Photos/Video: Blessing Of The Boats Ceremony

June 23, 2019

[Updated with photos] A Bermudian tradition that dates back to the mid 1800s is being held this morning [June 23] in the east end, with Bishop Nicholas Dill and Reverend Tom Slawson being rowed from St George’s to St David’s for the annual ‘Blessing of the Boats’ ceremony at Chapel of Ease Dock.

The ceremony has concluded and the 38-minute live video replay is below:

In the 1800s there were no bridges or land links between St David’s and the rest of Bermuda, so the Bishop was rowed across the harbour by four sons of clergymen who volunteered for the service. Many boats were present as the Bishop passed through their midst waving and giving his blessing, an act which started the tradition that continues to this day.

To commemorate that occasion and as part of the long association with the seafarers of St David’s, the Chapel of Ease holds this annual “Blessing of the Boats” service. We will have a photo gallery later on, and in the meantime the live video is below.


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  1. I am on vacation in Paris France, Hats off to Bernews your viedo came over good

  2. Slipnut says:

    BZ to all that participated, our maritime heritage.