Hamilton Mayor Election: Simmons vs Gosling

April 16, 2015

[Updated] The Nomination Day for the upcoming Municipalities Elections was held today  [April 16], with the registration showing that Carlton Simmons is set to run against Charles Gosling for the position of Hamilton Mayor.

Then 2015 Municipal elections have been set for May 7th, and will see voters head to the polls in both Hamilton and St George’s. We are still awaiting the final details on the St George’s candidates and will update as able.

Update 2.30pm: The Parliamentary Registrar confirms that there will not be an election for  Business Ratepayers Councillors for the City of Hamilton, as there were only four candidates: John Nicholas Swan, Lawrence Gordon Scott, John M.W. Harvey, and Dennis Gladwin Tucker.

The candidates for Hamilton Municipal Residents Councillors are: John H. Holdipp III, Henry Fraser Ming, Carlton Eugene Johnson, George Anthony Scott, Aaron Felippe Scott, Derrick N. Phipps, and RoseAnn K. Edwards.

They also stated that the candidates for each election will be posted on the door of each polling station, and we are on scene in St. George’s and they have not yet posted anything, however we will update as able.

Update 2.38pm: The Government released a statement about all the candidates, and as far as St. George’s they said that the candidates for Mayor are Quinell Francis, Alfonso Harris, and the incumbent Mayor Garth Rothwell.

The full statement from the Government follows below:

The Bermuda Municipals Elections for the Corporation of Hamilton and Corporation of St. George’s were held Nomination Day today at the Seventh Day Adventist church hall, King Street in Hamilton.

At the end of Nominations the result are as follows:

For the Corporation of Hamilton the Business Ratepayers’ Election was uncontested seeing only four nominations put forward.

Those nominated as Business Ratepayers’ Councillors were:

  • John Nicholas Swan
  • Lawrence Gordon Scott
  • John M. W. Harvey
  • Dennis Gladwin Tucker

Elections for the Business Ratepayers Councillors are not required.

Running for Mayor in Hamilton are:

  • Charles Gosling
  • Carlton Simmons

Running for Municipal Residents’ Councillors in Hamilton are:

  • John Henry Holdipp III
  • Henry Fraser Ming
  • Carlton Eugene Johnson
  • George Anthony Scott
  • Aaron Felippe Scott
  • Derrick Phipps
  • RoseAnn K. Edwards

There will be a Mayoral Election and a Municipal Residents’ Election for the Corporation of Hamilton. All Business Ratepayers and Municipal Residents who are registered to vote may vote for the Mayor. All Municipal Residents who are registered to vote may vote for the Municipal Residents’ Councillors.

For the Corporation of St. George’s the Business Ratepayers’ Elections and the Municipal Residents’ Elections were uncontested.

Those nominated were:

Business Ratepayers’ Councillors:

  • Philip John Seaman
  • Faith Meri-Eve Bridges

Municipal Residents Councillors:

  • H. Anthony Richardson
  • Wilfred Calvin Leroy Bean
  • Phillip Adward Anderson
  • Eakin Carters O’Donnell McLaughlin
  • Elizabeth Irene Christopher
  • Jamie Leon Jonathan Sapsford

Elections for the Business Ratepayers’ Councillors and Municipal Residents Councillors are not required.

Running for Mayor in St. George’s are:

  • Quinell Laquita Francis
  • Alfonso Harris
  • Eric Garth Rothwell

There will be a Mayoral Election for the Corporation of St. George’s, all Municipal Residents and Business Ratepayers who are registered to vote may vote in this election.

The Municipal Elections for both corporations will be held on May 7, 2015.


Photos from today are below:

hamilton-election-forms-3 hamilton-election-forms-2 hamilton-election-forms-1

Nomination place at SDA (1)

Nomination place at SDA (2)


Update 2.46pm: Photos from St George’s added below

business mayor



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  1. Double D says:

    If Carlton wins…no Hamilton street sign will be safe!

    • @ Double D: Is this the same “person” that had basically stated the present Mayor should not come to the back of town and stay on his side of town?

      • Double D says:

        Yes it is. I heard about that incident.

        Just another hate filled candidate in BDA’s political realm.

        Our standards are quickly falling unfortunately.

        • COH AGAIN !! says:

          Where is the $18 Million? This should have been put on hold until an “Investigation” was held into the Millions gone Missing. OBA MP Fahy should bring in an independent investigative team to check into this money. Why is he not seeking to find it, or does he already know? Since he is so closely aligned to the Matter he should remove himself from any business in regards to the COH. Folks do not overlook the fact that it was Fahy’s Government which actually approved the $18 million hotel guarantee in November, 2013. Why did they do this if there was great concerns regarding the running of the COH? Something is suspect here???

          This is a Muddy business with the COH. It looks like it will be pushed and hidden under the carpet once a new members of COH have been replaced.

          The same old folks putting their hat back into ring suggest we are not moving in a positive direction. Gosling from the old guard and behind the actual plan of the Parking Lot deal and Trust, in the first case, now fights to return, not sure that is good look at all.

          Will the Investigation into this Mess begin? The silence from the OBA in regards to this matter is deafening.

          • COH AGAIN !! says:

            It is appearance that Carlton Simmons was a smaller player in all of this. He will not be successful as Mayor, as the voting matter has reverted back to the old days. The real facts are what we will see in the near future. The same old boys team will be back, and the missing $18 Million will not be mention again. This is not a good look at all for Bermuda. Why did Fahy not ensure that the $18 Million was safeguarded before signing off on it? This is not a good look OBA.

            The government’s involvement with COH, did not seem to make much of a difference, to clean things up, looks like they have in effect made it worst. The attempt to set the smaller players up against one another is working, too bad they fell for it. Larry seems to be playing with the Minister Fahy, but not sure he got all what he was expecting, as he likes to be on the winning team.

            This Mess is Real and does not look to be sorted any-time soon. It will be overlooked once Gosling takes back the lead, as he felt he should have never been removed. Privilege is what some believe they should always have.

            • Politricks says:

              Betty you really need to switch up your style of writing when you change your name and avatar.

              • BETTYTRUMP says:


                COH is spot on……really……No its not me, but I sure do agree with the individual. There is so much going on with the COH and Fahy OBA, I am not really clear on the matter fully. But looks like he did sign off on the 18 Million as outlined by @COH Again…actually COH Again helped to grasp what is really going on…… for real…thanks for thinking everyone that thinks/writes similar to me, is me… spot on @COH Again..

            • Huh? says:

              PLP make big mess. Who to clean?

          • aceboy says:

            Lots of questions you are aiming at the OBA and Fahy…even a raised eyebrow at Gosling’s return. No questions for the administration that actually signed the deal?

            Gosling formed the Trust to try and keep the waterfront out of the hands of those who wanted the land for their own purposes.

            Simmons was one of the guys defending the Black Mayors Conference a few months back, remember that?

            • BETTYTRUMP says:

              Well looks like something is not adding up and if so where is the 18 Million?…………..really this is not something that I can Make Up…..or did… make it up to do away with the 18 Million??????????????

              • aceboy says:

                Yes, where did it all go?

                All Fahy did was approve a guarantee. Then the money disappeared apparently.

                The funds were controlled by Team Hamilton. They have some explaining to do, doncha think?

              • aceboy says:

                It all adds up pretty much the way everyone except you and a few faithful expected it to.
                Who signed on behalf of the COH?

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Some people have no shame. Worse, there are those who support that type of behaviour.

  2. Politricks says:

    Personally I think that any members of the current CoH administration should be barred from running in elections given all that has occurred since they took office. They have proven time and time again that they only have their selfish interests at heart.

    Well at least until the Par La Ville (i.e. Little Mexico) debacle has been sorted.

  3. Rockfish #2 says:

    No surprises here.
    Does that police officer have his hands in his pockets while standing there on duty?

  4. aceboy says:

    Welcome back Mayor Gosling.

    We missed you.

  5. Terry says:

    I have stated hundreds of times on different news articles to “Follow the Money”.

    When this is over; follow the ‘ex’s”
    Shalom and may someone get ‘a par in the Ville’.

  6. Zevon says:

    Hopefully the voters have realised by now that if you vote for clowns, you get clowns.

  7. jt says:

    Some simple questions for Carlton Simmons to answer before this progresses too much further.
    Where is the $18 million and if you say you don’t know, why don’t you?
    Do you think the waterfront lease should have gone forward?
    Do you believe the measures taken by the OBA with respect to the COH were necessary?
    Do you believe business owners should have a vote in COH elections?
    What responsibility, if any, do you accept for the mess that is/was Team Hamilton?

  8. MB says:

    Carlton Simmons ha ha ha ha ha, um, where is the $18 mln that was lost first?????

  9. Voter says:

    Mayor Gosling will win. As my granny used to say ” nobody in their right mind” would vote for anyone who is on the present COH team.

  10. Alvin Williams says:

    Well if the old guard takes control you can be sure that the circumstances surrounding the lost 18 million dollars and who lost the car park will be covered up.

    • Silence Do Good says:

      Put in a PATI request at the CoH and Ministry of Home Affairs to find the $18 M and those responsible. There is no reason to speculate via blogs just go ask.

    • jt says:

      Now you’re interested in finding unaccounted funds. You are a special guy.

  11. If the same guard wins says:

    Well if the Team Hamilton (bleh) guard maintains control you can be sure that the circumstances surrounding the lost 18 million dollars and who lost the car park will be covered up and probably get worse.


  12. Corrruption NO MORE PLEASE says:

    Dear Elected Politicians,

    We the voters of this country are fatigued of your lack of understanding of how to run things effectively and with our best interest in mind.

    We pay your salaries and its time for you to perform in our best interets not yours-Lord I wish we could fire you lot!

    Have a BLESSED day!

  13. stunned... says:

    Carlton Simmons
    George Anthony Scott
    RoseAnn K. Edwards

    really?…jesus wept

  14. Navin Johnson says:

    Simmons? Seriously? No way no how

  15. Bermuda Jake says:

    At last count the business voters were far below the number of resident voters. I suspect Gosling will lose. In any event this is a side show. The business owners pay the majority of the taxes in the city and those taxes should be paid to the Government, who should take control of the municipality and run it as a subset of the Ministry of Works and Engineering. It is clear that the people running the show who lost $18mm are amateurs. No disrespect to them, but this is only slated to get worse.

    • Don't Put Your Mouth on it says:

      Please Bermuda Jake–don’t put you mouth on this–The OBA are trying to show the world that Bermuda is actually capable of mature and sensible governance–Having any portion of “Team Hamilton” back at the helm just makes us look like a “poDunk” backwater.

      Please for the sake of this country–no MORE TEAM HAMILTON.


    • Lois Frederick says:

      What are the number of registered residents? I heard the number of registered businesses was around 450.

      • Lois Frederick says:

        I see last time the voter numbers for Mayor was 197 (109-88). Not sure of the turnout though.

  16. Odd Job says:

    At least there is never any drama or controversy surrounding Carlton Simmons. The COH doesn’t need any of that!

  17. Spectator says:

    Carlton Simmons hahaha and Holdip…..lord help us!

  18. Northshore says:

    Sorry, but Carlton Simmons does not have what it takes to run a city.

  19. Navin Johnson says:

    Black Mayors Conference……….expense accounts, giving away the waterfront, removal of signs …..need we say more….Simmons? Seriously? Incredible

  20. Ms. Poli Tician says:

    Mr. Smith must be busy putting the finishing touches on that big conference. His name is not on nomination lists.

  21. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Fahy and the OBA are not connected to the $18 million that has gone missing. Both the OBA and the PLP gave approval to the COH to guarantee the $18 million loan to developer Michael MacLean by voting for it in the HOA. It was the COH, not the government, that surreptitiously released the $18 million from escrow and handed it to MacLean. Everyone should be more concerned about where the money went from there. With luck, some restitution can be made to the lender so that the land–the parking lot–can return to Bermudian hands.