Photos/Video: Causeway Opens After Gonzalo

October 18, 2014

[Updated: Causeway open] With Hurricane Gonzalo making its way northeast of Bermuda, the task of restoring Bermuda will soon get underway, and many people will be hoping the Causeway was able to withstand the brunt of the hurricane force winds.

The Causeway getting battered during Gonzalo:

The Causeway was closed just before 11am yesterday, and will be re-opened after examination. Police Commissioner Michael DeSilva previously explained that after the storm, the Causeway has to be examined by structural engineers to make sure that underneath the Causeway has not been damaged.

“Once the Causeway closes, we cannot tell you what time it will open up because it is subject to the conditions abating and then an inspection after that,” Commissioner DeSilva said.

Update 10.00am: Looking at the other side of the causeway shows, unfortunately, there is visible damage.

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Photos of the Causeway at around 7am on Saturday morning.












Update: Photos showing visible damage…..unfortunately

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Update 2.15pm: The Causeway is now open for use, and a quick ‘drive through’ look at it is below

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  1. Thank you says:

    Great reporting Bernews, thank you for making me feel like I was home!!! Awesome job

  2. The Kid says:

    any word on how Hamilton is after Gonzalo?

  3. orkke says:

    Any injuries, etc?

  4. This is good news no severe damages to the cause way, airport can re-open and the easterners can get across to the mainland.

  5. Come On Man says:

    WoW! I thought that Causeway was gone. We are so lucky,it couldn’t have been much of a storm surge. Thank goodness for that.