Holdipp Files Writ On “Behalf Of Bermudians”

March 25, 2015

Saying he filed it on “behalf of Bermudians residing in Bermuda,” John Holdipp III has filed a writ in the Supreme Court against Minister of Finance Bob’Richards, Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy, Premier Michael Dunkley, and the “Elected Members of the OBA Government.”

Mr Holdipp said, “This writ was activated as a result of decisions of the sitting government against the Bermudians residing in their homeland.

Mr. Holdipp alleges the writ was filed as, “The Finance Minister with support of the OBA Cabinet and Elected Members are engaging in a plan of financial peril to the present and future well-being of Bermudians in regards to the airport redevelopment contract with the Canadian Government and/or representatives.”

“That policies implemented by Minister Fahy, the OBA Cabinet and Elected OBA Members have directly discriminated against Bermudians in the country of their birth – that being Bermuda.”

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  1. Yahoo says:


    • BETTTYTRUMP says:



      • Rhonnie aka Blue Familiar says:

        Ms Trump, might I suggest that you stop and consider the following…

        “Anyone who stands up for their country aganist (sic) all odds is a strong individual.”

        Being strong does not preclude being wrong or a ‘nutjob’. It just means that they feel strongly about their belief.

        “Anyone whose (sic) does nothing is the weak one. Stand and speak.”
        Not standing and speaking does not make anyone weak. It could make them apathetic, or in agreement with what the standing person is against.

        “Everyone man should stand up on an issue that they deem significant. If you do not stand up for something, you fall for anything.”
        I agree with this. But please understand that just because I and others don’t stand up for something important to Mr. Holdipp, or you, or whomever, doesn’t mean that we won’t stand up for something that we feel strongly about. In my case it happens to be equal rights for all regardless of age, race, gender, nationality, orientation, etc.

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.”

          -Peter Marshall

          At least he had the belief that he was standing up for something, even if we do not agree with him. He has that right to do what he believes is best. If he is right or wrong is another question. But he does have a right. Who knows he might win his case, or he might fall on his sword. But that is his choice.

          How can we call anyone a nutjob with out having sufficient information and knowledge on the individuals background. That should be left up to the professional to judge and assess. We must be careful how we treat our fellow human beings.

          Thanks @Rhonnie aka Blue Familiar for your reply.

          • BETTTY TRUMP says:

            Maybe Ronnie, folks from the OBAers club are made because he is doing it to the OBA government? Does this change the justification of his actions? How would the same folks response if he was doing this to the PLP government? Just some thoughts….

            John Holdipp III has filed a writ in the Supreme Court against Minister of Finance Bob’Richards, Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy, Premier Michael Dunkley, and the “Elected Members of the OBA Government.”

            Does this not sit well with the OBAers…and therefore he is labeled a “Nutjob”?

            • Black Soil says:

              A nutjob is what a nutjob do. Nutjob is being kind.

      • A Dingo says:

        You know, if you type everything in caps, it makes you right. FACT.

      • BT CHECKER says:

        What does this even mean? This is nonsensical.

      • Sky Pilot says:

        yeah he is a NUT JOB!

      • Tolerate says:

        @BETTYTRUMP, Are you High? What the hell? Where was the ***** writs when the Island was being destroyed? Oh, wait it never happened; move on nothing to see, just billions in debt.
        Take off your blinders, you will defend ANYONE who back your cause.


        A writ against “Minister of Finance Bob’Richards, Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy, Premier Michael Dunkley, and the “Elected Members of the OBA Government.”

        Even the many you’s can’t be that daft???? If someone did the same to the PLP Members during the years they was Government, you’s personally would be on here raising ALL hell.

        Grow up BETTYTRUMP….

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Where were you standing when the PLP set course for selling our children’s future to the IMF. Where was your caps lock outrage, because thanks to your employers at the PLP, the future of all who reside and call Bermuda home belongs to foreign creditors.

    • Shawn says:

      I hope that he is paying for this out of his own pocket and not using Legal Aid otherwise he is worst then the ones he is suing on “our” behalfs

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Send that “writ” to E. Brown and his band!!! They were the BIG damage makers in the Island for 14 very long years!!

  2. Chris says:

    I am a Bermudian and I didn’t ask him to do this on my behalf!

    • Todd says:

      Don’t you know, there are two Bermuda’s. Always has been and sadly it doesn’t appear that will change any time soon. So there you have it, he has filed the writ on behalf of the other Bermudians.

  3. O'Brien says:

    Crank files frivolous and vexatious lawsuit which will go nowhere. More at 11.

  4. animallover says:

    Not on my behalf thank you.

  5. BT CHECKER says:

    I don’t even know where to begin on this one.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I am left wondering why he didn’t file this against the PLP for trying to sell our land to the IMF. That was pretty much their economic course, and with the latest from Mr. Burt, it still seems to be.

  6. St Kool says:

    This guy does realize that all those named in the writ are also Bermudians, doesn’t he?!

    I might have to file a writ against Mr Holdipp and those who think like him alleging utter stupidity – at least I’ll have creditable proof to support my claims.

  7. aceboy says:

    I am Bermudian residing in Bermuda and this man does NOT speak for me. How dare he claim he does!???!

  8. Not exactly says:

    I think it is great that John has his own hashtag on Bernews. What a character.

  9. Confused says:

    He’s probablt Mockinjay’s mentor.

  10. BDAGIRL says:


  11. Toughchit says:

    Who is the lawyer representing Mr. Holdipp?

    With all the lawsuits recently at least the legal fraternity is experiencing an economic boost!

    But seriously Mr. Holdipp should save his monies as his case is destined to fail.

  12. Lois Frederick says:

    John Holdipp is mistaken. It was the PLP that “engaged in a plan of financial peril to the present and future well-being of Bermudians”.

  13. jt says:

    His first problem will be that he can’t prove who is truly represented in the case…it certainly is not all “born Bermudians.”

    I wonder…

    ..why he has selected only born Bermudians.

    ..if he is truly acting on his own.

    ..if he will be responsible for costs when unsuccessful.

  14. Fidel C says:

    and the plp didn’t put us there? you do NOT represent me a true born and bred Bermudian

  15. Terry says:

    Being used to create demise.

    Mark my words.

  16. WTF says:

    Nut case

  17. Creamy says:

    Our courts have a loser pays system. I hope Mr Holdipp has a lot of money to spend on his lawyers, and the other side’s lawyers, when he loses.

  18. theothersidebermuda says:

    Not all Bermudians were born in Bermuda. Maybe that’s just his definition of Bermudian.

  19. For Goodness Sake says:

    He doesn”t speak for me.

  20. Raymond Ray says:

    Nor can he speak on my behalf! Some people will do anything for attention :-(

  21. What am I says:

    SOMEONE from the opposition please DEFINE what makes up a BERMUDIAN in their words?????? I was born here to a family thats roots go back to rum running days on one side. so what am I . I will NOT divulge my skin color.

  22. Navin johnson says:

    I think it’s more on behalf of Martians

  23. Triangle Drifter says:

    Completely wooley

  24. Soooo says:

    “Elected Members of the OBA Government.”.. This s is quite funny… He can say ” members of the OBA party, or government of Bermuda… The OBA is in itself NOT a government, the “government’ is made up of both parties!!

  25. ohno says:

    quote; Mr. Holdipp alleges the writ was filed as, “The Finance Minister with support of the OBA Cabinet and Elected Members are engaging in a plan of financial peril to the present and future well-being

    Did you organise a WRIT as your PLP of no-hopers destroyed the country……. ?????
    No you didnt did you…… you just embarrased yourself

  26. Rhonnie aka Blue Familiar says:

    Is Bermudian.
    Was born here.
    So were generations of my family.
    Had no prior knowledge of Mr. Holdipp’s writ.
    Does not support the writ in any way, shape, or form.
    Has yet to see any actions by the sitting Government which could be described as against Bermudians, born or otherwise. (Though admittedly I don’t agree with all they’ve done)
    Would be interested to know if Mr. Holdipp has received any formal legal advice regarding this matter.

  27. Unbelievable says:

    Another one with entitlement issues.

    FOR ONCE, I wish PLP supporters who do these kinds of dumb stunts would go and ask the PLP why they put Bermuda in the financial situation that are in.

    For once I wish they’d do some challenging of their own.

  28. Billy Boy says:

    Get em Holdipp.

  29. Bermuda123 says:

    Is someone running a campaign to completely undermine Bermuda’s reputation as a welcoming island and to completely destroy our fragile beginnings of economic growth? If not, you are doing really well at that.

  30. Mr Sparkle says:

    What a tool – he certainly doesn’t speak for me or my family. Just more divisive noise from the self entitled crew that are committed to destroying us – lets move on to something important like fixing our economy or what to have for lunch.

  31. Cranberry says:

    About 10 years too late…. but at least we’ll get the money from the $100 revenue stamp on the writ…

  32. Reality Check says:

    I am also a Bermudian living in Bermuda . This guy sure doesn’t speak for me either !

  33. smh says:

    Dumb Government…no logic in the Canadian contract for the airport…sure build an airport then we will give you the lease for 30 years so u can make a billion dollars for Canada

    • BDAFriend says:

      By all means, Bermuda. Pay for your own airport or live with the one you have.

      • jt says:

        I guess you were against the COH waterfront lease…and approved of the government’s actions there.

  34. cromwell says:

    There is no right of Bermuda citizenship by birth. Was Dr. Brown an American? Was Paula Cox a Canadian? Were past Parliamentarians all born in Bermuda? Why does he only claim to represent Bermudians living on the island? The issues he raises are significant but make no logical sense to his demand to the court.

  35. seascape says:

    I did not give Holdipp permission to speak on my behalf. You are definitely not representing me and my family. Ridiculous!!! If only those that spend so much energy complaining were to apply the same energy into their work, others would not have to take their jobs.

  36. Coffee says:

    Good on you John !

  37. Let there be hope says:

    Sorry Mr. Holdipp,

    That writ should have been filed against the PLP. They are the ones who put us in financial peril.

  38. Ann says:

    Certainly does not speak for me, I’ve asked this before, who is this guy and why do we care what he thinks?

  39. Unbelievable says:

    This writ will be thrown out and Mr. Holdipp will be forced to pay his lawyers and the Govt’s legal fees. On top of that, he may be charged with wasting the courts time.

    Have a nice day, Mr. Holdipp :)