Photos: Christmas Celebrations On Elbow Beach

December 25, 2014

Large crowds of people made their way to Elbow Beach in Paget to celebrate Christmas today [Dec 25], spending the day socializing, swimming and celebrating on one of Bermuda’s most popular beaches. The annual Christmas get together is a long standing tradition, and usually sees the participants wearing seasonal attire.

This year, Coral Beach & Tennis Club has teamed up with Bermuda Police Service and St Paul’s Anglican Church to assist with the parking challenges normally associated with this event, with Coral Beach & Tennis Club offering up the grounds at Horizons to accommodate parking for approximately 150 cars.

Yesterday, General Manager Nik Bhola said, “We are happy to offer parking at Horizons and will work with St Paul’s Anglican Church to make it a fund raiser. Drivers will be asked to donate a small sum to St Paul’s to be allowed to park on the property.

“We chose St Paul’s because we already partner with them and their seniors lunch programme and this was another way we could give back to the community and share a little Christmas spirit!”

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Comments (19)

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  1. Truth (Original) says:

    Awesome ! Merry Christmas !

  2. Give me a Break says:

    Clean up ur own damn TRASH this year!!!

  3. Micro says:

    Maybe those groups can spearhead the beach clean up as well

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Who makes all the mess along the May 24th route? Who cleans up? does permanent damage by spray painting all over sidewalks & trees? Who are the real disrespectful mess makers of Bermuda.

  4. Trickle Down Clean Up says:

    Cleaning up is for government, parks dept or locals remember – trickle down – they make the mess we clean up

    • Strike fund says:

      Most of the people attending were locals. Very few tourists this time of the year.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        This is traditionally not a locals, i.e. Bermudian, get together though it is not a foreign worker only bash either.

        Having looked through all of the pics there is one thing noticable by its absence. Trash on the beach. Not a scrap to be seen anywhere. These are people who treat Bermuda public land with respect. Thankyou.

      • mixitup says:

        expat ‘locals’ you mean

        • Creamy says:

          How can you tell?

          Oh, wait a minute. The usual way of categorizing people.

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Well as a matter of fact, yes. It all started with people who are here on work permits & don’t have family to spend Christams with getting together for celebrations at Elbow Beach.

          From year to year it grew & grew. It never was an expat (oh how I hate that word) only party. Look around. There are more & more Bermudian locals each year.

          Got a problem with that Mixitup?

    • Coffee says:

      In this brave new Bermuda , it is the entitled who must clean up after the hard workers .

  5. Thingy says:

    We where there, and in a picture. We look fabulous! And we took all our trash away, so why should we clean up after people that didn’t?

    • Just wondering says:

      for the same reason why people go out on KBB island and marine clean up days – to clean up other peoples mess – someone has to do it – and it ought to be all of us – i agree its not fair but if we want to have a beautiful island and ocean its whats necessary

      • Terry says:

        We all do some part in community clean ups et al.

        Just because you want to party and leave your **** behind for others to clean up sends a clear message to me.

        You don’t give a ****.


    • Creamy says:

      It looks a nice event. Thanks for taking your trash away. Have a nice Christmas.

  6. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    NICE:), like join in for the Greetings, a swim, a bite to eat & “beverage” next year.

  7. ROGER LAMBERT says:


  8. Oh,I see now says:

    I bet there were no fights,loud swearing arguments or smell of the mistletoe burning….wink looked like good clean fun why worry about the splinter in their eye when sometimes we have a two by four in our own.

  9. Cow Polly says:

    Nice to see this event being embraced now by the police and neighboring properties instead of the annual ticketing of cars……. Whoever had the change of mindset, thank you