Michael Bloomberg To Speak At OBA Conference

March 16, 2015

225px-Michael_R_BloombergThe One Bermuda Alliance today [Mar 16] announced that Michael Bloomberg — founder of Bloomberg LP and three-term mayor of the City of New York — will be the guest speaker at its spring conference to be held April 11th.

OBA Chair Lynne Woolridge said: “We are very fortunate to have former New York mayor and friend of Bermuda, Michael Bloomberg as our guest speaker. Members will also hear from our Leader and Premier the Hon. Michael Dunkley.

“Following Mr. Bloomberg’s key note speech, there will be a reception during which members will have the opportunity to talk with OBA Parliamentarians, the Party Executive and Mr. Bloomberg.”

“The Conference, which is for Party members, will be held at Pier 6 in Hamilton starting at 6 pm. Space is limited and tickets will be given out on a first come first served basis,” the OBA said.

To obtain tickets, contact the OBA Office Manager at office@oba.bm or visit the OBA Headquarters at 58 Reid Street, Hamilton between 9 am and 4 pm Monday to Friday before April 6th.

“Members of the public who wish to join the Party, or existing members who need to update their membership, can do so online at www.oba.bm or at OBA headquarters.”

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  1. Coffee says:

    Pier 6 ? Is it under the tent ?

    • Unbelievable says:

      Why don’t ya buy a ticket?

      • Coffee says:

        Maybe I’ll buy one for Scientist ! Then again maybe not .

        • Lois Frederick says:

          Don’t forget to become a member first. OBA.bm

          • Coffee says:

            Even Sceintist knows better ! He understands the meaning of a surrogate and he’ll never join .

    • Mockingjay says:

      They should’ve got Bloomberg to help to donate to the $180,000 tent.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        @ Mockingjay: Don’t forget who’d initially paid for that tent…Furthermore, who’s to say what he’d done? Not only in reference to “the tent” but for Bermuda on a whole with all them Taxes he pays our Government? (Yes, even when the P.L.P. were the “big dogs in the yard”)

  2. San George says:

    A little political interference.

    Quo Fata Ferunt.

    • J Starling says:

      Like night and day.

      • Family Man says:

        No fancy party with black tie dinner in a posh hotel?

        Just a free talk and questions after under a tent?

        Like night and day.

        • Regina says:

          Yes, refreshing isn’t it? Thank you OBA for using tax payers’ money wisely. Sincerely appreciated.

        • and he's knowledgeable and everything says:

          Whatever you may think of his politics (which are pretty centrist actually) Bloomberg is one of the most successful businessmen alive. He hasn’t just run his companies either, he has run one of the biggest, most powerful and important cities in the world. The OBA, the PLP and all the people of Bermuda could learn a lot from such a guy and he’s coming just to talk to us.

          You should be glad. More information is always good.

          • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

            yeah….he’s coming to tell us our future…you’d understand if you could decipher through all the bureaucratic jargon…the stuff they don’t want you to know about ,won’t be done it a tent .

    • swing voter says:

      both sides have their fan base ….. be fair

  3. Raymond Ray says:

    I personally want to thank you Mr. Michael Bloomburg for being the guest speaker at the up-coming One Bermuda Alliance conference in April. I believe there aren’t too many as witty nor knowledgeable as you, especially when it comes down to leading a City :-) You are an extremely astute businessman proving yourself quite capable of earning dollars and in other words, you can offer much needed help to us here on the Island of Bermuda. Once again, I thank you Mr. Michael Bloomburg for joining us.

    • Robert says:

      Hoover got nothing on you ray.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      Yes, I’m sure he’d speak on selfless leadership and how to stay informed with the country as a leader…Something the OBA needs pointers on. But then again, as I’ve read lots of great leaders lead that way…

    • Mr.Ed says:

      It would be nice if he made a Finacial donation to Bermuda – after all he has a Home here.- but
      It would be best that he didn’t get into the political areana here.- quite a few of his policys when he was the Mayor
      of NYC was bad – real Bad.– we already have political chaos without him.

      • Family Man says:

        The money spent on your education was wasted wasn’t it?

  4. I and I says:

    Do your research people!!!!!!!!

    • ivory tower says:

      They wont do their research “I and I”. They have to believe that this man is “honorable”

      It is so selective who people look up to isn’t it? Have a net worth of X billion and it excuses all your ……

  5. sound view says:

    What else would you expect? Perfect guy to bring a message to Bermuda in these times. I’m sure he can relate to our issues from his Tucker’s Town mansion, his private jets and billion dollar empire. This guy is forgotten in NYC and he is not relevant anywhere, least of all here in Bermuda. Perfect fit for his audience and the base of the Party he will address. Birds of a feather.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Typical Opposition supporter, “jealousy and envy” :-(
      Mr. Michael Bloomberg has attained his goals and can only help us,(all of us)whether you want to accept his help or not is your prerogative.

      • Seriously?! says:

        I’m an OBA supporter and I don’t like Bloomberg and I think he’s a poor choice to speak. It will just alienate people. It’s alienating me.

      • sound view says:

        What help ? This guy is all of a sudden a friend of Bermuda now that his choice of government is in power? Sorry, my friends aren’t here today gone tomorrow. True friends are around for the long haul. He should start with being honest, he is a friend of the current government NOT Bermuda.

        • Trulytruly says:

          Not all of a sudden. He has had a house here for years and hence put millions into Bermudians pockets. He has every right to support whatever group he chooses. He is inspirational for many. Great choice to have as a guest.

        • Creamy says:

          You are such an ass. You obviously don’t remember old Doc Hollywood willingly rubbing shoulders with him.

  6. brotherhood says:

    Michael Misik coming back for PLP Banquet?

  7. Seriously?! says:

    Didn’t Bloomberg (one of the richest men in the world) veto a bill to pay New Yorkers a living wage? Hmmm – don’t think he’s the best choice of the OBA. Didn’t most of his policies favour the rich and elite? Did he actually do anything to improve the education system in New York? I’d much rather hear deBlasio speak.

    • Mockingjay says:

      Watch out you don’t get the RACE card.

    • and he's knowledgeable and everything says:

      You’ve never been to New York have you?
      Bloomberg did a lot of good for that city. You can cherry-pick the decisions you didn’t like but on the whole the city was better richer and safer because he was mayor. Nobody argues that point. That’s why he was able to have a third term despite the fact that mayors are usually limited to only two terms. The people still voted for him, and nobody disputes that either.

      No matter. If you don’t agree with him he still knows more about managing governments and money than you or I do and we can learn something from him.

      • seriously?! says:

        Been to New York many many times. What – he moved the homeless out of Manhattan into the burroughs? Made Manhattan too expensive for the average person to live in? Improved education? Look at the current police situation – that’s his legacy. He knows how to protect his money and that of his fellow Republicans. Maybe he knows how to run a business, but you can’t run a country and only represent a certain segment of the population. You can’t forget to have compassion and show fairness for all people.

  8. MRE says:

    Maybe he can share some of his brilliant ideas like this one http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/feb/8/sughed-michael-bloomberg-suggests-disarming-minori/

    “Disarming Minorities to keep them alive”

  9. Raymond Ray says:

    It’s no-longer available so please elaborate, for those of us that are “curious”.

  10. smh says:

    OBA, a party of the people!

    My god, how can Bermudians be so gullible as to believe the OBA cares about the common middle class Bermudian,,, bringing in Billionaires to speak at their cocktail parties.

    • Creamy says:

      What exactly has one to do with the other?
      Answer: nothing.

    • Billy Mays says:

      My god, how can someone who knows so little as you do, smh, comment on this? Bloomberg built his company from nothing. He’s an entrepreneur who grew up very much in the middle class. He has made his money on his own, he didn’t inherit it. He was paid $1 a year to be mayor of the largest city in the country. He’s massively philanthropic. He is a great example of how to look to yourself for your success, rather than begging from others. But you wouldn’t know that.

  11. seriously says:

    I hope they’re not paying him. Can’t find money for the Marine EEZ study…

    • Trulytruly says:

      The event is an OBA event and therefore will be paid for by party funds not govt funds. You can relax now. Sign up and be inspired instead of being vexed.

  12. ann says:

    If all you negative bloggers could stop tripping on your jealousy and envy as someone already said, maybe you could understand the Honor of having someone with the intelligence and Knowledge willing to spend time on our island and speak.(forget about his money its not yours, he EDUCATED himself and EARNED it, two things half these bloggers wont do for themselves, why you feel the private sector should pay for you Ill never understand)Maybe if you were to listen to him you may learn something

  13. Derek A. G. Jones says:

    Michael Bloomberg has been a good friend to Bermuda for many years, even while the PLP were in government. I’m surprised he hasn’t been invited to speak before. He recently set up a charity to help raise money for the Bermuda hospital and other medical needs in Bermuda and obviously has strong ties with businesses who can help the island.

    As an aside, I have a friend who once worked for Mr Bloomberg when he first started setting up his Bloomberg computer terminals on Wall Street. He said Mr Bloomberg was right there with him and the installers doing whatever it took to make sure everything was done properly. A hands on, roll up your sleeves kind of guy willing to do the hard work as well. Just what Bermuda needs more of.