Video: Catholic Priests’ Ice Bucket Challenge

September 1, 2014

Following their acceptance of the challenge last week, the Roman Catholic priests of Bermuda undertook the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yesterday [Aug 31] in Victoria Park.

The priests took part in the fundraiser in memory of Fr. Jerome Kroetsch, the former Pastor of St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, who died from ALS in September 2012.

Fr. Wlodzimierz Sobolewski, Pastor at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Smith’s, was soaked by Lauren DeSousa, Altar Server at St. Patrick’s, and Sr. Judith Rollo, Sister of Charity.

Fr. Paul S. Voisin, Rector of St. Theresa’s Cathedral in Hamilton, was iced by Joanne Judd, Administrative Assistant to the Bishop of Hamilton, Bermuda, and Edward Cabral, Chairperson of the St. Patrick’s Parish Council. Fr. Joe Morley, Pastor at Stella Maris, was soaked at the hands of Alberta Cannonier.

Bermuda’s Roman Catholic priests undertake the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

The Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon has swept the internet in the past few weeks, and Bermuda has not been immune to this, as witnessed recently by photos of the Governor accepting the challenge, along with BF&M employees and company CEO John Wight.

The rules of the ALS Challenge are simple: those who have been tagged or challenged by participants have two options — first, to record a video of themselves pouring a bucket with icy cold water over their head or have someone else do it for them; second, to donate to an ALS charity of their choice.

This is done to promote awareness of the disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis [ALS] or Lou Gehrig’s disease while at the same time encouraging more people to donate to its research cause. Most participants will donate to the cause even if they accept the Ice Bucket Challenge.

ALS is a debilitating disease that causes the nerve cells in the body to stop working, leading to paralysis and a slow and painful death. There is no cure for the disease.

As of August 27, 2014 the ALS Association said they have received $94.3 million in donations compared to $2.7 million during the same time period last year [July 29 to August 27]. These donations have come from existing donors and 2.1 million new donors.

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