HSBC Bank’s ‘FreshWater Watchers’ Programme

April 28, 2015

On 22 April, Earth Day, approximately twenty HSBC staff volunteers were trained as Bermuda’s first ‘FreshWater Watchers.’

In partnership with Earthwatch, this initiative supports the Global HSBC Water Programme which engages almost 7,500 HSBC staff volunteers worldwide to help facilitate global water research.

The team of HSBC ‘FreshWater Watchers’ visited Paget Marsh where they participated in an interactive session in learning how to analyse an eco-system and measure water quality. Environmental observations and the conducting of biochemical and water clarity testings were the key elements of the hands-on training.

The new team of HSBC FreshWater Watchers will monitor and report the change of water qualities in local ponds over the next two years.

The new team of HSBC FreshWater Watchers  1

Dr. David Wingate, on behalf of The Bermuda National Trust, also attended the training session offering the team in-depth knowledge on Bermuda’s wetlands and ponds which will be invaluable to their future research.

Each HSBC volunteer has selected a local body of water [a pond, canal or wetland] and over the next two years, will closely monitor and test water quality. Along with their HSBC colleagues from around the world, their research findings will be reported to Earthwatch on a quarterly basis .The uploaded data will then allow their scientists to develop a global picture of the changes of water qualities and quantities, and the impacts of climate change.

Clesia Realejo, HSBC Community Investment Manager and Citizen Scientist Leader [left] guides HSBC FreshWater Watchers Kerrilyn Pacheco, Gregory De Melo and Ezekiel Stoneham in conducting their first biochemical test at Paget Marsh.

The new team of HSBC FreshWater Watchers 2

Richard Moseley, HSBC Bermuda CEO, states, “As the world’s population and economic development continues to thrive, there is an increased pressure on its most critical resources. HSBC has recognised the direct positive environmental, social and economic benefits that fresh water can bring to any community.

“A global project such as this not only allows us to generate further awareness on such an important issue, but also affords staff volunteers the opportunity to be actively involved, contributing to the future management and preservation of fresh water resources worldwide.”

For further details on the HSBC Global Water Programme, the FreshWater Watch Programme and how you can help, please contact Clesia Realejo, Events, Sponsorship and Community Investment Manager [].

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