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July 24, 2014

Recently appointed General Manager of the Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel, Allan Federer, recently took the time to introduce himself to the Bermuda public, sitting down to discuss his vision for the future of the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

Mr. Federer said, “I’ve just arrived here from Moscow, Russia, where I was running the Ritz-Carlton Moscow Hotel. I’ve spent the last 15 years of my career with Ritz-Carlton in Canada, Turkey, Singapore, Ireland, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, and Russia.

“What interested me in accepting the appointment here is that the owners of this hotel have approached a redevelopment plan with great passion. They’ve approached the future investment in this hotel with great taste and style.

“They are creating a world-class luxury destination resort, and this is a tremendously appealing project that’s underway at the moment. It’s going to create one of the great hotels of the world.

“I don’t feel any pressure at all; I feel only excitement. I’m impressed with the style, the business approach, the understanding of the global luxury/affluent traveler. I find it all tremendously energizing and really exciting.”

Allan Federer, General Manager of the Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel:

“The hotel is sort of a third of the way through its redevelopment. We continue to operate – and very successfully, I might add – with increasingly improving guest satisfaction results.

“I see that the next phase of renovation, which is beginning in the fall, is going to show very major works in the public areas to the hotel as well as more guest room work.

“The new Marcus Samuelsson restaurant will be opening next year in the spring, and then a further phase of renovations that includes the well-being component, which is spa and fitness facilities and the retail areas.

“So we’re going to continue operating, offering steadily improving service, attracting more of the global luxury traveler, and further developing the hotel to really make it a world-class destination.

“The most important thing to remember and understand is that the employees of the Fairmont Hamilton Princess are the employees Fairmont Hamilton Princess. Like any employer, we respect that our colleagues may choose someone to be their collective bargaining agent.

“And in having a positive working relationship with the collective bargaining agent for the employees, we hope to have and we will certainly work very hard to have, excellent relationships with the employees’ collective bargaining representatives.”

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