Greenrock & HSBC To Present Water Explorer

January 8, 2015

Environmental charity Global Action Plan [GAP] UK and HSBC in Bermuda are getting set to collaborate with Greenrock Bermuda to introduce the Water Explorer Programme to the island’s schools, an educational programme that focuses on environmental behaviour change.

The program seeks to engage 9,000 students across 11 countries over a two-year period in a student-led interactive online initiative.

A spokesperson said, “The programme can be completed in part or as a whole and can be utilised as a standalone programme or integrated into an existing school curriculum. Benefits of the programme include prizes for participating schools and the opportunity for local students and teachers to engage with other countries.”

“The programme seeks to educate students in understanding where water comes from, how it affects lives and how to take practical action to protect and save water at home, at school and within local communities. Through these challenges, students will develop life skills such as presenting, critical thinking, project management and teamwork.

“These challenges also seek to instill values such as integrity, empathy, awareness and ultimately aim to leave participants with a better understanding of global water scarcities. Teams in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Switzerland and Bermuda will create their own practical action plans to make a difference.

“The programme will be open to young people aged 8-14 years of age.”

Richard Moseley, CEO of HSBC Bank Bermuda, said, “Water is critical to life. In Bermuda we are leaders in water conservation. Hence HSBC Bermuda is excited to be part of this global programme, where we can help our young people be leaders in water conservation.”


Gordon Johnson, Executive Director at Greenrock, said, “Greenrock is proud to be selected by HSBC to be the project manager in Bermuda as part of this global initiative. Water is the essence of life and Bermudians have a long history of understanding and respecting the importance of fresh and salt water.

“We look forward to the conversations our young people will participate in on this topic and the projects that will spring from their understanding of what is important about water to them and how we can understand water today.”

“Teachers in Bermuda who are interested in having students participate in the programme are encouraged to sign up today. There is no cost for participating in the programme, and Greenrock Bermuda will provide guidance and support for implementing the programme in local schools.”

To register a school, click here.

“After teachers sign up, they will receive a school package from Greenrock Bermuda [available January/February 2015 - digital or hard copy] and they can immediately begin to have students complete challenges to earn points. As they complete challenges, students or teachers are able update their progress on the website which grows the online “pond” dedicated to that particular school.

“They also have the opportunity to write blog posts and upload pictures, gaining them more points toward their overall total. After completing several challenges, schools are eligible for a free water workshop where Greenrock will organise volunteers and community leaders to educate, inspire and guide schools to hosting their own water festivals.

“This part of the project has great flexibility to encourage creative thinking about issues relevant to water in Bermuda.”


“The global Water Explorer programme has received $4.3 million USD in funding as part of the global HSBC Water Programme. HSBC Group has partnered with Global Action Plan, an award-winning environmental charity providing the UK’s only environmental behaviour change projects endorsed by the United Nations Environment Programme [UNEP].

“As Global Action Plan programmes are supported by UNEP, all schools who complete the Water Explorer programme will achieve a UNEP certificate.

“The global HSBC Water Programme is a five year, $100 million USD partnership with Earthwatch, WaterAid and WWF, three NGOs that rank amongst the world’s most respected environmental and sustainable development organisations.

“These partnerships provide the necessary scale to deliver the powerful combination of water provision, protection and education; benefiting communities in need, enabling people to prosper, and driving economic development and growth.”

For further information on registering students in Bermuda, contact Tara Cassidy by email at or by telephone at 705-2787.

For further information on the global Water Explorer programme, contact Stephanie Walker, Head of Marketing UK, by email at or by telephone at 020-7420-4443.

For further information on HSBC’s involvement, contact Nathalie Barnett-Dill, Sponsorship, Events and Community Investment Specialist, by email at or by telephone at 299-6224.

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  1. Greenrock says:

    This is a wonderful gift from HSBC to our Bermuda community – thank you! I look forward to learning from our local youth as they become Water Explorers involved with this global initiative.

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