PGA Grand Slam To Return To U.S. Mainland

July 11, 2014

The Bermuda Tourism Authority and the PGA of America today issued a joint statement saying the eighth Bermuda PGA Grand Slam of Golf is to be the last of this series, and the Grand Slam will be moving back to the  U.S. mainland.

Bill Hanbury, CEO of the BTA said “The partnership between the PGA of America and Bermuda has been enormously successful, indeed I think we can say ‘job well done’, for all involved.

“When the concept of hosting the Grand Slam in Bermuda was first conceived, it was about establishing Bermuda as a pre-eminent golf destination. It was recognized that Bermuda needed to up its golf profile and establish its credibility as a golf destination, these objectives have been more than fulfilled.”

“The BTA believes golf is a major component of our year-round tourism season. Working on a solid platform established by the Grand Slam, the BTA is coordinating a consistent strategy for marketing golf vacations.

“This includes evaluating different events that align with the BTA’s objectives of attracting more visitors and increasing revenues that will ultimately increase jobs and economic activity for Bermuda.

Mr. Hanbury added, “The BTA is working on a number of alternatives in the golf world and other global sports event options that can generate positive economic impact. A good example of this is the BTA’s important role in the development of the Americas Cup proposal on behalf of Bermuda.”

“We want to sincerely thank the PGA of America for the faith they have placed in Bermuda over eight years. We look forward to continuing to work with them, discussing new ideas with even greater potential.

“They have become more than important partners, they are good friends to Bermuda and the relationship will continue. As with everything, events evolve and we believe that this decision is in the best interest of both Bermuda and the PGA.”

David Charles, Senior Director, Championships for the PGA of America said, “We have loved working in Bermuda and have formed real partnerships and meaningful friendships.

“We are working on a new location for the Grand Slam and details have yet to be released, but it will be on the U.S. mainland. The PGA and BTA are working very hard to make the eighth PGA Grand Slam of Golf in Bermuda, the best ever. We wish Bermuda every success in the future and we know we will continue our relationship with them.”

The BTA and PGA acknowledged the important contribution of event partner, Fairmont Southampton and the 200-plus volunteers that supported the event.

Andy Burrows, General Chairman of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf committee, expressed, “I would like to thank our key partners and all of the volunteers who gave generously of their time over the past 8 years to ensure that the Grand Slam was very successful.

“Clearly the role that each and every one played was critical in supporting and promoting our stunningly beautiful island and Bermuda’s premier sporting event since 2007 to the world.

“As Bermuda moves on to hosting other world-class events, I remain confident that these dedicated volunteers will continue to lend their support to ensure that Bermuda remains a destination of choice for golf and all other sporting and cultural events.

Mr. Hanbury concluded by saying, “Bermuda and her two premier golf courses, Port Royal and Mid Ocean can always boast of being home of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf during its eight year tenure here. We are very, very proud of that fact.”

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Never got to see Tiger play…WTF DOC!?

    • Kunta says:

      Good, plus he didn’t have the decency to involve any Sisters in his Haram !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. PBanks says:

    What now, for Bermuda golf, as far as the international market is concerned? Will they look to shore up their own local and invitational tournaments, or would they seek other opportunities with the PGA, LPGA or other pro tours? Curious.

  3. Uno says:

    This is very depressing.

  4. fidel says:

    make the bermuda open a world class event !!!!!! sponsorship will obviously be a key factor !!!!!!

    • Put pupils first says:

      Would a Bermuda Triangle Invitational/Open be a feasible idea.

      Three different courses (PR, MOC and Tucker’s Point maybe) over the three days and a final round at one of them. Would play on the fact that we have several top courses and give players and spectators a chance to see more of the island.

      • @ Put pupil first 5:23pm. Now that’s a fantastic idea; have a Bermuda Triangle Invitation :-) Combine that idea with the LPGA or other Pro. Tours and we’re back on the map!

    • Peter Parker says:

      Sorry to see it go, but after 8 years it was time, actually in my opinion I’d say 4 years too long.

      I would like to see something unique come to Bermuda! Why not market a golf tournament and call it the Bermuda Triangle! A tournament where the PGA players played one day each at Port Royal Belmont, Tuckers Point or Mid Ocean. Or four days, four courses. Something different that would cause the golf world to talk and a tournament that could showcase three courses in Bermuda!

      I appreciate that it would be more difficult to rig three or four courses for TV and get all the equipment moved but if its different, and the players and public like it (because it is worth it) then it would be worth it.

  5. Whatdoesthefoxsay? says:

    News we could have done without, but it had to end at some point. Congratulations to Premier Brown and his Tourism team for having the vision to host this event. Congratulations also to Premier Cox and the Tourism team that successfully negotiated the extension in 2012.

  6. Coffee says:

    Unquestionably the OBA and the BTA have dropped the ball big time . What a worthless bunch of overpaid civil servants .

    • mixitup says:

      Exactly..But you won’t hear that on here, nor will you see credit given to the folks who brought this event here.

    • Peter Parker says:

      At least they showed up for work this Friday? And where Mr. Bean and Co?

  7. Bullseye says:

    This tourney was a waste of money. It was all based on brown getting to have Tiger Woods to Bermuda. Rewind the tape. We got this, and St. Joe Golf course was closed. They had to close schools and bring in the kids just to make it look like people cared about a tourney even those who had the honor to play in didnt bother to show up. Biggest farce ever. Now we have a course I will never play on and an event that NONE of us will watch on TV now that it is gone for NONE of us cared about it until it was here. Except for Brown and his Tiger fixations. I am glad it is gone so the facade can end.

  8. Paul Riviere says:

    @ Bullseye. Maybe you never heard of the Gilette Open, which was played at Mid Ocean Golf prior to the PLP getting the PGA to agree to bring PGA grand slam to Bermuda. I am amazed that you people always want to cry afterwards, just like with the Music Festival. But i saw just as many if not more of the old boys club out on the golf course and at the Beyoncé concert, so it couldn’t have been all that bad. The problem is you all don’t like EB and NEVER want to give him any credit , yet you probably had front row seats.
    SMDH to you bunch of losers.

    • Peter Parker says:

      The problem we had with the $4million Beyoncé concert was that it was sold to the people of Bermuda as a Tourism marketing campaign to draw visitors here. However, we all knew that nobody from the NY, NJ, Miami, Philadelphia, London, Toronto or any Gateway city would pay to see Beyoncé or UB40 here when they could see them in their own cities for less.

      Since you were there, how many tourists did you see at the concerts? Twenty maybe Fifty? How many of those would you say came to Bermuda solely because of these concerts? Ten maybe?

      Beyoncé alone was paid $4 million. That does not include the other fees paid to the other bands like UB40, staging, lighting, travel etc…. Let say that conservatively the total cost was $5 million, do you think from a tourism perspective it was a success? NO! It was a failure! And that is why few people will give EB any respect because with everything he touched there seemed to be a spin, mystery, self promoting agenda or drama!

  9. fidel says:

    well said paul. tiger still has 2 chances to win a major and possibly come!!! bullseye has obviously not thought about the hard labour involved in building port royal and maintaining it so that golfers -local and tourists- have a gem to play on that is world class, not to mention OUR junior golfers who have a great training ground to develope their skills !!

  10. Paul Revere says:

    Not that I needed to back up my previous statement, but in case you didn’t realize, golf isn’t about Tiger. Bermuda golf courses have been braced by the likes of Payne Stewart RIP, nick Price, Jim Colbert, Craig Stadler, Karrie Webb, just to name a few who played at the then Mid Ocean Club, Gillette Tour Challenge.
    Maybe you are upset because your Mid Ocean Club membership didn’t allow you to see some fantastic golf, once the Grand Slam moved from Mid Ocean Club, Tuckers Town to Port Royal Golf, Soton.
    Sounds like you stuck in a sand trap.

  11. shutthemdown says:

    congrats on losing this oba/UBP

  12. Alex Madeiros says:

    First, thank you PGA of America for the faith you have shown in Bermuda and our people. The Grand Slam without a doubt put Bermuda on the world stage and proved that we have the infrastructure to host such an event. The benefits that golf in Bermuda has reaped because of this event is priceless and we wish you all of the best for the future.

    Second, thank you Dr. The Hon. Brown for the vision you and your administration had in bringing the Grand Slam to Bermuda. Despite the nay Sayers, Bermuda and Bermudians have benefitted immensely the past eight years.

    Third, the OBA nor the Tourism Authority lost this event as some may think. There were many contributing factors which resulted in the best decision being made for all concerned.

    Bermuda can hold its head high with pride as Bermuda has arrived on the golf scene with many exciting news to come.

    Well done to all and again, thank you PGA of America!

  13. Cardine Alice says:

    What’s with the Tiger obsession. He screwed up, literally. Sad day for golf , but having attended the last 2 it did seem hard to justify in terms of attendance numbers. Just sad golf is so exclusive/expensive, especially the “normal” courses.