Getting “Beach Ready” Means Setting Goals

February 1, 2015

[Written by Kacper Kulig]

I want to build muscle, I want to lean out, I need a six pack, I want to look beach ready – all of this in a couple weeks please. Just some of the things I hear from clients and friends.

I’m sure you have all heard this before, maybe not, but reading or hearing it over and over is the best way to get the message across. Summer is only a few months away and setting a goal is definitely the best way to get results as long as you are 100 percent committed and the goal is realistic.

When it comes to your body, as much as you think you know it, it is still one of the most complicated things to figure out. Your daily routine may change, diet changes, family, work all play a role on how your body works and gets you to that goal.

Some simple rules to follow. Give your self time to work with. I am talking about quality time each day or couple days a week. We all have responsibilities, some more then others. For some reason exercise seems to be the first thing people will scratch off the list of things to do.

If you can’t make it into the gym, no worries; all you need is 15­-20 minutes on those busy days to do some interval training on your own. Whether it’s walking or jogging, some push­ups and sit ups, or even those Burpees everyone loves, it’s staying active and doing something.

Diet: the most important part of any exercise plan and fitness goal. It’s really hard staying on a clean diet if you’re not used to it. The best way to start is planning your next couple days or even week.

Figure out what you will need and meal prep. Honestly, even I love to grab a California wrap or bagel when I’m hungry from the local cafe, but that’s not going to get me my results.

Plan ahead and have your meals ready to go when you leave the house everyday. Have more food with you then you will eat. Each meal should contain protein [chicken, fish] carbs [vegetables] and good fats [avocado, nuts]. Eat! Eat when you’re hungry, not when you have time twice a day. If I have breakfast and I’m still hungry an hour later I will eat something.

Keeping your metabolism active will help you burn calories. We will get into proper nutrition, portion control and what to eat when at a different time. Right now, just make sure you cut this out of your diet and you won’t believe the difference it will make: anything with flour, sugar, dairy, and salt – and of course alcohol.

Try this for a couple weeks and let me know how you feel.

So there you go, simple mistakes that can be easily avoided and help you feel better. Make time and eat right!

- Kacper Kulig is an ISSA certified PT, Crossfit L1, Fitness Show/Nutrition Coach, and fitness model and competitor. To learn more, visit the Alchemy Fitness Bermuda Facebook page and Mr. Kulig’s Facebook page.

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