Bermudian Detained Overseas Expected In Court

December 4, 2014

The police said that one Bermudian who was detained by Canadian law enforcement officers in Toronto has appeared before the Canadian courts, and it is anticipated that another Bermudian will also be charged.

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service continues to liaise with Canadian authorities after several passengers on a scheduled WestJet flight to Bermuda Sunday were detained by Canadian law enforcement officers in Toronto.

“It is anticipated that a Bermudian will be charged in connection with the November 30th matter, while another Bermudian arrested in a similar incident a week prior has already appeared before the Canadian courts.

“While no further comment can be made on either case at this time, both highlight the ongoing cooperation between local and Canadian authorities.”

The police previously confirmed that a “number of Bermudians” were detained in Toronto, Canada after Canadian Authorities became suspicious of people onboard a West Jet flight heading to Bermuda.

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  1. Well if its for Herb set them and the plant free!!

  2. Sky Pilot says:

    If found Guilty,these guys will find out what a real prison is!

  3. Worlds most wonderful vegetable …and they make it illegal…it grows in the wild….provided by the Almighty…and ignorant man tries to imitate it’s medicinal qualities and produces pharmeceuticals that will produce a broad spectrum of side effects from growing man breasts to death….

  4. Ray says:

    If it is for herbs they should be thankful they got caught in Canada, lax law’s.

  5. Cardine Alice says:

    Why the secrecy? If minors I can understand the need to anonymise names, but charges?