Skid Testing Performed Near Embankment Scene

January 10, 2015

Staff from the Works & Engineering Department were this morning [Jan 10] at the scene of today’s accident where a car veered off the road and ended up over the embankment in Southampton, with the incident occurring near the same location that a Police vehicle crashed through yesterday.

After the incident this morning Police said, “At 4:36am on Saturday 10th January 2015, a male driver reported he was driving his car on South Road by Gulf Stream [formerly Tio Pepe] and lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle subsequently veered off the road, over the embankment towards Horseshoe Beach.”

Skid Tester Bermuda, January 10 2015-3

This follows after the incident yesterday which saw a police officer driving a police land cruiser crash, and end up off the road over the embankment, with the officer extricated out of his vehicle with the assistance of members of the public.

Skid Tester Bermuda, January 10 2015-1

Skid Tester Bermuda, January 10 2015-2

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  1. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    Wasting money. Just slow down if something was truly wrong with that section of road over 50% of vehicles would go off that embankment.

    • Joseph Froncioni says:

      “Speed testing” would be more appropriate.

      • Jonny rocket says:

        um that’s what skid testing does, it determines how fast the vehicle was going…

    • Michael Brangman says:

      have you ever heard of hydroplaning?

  2. I and I says:

    LOL!!!!!Its called SLOW DOWN!!!!Bring that little gizmo to Scaur Hill!!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Another highly dangerous area where, if you don’t get sent into a wall or overboard, you will get one serious case of road rash from the extrememly coarse slurry seal. A little banking on either side of Scaur Hill would make the road so much safer, but no, lets keep sending the ambulance up there to pick up the human pieces then send W&E to fix the wall….again.

  3. Micro says:

    How about they try it when the road is wet. It’s not rocket science, its slippery, privatize paving works and get it started immediately.

    How the test works:
    Note the difference between wet and dry.

    • Macro says:

      Hey Micro,

      The wet test is not performed in the rain. It has to be done with the spray bottle supplied by the device’s manufacturer.

      • Macro says:

        If you look carefully at the 2nd image, at the center of the device, the road is wet where the rubber striker engages and measures the resistance.

    • lol says:

      per the video above, he’s doing it wrong…(lol)

  4. Sky Pilot says:

    nothing wrong with the road,it’s the way fools operate vehicles at speeds these roads were never meant for!

  5. Family Man says:

    I’d be willing to bet that as they were going over that embankment, the skid marks those guys left, weren’t on the roads.

  6. Vote for Me says:

    Does anyone know how the skid tester works and if it can be used on other Bermuda roads?

  7. Roger says:

    would a more accurate reading be achieved if the test was carried out at a time when the accidents occurred and the conditions similar.

    • 10-4 says:

      The way this device test is performed is that you don’t need to do it at the time of the accident. You conduct a dry and wet test to confirm if the road resistance is within acceptable tolerances. All other variables do not apply as no one can build a road to be perfectly safe no matter the variables, such as overdriving or foreign substances or tornadoes, etcetera.

  8. Not A Rocket Scientist says:

    Would you think that the test should performed where it is believed the skid to have commenced, not ended? Duh???

  9. chipp says:

    This is what u called aftermath ??? Its to late and its not the only spot in b.d.a plz…..

  10. Triangle Drifter says:

    There it is, in the second picture. One of the reasons for the crashes. Poorly maintained roads. The roads have not been properly maintained for years.

    Cracks develop & nothing is done about it. It rains, water gets under the ashphalt, the surface subsides, eventually along comes W&E & a sloppy job of repair is done.

    Think what our roads would be like it we had freezing or 80,000# vehicles going over them at 60mph.

    Anyone who has driven anywhere in the US or Canada will have seen a liquid product used to fill cracks in an otherwise undamaged road. First comes a guy with a compressor which blasts the loose dirt out of the crack. Next comes the guy with the product that is squirted into the crack. It self levels. It quickly cures & traffic is able to use the road again in very little time.

    Do we use this in Bermuda? Noooo. Much better to leave the surface till it is full of cracks, potholes & flaking away. Then, in a ‘make work’ campaign we eventually send in a slow men working road crew & equipment, at great expense, to do an equally poor jod of resurfacing. Witness the work being done on the South Road, Devonshire right now.

    Cars have been on Bermuda roads for almost 70 years, 1946, & we still have not learned how to make safer roads.

    W&E, another Government department ripe for privatisation.

    • Tony says:

      Agree, but W&E have barely any money do do the work – previous administration saw to that, surfacing equipment is never maintained thus always out of service – and that’s a W&E issue. Questions should be asked but never are.

    • Creamy says:

      Funny how the poor road maintenance seems to have most effect at about 2.30am.

    • bo didley says:

      I seem to recall that they use this product in areas where there is freezing, and it is to stop water from entering the crack and freezing thus making a frost heave or big fetching bump in the road.

      However i do agree that the crews that resurface the roads need to be either fired and replaced by individuals who actually care, or better yet be forced to ride racing bikes over their attempts whilst wearing nothing but a pair of old school speedos. Maybe then they might appreciate the true results of their efforts. However saying this you now can understand why their truckers drive at or below 35kph.

  11. diputs says:

    I will drive any car on any road in Bermuda and at less than 50kph there is no way I will leave the road. What nonsense. Excessive speed is the only reason these incidents happened.

  12. Y-Gurl says:

    Are you serious they are going to blame their bad driving on the roads….come on BPS are you not supposed to drive in accordance with the current road conditions, it’s time you took responsibility for your actions, if had been any one else who drove like an idiot and went over the embankment you would as usual have cited speed as an issue

  13. HOTDOG says:

    I drive around this island every day end to end and take all roads, the things that I see a lot of the people that are on these roads driving
    should not be, do not blame the roads.


  14. Merulius Lacrymans says:

    Someone is NOT using the Stanley Pendulum correctly..
    Should have been swinging in the direction of traffic, not against traffic flow.
    Should not have had leg height adjusted between swings, without making sure the contact arc with the road surface remained the same length.
    Should have been stabilised on its offset leg at each swing as it was (obviously) wobbling at this location.
    Should have taken the average of readings at different points along the road at 5 metre intervals, not all in the same place.
    Should have sprayed water on contact patch of road between swings.
    “0.33″ he seems to say, actually he means 33, (as 0.33 would be less than an ice skating rink) is abysmally low anyway.
    Go back and do it again…Properly!!

  15. concerned says:

    Why did they have to get a skid tester from the UK when there are plenty of suitably qualified Bermudian skid testers? another case of the oba selling us out

  16. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    The Trouble with Experts…

  17. Cafe Au Lait says:

    I drove down this stretch of road not once but twice this weekend. Somehow my car is till the same way up. Course I was going at the speed limit.

  18. Ricko Chez says:

    It doesn’t take a fool to figure out that all these accidents seem to happen when it is dark. If Government simply made it daytime at that time of night, then none of this would happen.

    But as usual, I don’t expect Government will do anything about it.