3pm: 172 Customers Remain Without Power

October 30, 2014

[Updated] BELCO said that as of 6:00pm this evening [Oct 29], approximately 446 customers remain without power. ”Tomorrow, as BELCO Dispatch Operators will be sending out crews to the remaining small jobs, we will no longer be posting lists of where crews will be working,” a spokesperson said.

“To do so would create confusion for customers, as we would have to list many roads, and crews will be moving as quickly as possible from job to job. We will continue to update the number of customers waiting to be restored. Again, the target is full restoration by early in the weekend.

The distribution by parish:

  • Pembroke 73
  • Paget 80
  • Devonshire 107
  • Warwick 79
  • Southampton 28
  • Sandys 6
  • Smiths 52
  • Hamilton 3
  • St. Georges 18

Update 10.18pm: BELCO said, “At 10:00pm Wednesday, 295 customers remain without power. BELCO Dispatch will continue sending crews out to work on full restoration.

“Please note: we will not post work areas, as we are working on small customer pockets and individual customer restoration. We thank customers as we work through the last stage of restoration following Hurricane Gonzalo, which followed on the heels of Tropical Storm Fay.”

The breakdown is below:

  • Pembroke 50
  • Paget 42
  • Devonshire 91
  • Warwick 49
  • Southampton 20
  • Sandys 6
  • Smiths 24
  • Hamilton 2
  • St. Georges 11

Update Oct 30, 10.45am: BELCO said it is now 225 without power, and the breakdown is Pembroke 25, Paget 34, Devonshire 60, Warwick 43, Southampton 20, Sandys 6, Smiths 22, Hamilton 4 & St. Georges 11.

Update 3.18pm: BELCO said as of 3:00pm, there are 172 customers waiting for power restoration. The distribution by parish: Pembroke 15, Paget 34, Devonshire 35, Warwick 26, Southampton 23, Sandys 5, Smiths 20, Hamilton 3, St. Georges 11

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  1. Proud Bermudian says:

    *applause* Thank you Belco for your continued efforts.

    And thank you to the Bermudians who are still without power. Your patience is almost divine! Hope God gives you double for your trouble!

  2. Frank says:

    Thanks to all your hard work out there!

  3. campervan says:

    condolences guys, hang tough won’t be long now.

  4. Hazel says:

    Great job BELCo and CARILEC teams. Your efforts and hard work are greatly appreciated.

  5. el presidenti says:

    BURY the cables and put a stop to all this nonsense or are the belco shareholders making too much money!

  6. Christopher James says:

    el presidente: And if we simply put wings on all our cars, then we wouln’t need roadways – or tires.

    You simple way of fixing this is much more difficult than you’d know.

  7. hmmm says:

    Perhaps the last customer or the most paitent of the last customers could get a years supply of free electricity.