All Govt Schools To Close At 1.30pm On Thurs

October 16, 2014

BHS, Saltus, MSA, Warwick Academy, Somersfield Academy, Bermuda Institute and Berkeley Institute will all be closed on Thursday [Oct 16] and Friday [Oct 17], while the other Government schools will close at 1.30pm on Thursday.

Bermuda College will close at 1pm on Thurday. As we are forecast to be getting battered by hurricane force winds on Friday, we have assumed that the various pre-schools will be closed on Friday.

Thurs Oct 16 Updates

Update 12.59pm: Govt. amends to 1.30pm….all Government schools will close at 1.30pm today.

Update 12.34pm: Govt. said, “The public is advised that all Government schools will close at 1.00 p.m. today. The Department of Public Transportation is working to ensure that schools are supplied with buses to assist students in their transport home. As a note, the public is encouraged to stay tuned to further updates and advisories regarding Hurricane Gonzalo, which will be distributed via local media outlets.”

Wed Oct 15 Updates

Update 3.00pm: Government schools [and offices] will be closed on Friday, 17th October.

Update 3.14pm: The Bermuda Independent School Association — comprised of BHS, Saltus, MSA, Warwick Academy, Somersfield Academy and Bermuda Institute — said they will all be closed Thursday and Friday.

They said, “Based upon our most recent information regarding Hurricane Gonzalo, all private schools have agreed to close at the end of Wednesday so as to provide the safest possible environment for their students and staff.

“As many of our buildings have already been weakened and damaged due to Tropical Storm Fay, we need to fully prepare our buildings and systems for the onslaught of Hurricane Gonzalo. No private schools will be opened on Thursday and Friday. Each school will be communicating directly with all of their stakeholders.”

Update 4.03pm: The Onionpatch Academy will be closed from 2pm tomorrow, 16 October 2014 due to the potential impact of Hurricane Gonzalo. The school will remain closed on Friday October 17, 2014.

Update 4.07pm: The Berkeley Institute will be closed on Thursday, October 16.

Update 5.17pm: Bermuda College to close at 1pm on Thursday. On a separate note, we have asked Govt. for hard confirmation on whether Govt schools are open on Thursday or not, and will update as able.

Update 6.52pm: Shadow Minister of Education Lovitta Foggo said the PLP “is questioning the decision of the EMO to keep government schools open on Thursday while their data and information has indicated a deterioration in weather conditions beginning in the afternoon.

“The private schools have indicated their closure, as well as The Berkeley Institute. Many businesses are either not opening at all or are closing early on Thursday. We would like to ensure our public school students are safe from harm during their travels home as well. I urge the Minister to rethink this decision. Remember it is better to err on the side of caution.”

Update 7.21pm: The College said, “Bermuda College will be closed for the remainder of the week. It will close at 1 p.m. on Thursday, October 16 and remain closed through Sunday. An assessment of property and facilities will be made on the weekend and updates will be provided at that time.”

Update 8.25pm: Bloomfield School on Manse Road, Paget will be open on Thursday morning only, closing at 12 noon.

Update 9.08pm: The Learning Zone nursery and preschool will be closing at 12:00 sharp on Thursday, October 16

Tuesday Oct 14 Updates

Update 3.20pm: We do *not* have any official confirmation of any schools yet [past the obvious assumption that those who already opened will remain open], but speaking in his interview with CITV, Premier Dunkley said, “We anticipate that we will have the schools open for Wednesday. These are public schools. We intend to meet as the EMO body again on Tuesday afternoon, four o’clock and make these type of decisions.”

Update 4.25pm: Saltus now has power back in both campuses, so will open on Wednesday.

Update 6.08pm: Sweet Pea Nursery had its power restored today and will open as normal tomorrow.

Update 6.51pm: All Govt. public schools will be open tomorrow except for Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy.

Update 9.16pm: Bloomfield School on Manse Road Paget will re-open tomorrow at the usual time.

Monday Oct 13 Updates

Update 4.43am : According to emails we have in, Bermuda College will be open for classes as per normal on Monday [Oct 13].

Update 4.57am : First Friends Nursery and Preschool will be closed.

Update 7.04am: Blossoming Tots will be open on Monday

Update 3.47pm: Mount Saint Agnes Academy has confirmed they will officially resume classes tomorrow, Tuesday, 14th October at the regular time.

Update 4.22pm: Saltus will be closed tomorrow. A spokesperson said, “The Saltus staff have been in school today ensuring that everything is ready for when we can start school. The maintenance crews have been working hard since Sunday to get everything back in shape. If you go onto the Saltus Grammar School Facebook page, or the Saltus Alumni Facebook page you can see photos of some of the damage and the work that is being completed.

“Like many of you our issue is getting power back to the campuses. As of now [3.30pm] we do not have power in all parts of the campus, and some are now under repair [there is currently a large crane in the main driveway of the Senior Dept!]. As a result, we cannot open any of our departments tomorrow [Tuesday]. We are hopeful that full power will be restored during Tuesday and that we can resume school on Wednesday morning. We will confirm the situation by 3.30 tomorrow [Tuesday].

The photo below shows one of Saltus’ classrooms:

Saltis classroom

Update 4.50pm: Bermuda Institute confirms they will open on Tuesday

Update 5.17pm: Warwick Academy confirm they will be closed for students on Tuesday, saying they still do not have power.

Update 5.37pm: The Learning Zone will be open on Tuesday

Update 5.40pm: Change of plans for Warwick Academy…they just got power back so *will* be open on Tuesday

Update 6.21pm: The EMO said, “All Government public schools will remain closed tomorrow as ongoing assessments and works are being conducted on the Island’s schools by BELCO and Public Works personnel. A further update regarding school openings will be provided tomorrow. As a special note, the Government appreciates parents’ continued patience and cooperation.”

Update 6.34pm: Somersfield Academy will be open on Tuesday

Update 6.35pm: Heavenly Blessings Nursery and Preschool is open on Tuesday, and said they will be accepting children ages 4-8 for $20 for the day. They are located at the Hamilton SDA Church next to the Fire Station and are open from 7:30am – 6:00pm. For more information please contact Mrs. Symonds at 737-0555.

Update 6.45pm: Flying Start Nursery School and Sweet Pea Nursery will both be closed tomorrow as they are without electricity.

Update 7.50pm: Onionpatch Academy in Hamilton will be open on Tuesday

Update 8.14pm: BHS will be open tomorrow

Update 8.28pm: Cornerstone Daycare and Preschool will be open on Tuesday

Update 9.48pm: Stepping Stones preschool will be open on Tuesday

Update 10.11pm: First Friends Nursery and Preschool will be open tomorrow, while Bloomfield School on Manse Road will remain closed until further notice as the school is without electricity…and Teeter Tots Nursery will also close.

Sunday Oct 12 Updates

Saltus Grammar School have confirmed that eight classrooms were damaged by Tropical Storm Fay, and both Saltus campuses will closed to students tomorrow [Oct 13].

A spokesperson said, “As a result of damage from today’s tropical storm both Saltus campuses are closed to students tomorrow.

“We have had damage to 8 classrooms in the Senior Dept and need time for staff to relocate, grounds to be cleared of debris, and classrooms checked and tidied up.

“We will make an announcement before 4.00pm tomorrow as to opening on Tuesday. Senior and Upper Primary staff please meet in the Alumni Hall for 9.00. Cavendish staff do not need to be in as maintenance will be cleaning the classrooms.”

Update 4.00pm: Additional schools who have confirmed they will be closed tomorrow include: Warwick Academy, MSA, BHS, Somersfield Academy and St. Georges Prep. All teachers are asked with the exclusion of St. Georges Prep to come in tomorrow to assist with clean up.

Update 4.43pm: We do not have any information on any other schools at this time, however will update within minutes once we receive any additional information. Anyone with any school information is asked to email us at

Update 6.26pm: Sweet Pea Nursery will be closed tomorrow, and plan to reopen on Tuesday if power is restored by then. Email confirmations will go out tomorrow afternoon concerning the reopening.

Update 6.38pm: We confirmed with Dwayne Caines, who is working with the EMO, that all Govt schools are closed tomorrow.

Update 6.55pm: The statement from the EMO is in, who said: “All Government Offices will be open tomorrow. However all schools will remain closed so that the necessary assessments can continue to be conducted. ‎It should be noted however that teachers have been asked to attend their respective schools and assist their principals in ensuring school readiness.”

Update 7.20pm: Heavenly Blessing Nursery & Preschool, Learning Zone Nursery, Little Learners, Chatterbox Group of Nurseries, Bermuda Institute, and Onionpatch Daycare will also be closed tomorrow.

Update 8.15pm: We have been unable to confirm Bermuda College at this time. Anyone who can speak to that is asked to email us at please!

Update 9.43pm: According to emails we have in, Flying Start Nursery will be closed while Heritage Nursery & Preschool will be open as normal tomorrow.

Full Coverage Of The Aftermath of Fay

For all our coverage of Tropical Storm Fay click here, and for our live blog click here.

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  1. Alicia says:

    Have you heard from any of the pre-schools or government schools in terms of who is open and who will be closed?

    • Bernews says:

      @Alicia, just St George’s Prep. We will post any updates on other schools as soon as we receive them

      • Maria says:

        Bernews can you please add to your list that Bright Beginnings Nursery and Pre-school is close as well. Thanks.

  2. Will the teachers be paid custodians pay on top of their regular salary or was this already in their contract to be cleaners as well as teach, I know some will not have a issue with assisting with the clean up but there are those that want you to know they did not go through university and spend hard earn money to get a degree to come back and multi task to job’s that is not in their signed agreement.

    I say give the clean up jobs to the unemployed who need work at present and let the teachers stay home.

    • Creamy says:

      I’d honestly be shocked if any teachers looked at it the way you do.

    • been There Done Yhat says:

      I can not believe a man of your supposed intelligence, could make such an a$$inine statement like that

    • smh says:

      We just had a storm and you’re worried about job responsibilities?? Thank you for showing the whole island how narrow minded you are. If someone helped you out today in some fashion I hope they charge you for their services you freak.

    • North rock says:

      What an idiot

    • mdb says:

      Instead of Blogging all day. why don’t you go help a neighbour something. I know that’s what ive been doing all damn day and your here just complaining on every new story that pops up. get a life dude. go help your community. The island needs all hands on deck right about now.

  3. Blessed says:

    @Duane P Santucci, I would hope that teachers use their better judgement and follow the protocols of their job description and Union Agreement. If there is no mention of hurricane/storm clean-up or janitorial services then they should not perform any. So like you I agree give the clean up jobs to people who need it ie unemployed willing and able. And keep in mind if a teacher slips falls and injuries themselves while performing tasks at school that are outside of their job description or union agreement what happens then?

  4. GCO says:

    I am a teacher and I will surely not look at it like that! I will do what ever it takes to get my school ready for the students to learn in a safe and clean environment!

    • Creamy says:

      I can sincerely tell you that people appreciate it. Thank you.

  5. Hdfbfhns says:

    On the radio they said schools are closed but im not quite sure.

  6. Parent says:

    West Pembroke has power lines down in the driveway can someone confirm that they will be open tomorrow like that? Also that part of North Shore was still without wore half an hour ago! We need to know ASAP not at 8 am tomorrow am like last time there was a storm

  7. Roberto says:

    Man, been there done that, this so called Tropical Storm caught all the forecasters with their pants down,
    amazing really when i checked on line at 11pm Saturday it was very obvious that this HURRICANE WAS GOING TO HIT US HEAD ON.!!!!!!! , they are obviously missing their bottle of hi tech Shark Oil, get some for the next time.

  8. Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

    Why do you lot have to be so rude to each other? Santucci had an opinion, why call him names? If you don’t like it, roll your eyes. It’s not that serious. Everyone has an opinion, thats life.

  9. I love all the intelligent asinine comments of people that read into a statement only what they think is being said and not the overall comment, I support anyone including teachers that would apply themselves to getting our classes and halls of learning back to normalcy but there are those among us who feel they did not go to university to come back home to do anything less then what they are hired to do, and most of the generous responses come from folk who do not teach with the exception of a few, so get a life and yes i have all day to sit here and read and do what you like best, people like me make people like you, read between the lines.

  10. Jeanette says:

    Can anyone tell me if the Bda College will be open or closed?

  11. no school says:

    Happy moment nursery and preschool closed. Reopen on Tuesday