Congratulations Offered To Both New Mayors

May 8, 2015

Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy and Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Walton Brown both offered their congratulations to the newly elected Mayor of Hamilton Charles Gosling and newly elected Mayor of St. George’s Quinell Francis.

Last night [May 7], Charles Gosling defeated Carlton Simmons [409-158 votes] to become Mayor of Hamilton, while the election in the east saw Quinell Francis [278 votes] defeated the incumbent Garth Rothwell [177 votes] and Alfonso Harris [23 votes] to become the new Mayor of St George’s.

Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Walton Brown

In a statement today, Mr. Brown said, “Putting one’s self into the political spotlight takes courage and we salute these two for offering themselves for these positions. We also congratulate those others that were successful in obtaining other positions within the Corporations.

“In Hamilton, we hope that the outstanding issues that have affected the Corporation’s ability to deliver for the people, will be sorted out as soon as practicable so that we can see tangible evidence of a Corporation working for the people
“In St. George, we hope that under Mayor Francis, we will see a renewed momentum for growth and development in the Old Towne which will spur an economic rebirth.

“The Progressive Labour Party wishes both Corporations success as success for the Municipalities inevitably means success for many Bermudians.

“To that end, though, we will continue to hold the Corporations accountable for their actions and by extension the governing OBA who continue to hold stewardship over the Corporation of Hamilton.”

 Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy

In a separate statement last night, Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy said, “As the Minister responsible for Municipalities, I would like to congratulate the new Mayor of St. George’s – Quinell Francis. The Ministry has had a good working relationship with the Corporation in the past and it is my desire that this relationship will continue.

“There are many exciting upcoming projects in St. Georges for which the Mayor will be at the helm including a new marina for the Town, which will attract new yachts to the area, as well as provide additional facilities for the America’s Cup which should help to stimulate the economy in the east.

“I have no doubt that the Mayor and the new Council will continue to ensure the beautification of St. George’s in keeping with UNESCO heritage site standards. I look forward to assisting the Mayor and the Council with the continued revival of St. George’s.”

And following the Hamilton election results, Minister Fahy said, “With the long-anticipated municipal elections now having taken place, I would like to congratulate the new incumbent Hamilton Mayor – Mayor Charles Gosling and his team.

“I also thank the outgoing Mayor, Mr. Graeme Outerbridge and his team for their service over the past few years. The Ministry remains committed to working with our municipalities and we look forward to fruitful dialogue with the new administration going forward.

“I am looking forward to meeting with the new Council and hearing of their plans once they are settled as we work together for the betterment of all residents.”

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  1. “I also thank the outgoing Mayor, Mr. Graeme Outerbridge and his team for their service over the past few years.”
    Tell us, and be honest Minister Fahy, do you really mean what was quoted as you saying,(above)?
    They’d been a disaster to the City of Hamilton and the people of Bermuda on a whole!

    • Facts over Political hats!! says:

      Congratulations to Mayor Francis

  2. ABC says:

    good stuff mr fahy St. George’s are good peeps =)

  3. umjusayin says:

    Yes! Some St George’s peeps are good peeps. There have been a fee questionable matters under the Rothwell administration and Francis was the deputy. Let’s hope the new Mayor acts in the best I interest of her constiuents and the Town.