150 Year Old Perfume Unveiled At Lili Bermuda

July 1, 2014

A 150 year-old fragrance discovered in a South Shore shipwreck was uncapped at the brand new Lili Bermuda perfume store today [July 1] and now the public is invited to the Front Street boutique to literally smell history.

The Piesse & Lubin fragrance was discovered in near mint condition in 2011 during a dive at the Mary Celestia shipwreck, and it was passed along to Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone, master perfumer at The Bermuda Perfumery.

bermuda perfumery poster 150 years

Mrs. Ramsay-Brackstone hand-carried the ancient perfume to experts in New Jersey where it was analyzed, and then used the experts’ analysis to recreate the fragrance using modern-day ingredients.

The 1864 artifact and the 2014 replica go on display for the first time during this Wednesday’s Harbour Nights at The Bermuda Perfumery’s new Lili Bermuda store on Front Street. It will be available to experience all day Thursday as well.

Plans on where and how to share the historic find beyond Thursday are being finalized.

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  1. el says:

    Who gets to do diving and who does the shipwreck belong to, and who confirmed re-toilet water? Who gets to benefit? just asking how these discoveries take place under what legislation are people given to seek, take, and distribute? Are all things in water for everyone, coz we can’t even catch parrot fish because they so easily wander around the rocks, even though they are meant for our consumption, just wandering who, where, why are certain people given permission to benefit of off their findings.. Crystal caves were discovered by two young local boys. they should be multimillionaires by now and we should know exactly who they are and their families.. Just trying to figure out about these findings, cause there are a lot of things to find in our two hundred mile zone and either we all benefit directly or it needs to be explained about the rights of findings!

    • Justice! says:


      Pillagers (know no boundaries) always pillage for profit and are never satisfied.