No Loss Of Life Or Major Injury With Gonzalo

October 18, 2014

While Hurricane Gonzalo did cause widespread power outages and island-wide damage, including to the Causeway, the storm thankfully did not cause any reported loss of life or major injuries, the police confirmed.

Clean up has begun across the island


While loss of power affected 30,700 customers at one point, BELCO has reported that it has restored service to 3,925 customers as of 11.30am today [Oct 18].

As of 11.00am, the National Hurricane Center [NHC] has reported that Hurricane Gonzalo is 355 miles NNE of Bermuda, traveling at 25 mph with sustained winds of 90 mph as it travels towards the Canadian province of Newfoundland, where a Tropical Storm Warning is now in effect.

A linesman works to repair damage caused by the storm


To follow our ongoing live blog covering Hurricane Gonzalo, click here. To see the results of the storm across the island, click here for our Gonzalo photo gallery. To stay up to date on BELCO’s progress in restoring services, click here. For all of our Hurricane Gonzalo coverage, click here.

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  1. Say what you will this is were we see the real strength of Bermuda and it’s people, the U.S weather channels have given great coverage butt he thing that stands out the strongest, is there comments about the Bermudian citizens and how we are as a people, we received so much high praises as people from the anchors on the Weather Channel, Jim Cantori who is no stranger to Bermuda and our hurricanes, along with their crews who are on the ground in Bermuda, the look on their faces was priceless as Bermuda went through the eye of the hurricane, because it was a complete calm with no wind, and all you could hear is the whistling of the frogs.

    They have never seen the eye of a hurricane go directly over a land mask so small, Bermuda actually made history. the coverage by the weather channel made more mention of Bernews then any other media in Bermuda, I found that interesting, they had interviews with ever source, ZBM,Royal Gazette,VSB,The Premier and the weather station, but made more mention of Bernews then any other local contacts,I thought that was impressive.

    Still waiting on reports from Mark at Grotto Bay who had a device set up in one of the local houses at Shelly Bay, that has never been used before and if it worked,Bermuda will again make history because of the tracking device records that could make a big difference in how hurricanes are monitored in the future, all in all we had great coverage throughout the entire hurricane and up to date reporting literally every 5 to 10 minutes as it was going through, before, during and after, and now we are looking at all the aftermath, and they are spell bound by the eye being right over us and almost like it was a plan of God according to one of the anchors here on the weather channel.

  2. Mr. Wave Crasher says:

    C`mon Belco do your thing !!