issue at the lowest base form so they can fool those willing to be fooled with their misrepresentations.

  3. Outline says:

    I think it’s excellent news that those few individuals in the “People’s Campaign” clearly now accept the need for the new airport.

    • Black Soil says:

      The most secretive organization in Bermuda is the BIU.

  4. VS says:

    The People’s Campaign has ended up being totally disingenuous- cherry picking their “concerns”. They are purely politics working nothing but an Opposition agenda.

    • hmmm says:

      If you read the above press release it appears to aim to discredit the government as opposed to proposing any realistic alternative.

      We need a new airport terminal, all agreed. we can’t afford one, all agreed. SO, what is their alternative.

      Where was this “group”in the recent referendum… EQUALITY, JOBS and JUSTICE are on the logo…where was the Equality and Justice for Same Sex Marriage ?????

  5. Yahoo says:

    So, in 2016, we need to go to the BIU and get a paper copy? Not surprising from the People’s Campaign, I guess.

  6. Zevon says:

    Tweed is an expat and should be grateful to live here. He should not poke his nose into our business. We don’t want to hear his petty repetitive whining.

    • Its me again says:

      Xenophobe much?

    • Bermuda Shopper says:

      I believe he is actually a “Born Again Bermudian” . I was made to believe that he was born in Bermuda but has spent much of his life in the US and UK much like Dr. Brown. Now he is returning to Bermuda to preach to anyone that will listen about all that is wrong in “his country”. Yawn.

  7. frank says:

    the people’s campaign serves no purpose they are not a political party
    the rev should just do what the church pays him to do and the two union leaders need to do what their members are paying them to do
    and stop trying to grab headlines

  8. Curious says:

    ‘The full report is available from the BIU headquarters.’

    Says it all

  9. Do Right says:

    I thought that these 3 men crawled in a hole. Did not Jason Hayward publicly apologize to Bob Richards over this Airport deal? Let me check my reliable Bernews archives to confirm. I am against this airport deal, as many others are, but I am sick and tired of these 3 men

  10. George says:

    “The full report is available from the BIU headquarters.” – what were you saying about lack of transparency People’s Campaign? You release a report criticizing the Government for being secretive and not keeping the public fully informed but only have that report available at the BIU headquarters?! You can’t make this stuff up!

  11. Give it a beeak... says:

    The People’s Campaign should change their name as they don’t represent majority of the population, on any subject they contend!

  12. Do Right says:

    Bernews is in fact, reliable as usual. Memo to the three leaders from a grassroots supporter of the People; We do not trust you, as we have seen you at work. Stop using the Unions and the Church to advance your narrow agenda, whatever that may be. You have no credibility in our eyes.

  13. LostinFlatts says:

    “In spite of public opposition from across the spectrum, the Government has doggedly continued to ignore the people it was elected to serve as it sells off the birth-right of future generations of Bermudians.”

    I’m sorry, but what? The Airport is our birth-right? Hyperbole much?

    If that sentence doesn’t tell you all you need to know about the People’s Campaign, I don’t know what does. Why is the campaign permitted to print lies, that a 2 minute Google can answer:
    “Who can forget Aecon’s entry into Bermuda under the ‘cover’ of misrepresenting themselves as Canadian Commercial Corporation [CCC]”
    Go here to see what the CCC is:

    As posted before, the Airport ‘issue’ is incredibly simple:

    1. We need a new airport. It is more expensive to try and fix this one than to build a new one.

    2. Because of the PLP’s gross mismanagement of public finances we have no capital budget with which to build it, and no ability to raise additional debt either.

    1 + 2 means the ONLY option is some kind of upfront capital spend paid back by a revenue stream. And the best body in the world at doing this (with over 200 across the globe) is the CCC – an arm of the Canadian government.

    There is PLENTY to criticise about the OBA. But getting us a new airport when we’re broke and ours is falling apart really should not be one of them. And if you want more information, just go here

    I’d say attend a town hall meeting, but the People’s Campaign won’t let that happen.

    The People’s Campaign are just undermining any credibility they have by picking on every single thing the OBA does.

  14. Unbelievable says:

    Why is that no one can understand why there isn’t a bidding process in this case?

    The Minister has explained this so well. Come on, people, read what the Minister has said. Just cuz it’s the OBA it doesn’t mean it’s some shadowy deal.

    • mj says:

      whats unbelieveable is that people would just prefer to comment rather than READ the report which although very lengthy is a chronicled document of facts! It is hard to refute the “hansard” from minister E.T.Richards and others so named in the report which once read, is basically self explainatory and damning to Bermudians and Bermuda and the airport is not such a solid deal. operative word being”deal”! try reading without prefudice or discrimination, it is a collaboration of facts that have been put together so the public can literally see for themselves how Bad this Deal will be for Bermudians and how there is NO TRANSPARENCY!

  15. You Do You says:

    Are they qualified to produce such a report?

    The “people’s pain in the arse” is more like it.

    I am a person and I want the airport also want a Cin-A-Bun and Chic-Fil-A too please.

    • mj says:

      you do you—continue in that vain coz I wonder if you are qualified to trolling? Anyone that has a working brain can put together information by date in order, or do you need permission from “mommy”

  16. Navin Johnson says:

    Thought he left the island..

  17. Swing Voter says:

    All of the personal attacks are unnecessary. Does Tweed have a point? Was uncle Bob hoodwinked and now in too deep to pull back? Did he take us down with him? That deal is so damn lop-sided, reminds me of that ‘I have a bridge I want to sell you’ joke

  18. Bermy says:

    Due to the use of emotive language the people’s campaign’s obvious political bias makes them totally lose credibility with undecideds like myself. This is clearly aimed at their base and not the objective critique that it claims to be.

    Sorry it is clear that they are “Certain People’s Campaign” and not the “People’s Campaign”.

    I’m not a die hard OBA supporter even though they got my vote last election. The country would be better served with debate around the facts but everything we see from both parties and group’s like the PC and BIU are so painfully political that it is doing more damage than good for Bermuda.

    As an example, look at the Chamber of Commerce when they enter a comment on political issues it is often measured and fact-based and therefore worthy. Most other groups, parties, etc. are just full of hot air.

  19. Long Bay Trading Co. says:

    move along……move along…………. nothing to see here.

    Wolves in Sheeps clothing.

    These people are EVERYTHING that they accuse others of.

    Bunch of has-been Muppets doing DREB/DREB & Friends & Family/PLP dirty business and TRYING to pretend and make it look otherwise.

    Its OK guys – the Comission of Inquiry is going ahead so stop huffing and puffing and trying to blow the house down – EPIC FAIL.

  20. Toodle-oo says:

    The PC grand plan (Exposed !)

    Obfuscate , spread fear , act like you’re really concerned , claim that there’s been no consultation when in fact there’s been plenty and use easily refutable lies .
    Create enough confusion that the OBA fearing that they might loose voters who would never support them anyway end up delaying the entire project until after the next election .

    Come the next election , the OBA is voted out .

    Weeks later the PLP announce that the first thing on their agenda is a new airport .
    They’ll claim it will cost $xxx millions and was tendered properly , when it wasn’t . The next thing will be that all the same players who were involved with all of the projects that went vastly over cost under their previous watch (pick any one or 10 major projects you wish) will all coincidentally be involved.

    Airport completed years after it was supposed to be and at least 3 times over budget .

    Our overseas creditors finally give up on us and shut us down .

  21. hmmm says:

    Peoples Campaign (Equality, Jobs, Justice)

    Except they were silent for Same sex couples …so we can cross off Equality and Justice….Now the peoples campaign is just for Jobs.

    How does campaigning against building a needed airport terminal provide jobs??? It doesn’t, the campaigning prevents jobs. So, the Peoples campaign is for Equality, Jobs and Justice, but it doesn’t appear it really is for Equality, jobs and Justices based on recent action and inaction.

  22. Real Deal says:

    “China tells Sri Lanka we want our money not your empty airport.” head line
    I bet they wished they never went for a new airport.
    new airport not good for Bermuda. Put Bermudians to work fixing the old airport. Much better plan.

  23. Ringmaster says:

    Alaska Hall is out in full force this evening to swamp the dislike button on every post. The good news is that whenever this happens is concerns a matter they hate but is good for Bermuda.

  24. almost says:

    Funny how each comment slams the People’s Campaign, yet have more dislikes than likes. Clear signs that a few are just tapping dislike on every comment as they don’t actually have a mind of their own to add a supportive comment.

  25. Unbelievable says:

    People don’t want to listen to reason at all. They just don’t want this to go ahead only because it’s an OBA project. The Minister is right when he asks where were these people when the PLP ran MASSIVE over-runs?

    Huh? Where were you??? Hoping things would get better?

    • FYI says:


      • Unbelievable says:

        Typical answer from someone aligned with the People’s Campaign.

    • mj says:

      they actually were getting their transportation in order to vote for the OBA WHICH they now see as a big mistakes, so both parties are wrong!!!Now will you just read or are you’ll prejudiced about information that is for everyone that has stakes in Bermuda which would include BERMUDIANS. The report is accurate and very detailed, a lot harder for Bob to answer to especially when his “signature” is on it! better for Bob to critise a former party than own up to the collossal mistakes pointed out in this damning document that shows how business was conducted for the airport! After reading than I wouldn’t mind reading some honest comments about the PC document!

  26. Pissant says:

    Does anyone really give a rats a__ about the so called PC, its leaders, or political affiliation. I don’t cause they/it does not represent nor speak for or on behalf of me a legal born bread BERMUDIAN. I am also offended when a man of the cloth tries to speak for me.

  27. FYI says:

    1 + 1 = 2 and 2 × 3 will always equal 6! Why would a Canadian company want to invest in Bermuda’s airport for the duration of 30+ years, if there wasn’t an opportunity to make substanial earnings. Yes, it takes spending money to make money,however, the OBA must be more forthcoming with answers related to this deal, politics aside, because the outcome will impact us all. Additionally, the OBA must remember who they serve and who they answer to. If they proceed in arrogance and ignore the cries of the people, trust and believe, they will pay dearly for it at the poles. Watching closely as my vote certainly counts!!!

    • Justin says:

      - We need a new airport
      - Bermuda doesn’t have any savings to pay for it.

      - How do you propose we get one built?

      • mj says:

        Justin—77million for A/C? put out to tender? bonds? fix problems that are pressing, especially in light of world events, so many buildings, houses destroyed, delipidated buildings formally used for Olmpics! countries suffering famine, floods and fires never before seen or experienced in our history which rage out of control, can we really afford to make an investment that doesn’t seem equitable for no time in the future, that is according to world events, money is too tight to mention!

  28. FYI says:

    To the People’s Campaign, please continue to advocate on behalf of the many Bermudians that are just not clicked on to issues of National importance. We need groups like you that assist in enlightening the masses, it is called Checks and Balances. And this government needs to be kept in check.

    • Toleratate says:

      This comment would be correct IF the PC was actually a non-bias/political group that could provide Checks and Balances based on FACT and NOT what ONE political party prompts them to.
      Also would be helpful if they ACTUALLY provided these Checks and Balances on ALL matters and not nitpicking.
      I think EVERYONE now knows their true agenda…..

      “I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few”.

    • hmmm says:

      Who keeps checks and balances on the Peoples Campaign??????

  29. Northshore says:

    C`MON BERMUDA Government, build the airport already its a deal that cannot be beat!! For this tweed dude to mouth off is just smoke with no depth. Take your blah blah blah nonsence to another country tweed!!!

  30. Will says:

    Aren’t airports for PEOPLE to use? What’s the fuss all about its not as if they are going to bar certain people from using our airport is it? Peoples campaign what a joke.