PLP Constituency 33 To Host Dinner On Sunday

November 15, 2014

The Progressive Labour Party Sandys South Constituency #33 is inviting people to join them for a free dinner at 3pm this Sunday [Nov 16] at the Somers Isle Lodge in Sandys.

The event flyer said, “Constituency 33 invites you to join us for Feed Our Families on Sunday, November 16, 2014 3:00 pm at Somers Isle Lodge, Hog Bay Level, next to Maximart, for a free dinner for families in Constituency 33.”


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  1. Well... says:

    Does handing out free dinners 2 days before the election contravene section 64 (c) of the parliamentry election act,, maybe/maybe not,,,,However, holding said food giveaway at the constituency polling station? What does the polling officer have to say about it.? Sure doesn’t sound kosher to me!!

  2. Thunder Man says:

    well, talk about trying to buy votes

  3. Raymond Ray says:

    Here we go again another damn pacifier…Where were you prior to this election in Constituency #33 ? An old method of getting what one wants is to give with one hand gently while simultaneously pulling hard with the other. The Progressive Labour Party are playing “people” for fools :-(

  4. sandman says:

    It’s illegal – section 64 – of the Parliamentary election act to give a gift to somebody to induce them to vote for you. Very heavy penalties and disqualification from being a candidate.

    If event goes ahead, we can only hope that the police enforce the law.

    • looking and listening says:

      I do believe the PLP takes the voters in 33 for granted. Treating them as if they are fools. Everyone supporters or not should attend. Let them see how many families they have put into a position where they now have to be fed.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      The law will not be enforced. You know it. Just as sad is that there are those who will sell their vote for the price of a cheap dinner.

      This is no better than one of those timeshare promotions where you get something cheap for free but you will have to sit through the high pressure sales pitch/indoctrination first before you get your freebee.

  5. Cleancut says:

    Fill their bellies, sweet talk them, then tell them how wonderful life will be under the PLP.

  6. Elaine Faber says:

    Exercise maturity, it does not contravene ANY acts.

    If all it took was a free meal than the UBP would never have lost political power, thereby never needing a name change.

    You have attempted in every way possible to rock the vote, to stir the pot and to malign a candidate, but walking out of Parliament, even temporarily, now that was real maturity at work.

    What ideally worked to remove Craig Cannonier does not impress the electorate as a means to remove Marc Bean. The creation of emotional turbulence to create a groundswell of political manipulation has failed. Why? It (political drama) happens too often to be perceived as genuine.

    It is just a suggestion, but you may want to do some political housecleaning by taking the comments off your website. Whose idea was it to send the alleged comments viral on the internet? Do you know that her name can be hashtagged against the comments and live on indefinitely on the internet?

    Stop attempting to manipulate the electorate, it fails to impress us.

    • Well... says:

      So giving away free meals isn’t trying to manipulate? Maybe just buy?

      • Elaine Faber says:

        How can a free meal manipulate a voter? One free meal, please think before you post.

        Free meals do not sway anyone, but then again that’s apparent to a sixteen year old who does not vote.

        • serengeti says:

          If it’s not to manipulate voters, what was its purpose? Why give away free stuff if it has no effect? What would be the difference if a candidate offered to give away $20 gift vouchers? It’s just another way of buying influence.

          • Elaine Faber says:


            To answer your question, candidates will host this type of event to get to meet voters who they have not had an opportunity to meet, for one reason or the other. An example, a voter’s schedule may conflict with the time that a candidate goes to their home. Or some voters might prefer to see a candidate in another setting other than their home. So, inviting the voter to meet the candidate in a larger group format is the next best option.

            Is your vote worth a free meal? Do you actually think that a free meal is the price tag of a vote? Not one dollar should be offered to any voter for their vote, that is illegal.

            What century and what country do you actually think you live in?

            I just cannot believe the lack of rational thoughts here. Where is this type of political paranoia coming from?

            It’s scary to think that in a modern sophisticated democracy some think in terms of the very dark ages.

            Now I realise the extent of political brainwashing in Bermuda and why you are such a vital asset to your political party.

        • Well.... says:

          So where should we then set the standard for a bribe? $100, $200.. a new car? The amount is irrelevant here, the fact is that people were given something for nothing in an attempt to influence them.

  7. Joe says:

    There was hardly anyone there.

    • Elaine Faber says:

      Voila, and there goes the OBA conspiracy on vote buying.

      Thank God, we wouldn’t want another Parliament walk out.

  8. Jamahl is no better says:

    The real issue for voters should be why didn’t the PLP candidate for 33 not stop the leader of the opposition’s alleged tirade as one woukd have expected anyone with integrity would do. By staying silent he condoned this alleged hideous misogynistic behaviour. Disgusting

  9. Clever Neville says:

    It is expected that constituency will just vote party lines. I hope everyone takes a hard look at both candidates.

    • Well.... says:

      Neville, I agree… 33 always has been party lines… I personally vote for who I thing is the best candidate(s). I like to sit down and talk to them face to face (or at least by phone). This I have to say is the 1st time I haven’t seen as mush as a slip of paper from the PLP candidate (let alone a visit). On the other side I’ve had numerous communications from the OBA and even a visit at my home.

  10. No longer a member says:

    My friend from Zimbabwe and I had a huge laugh, he said this is what politicians do in his country to the uneducated to get votes. Chololates and tee shirts for their vote and than they don’t see them until next election. It is a shame many won’t even see through this???