Photos & Video: RAF Aircraft Land In Bermuda

February 9, 2015

Three Royal Air Force [RAF] Tornadoes and one A330-200 Voyager tanker landed at Bermuda’s LF Wade International Airport this afternoon [Feb 9] having traveled from Lajes, Azores.

The group of military aircraft are headed for a stop in Florida and then on to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada to participate in Red Flag, which has been billed as the “largest and most complex air war fighting exercise in the world.”

The Royal Air Force website says, “The two-week exercise, which started on 26 January, provides the RAF’s advanced Typhoon FGR4 aircraft with a chance to demonstrate its lethal swing-role fighter-bomber capability. RAF intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance aircraft and personnel are also participating.


“More than 3,000 personnel – including 350 from RAF units – are involved in the exercise, which provides the US, UK and close coalition partners with realistic training in hostile airspace.

“Among the RAF units participating, 1[F] Squadron – from RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland – faces an especially important challenge as its pilots operate Typhoon in its swing-role ‘fighter bomber’ capability for the first time in an exercise.

“Armed with Paveway IV and Advanced Medium- and Short-range Air-to-Air Missiles, Typhoon is capable of fighting its way in to hostile airspace, launching precision strikes on ground targets, and fighting its way out again.

“During Exercise Red Flag, Typhoon pilots from 1[F] Squadron have been participating in 120-aircraft strong air battles over Nevada’s barren terrain, alongside allies from the US Air Force [USAF] and the Royal Australian Air Force [RAAF].”

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  1. Good Stuff says:

    Is it too late to change careers? :)

  2. Sky Pilot says:

    superb shooting as usual by Bernews Best!

  3. Family Man says:

    Wish they’d do a fly by the South Shore on their way out.

  4. Hmm says:

    When do they depart?

  5. MAKEMYDAY says:

    Brings back memories of my RAF days!! Different aircraft today – but still the same professionalism – by the “team”!!

    • Slinger Wood says:

      Dear Sirs,
      Brilliant video clip and photographs……how can I get a digital photo emailed to me please
      of the Tornado GR4 EB-X side on view.
      From thousands of miles away it was absolutely brilliant to listen live to the Ugly Duckling and
      her three chicks coming into land and then depart from BDA