Videos: OBA Holds Town Hall In St George’s

April 2, 2015

The One Bermuda Alliance held a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday [March 31] at Penno’s Wharf in St George’s, with presentations from Cabinet Ministers on topics including the planned hotel development in St George’s, gambling, the plans for the new airport and more.

oba town hall mar 2015

Hosted by MP Kenneth Bascome, MP Nandi Outerbridge and MP Suzanne Roberts-Holshouser, brief presentations were made by Ministers followed by an opportunity for questions from the attendees.

Presentations were made Premier and Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley, Minister of Tourism Development and Transport Shawn Crockwell, Minister of Public Works Craig Cannonier and Minister of Finance Bob Richards.


Those in attendance included OBA MP Susan Jackson, OBA MP Sylvan Richards, OBA MP Cole Simons, OBA MP Jeff Sousa, OBA MP Glenn Smith, OBA Senator Vic Ball, OBA Senator Lynne Woolridge, PLP Senator Renee Ming, PLP MP Lovitta Foggo, former St George’s MP Kim Swan, advisor Don Grearson, entertainer Tony Brannon, St George’s Mayor Garth Rothwell, Deputy Mayor Quinnell Francis and more.

Premier Michael Dunkley At OBA St George’s Town Hall

#2 Premier Michael Dunkley At OBA St George’s Town Hall

Minister Bob Richards At OBA St George’s Town Hall

#2 Minister Bob Richards At OBA St George’s Town Hall

Minister Craig Cannonier At OBA St George’s Town Hall

#2 Minister Craig Cannonier At OBA St George’s Town Hall

Minister Shawn Crockwell At OBA St George’s Town Hall

Q&A At OBA St George’s Town Hall

#2 Q&A At OBA St George’s Town Hall

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  1. I do believe this had been, if not the most informative community meeting that I’ve attended then it’s in the top two. It was extremely orderly,(which I and others I’m sure were grateful for)The answer/s to many of the question I and others had were addressed. The appropriate Ministers and Premier Michael Dunkley were present to enlighten them in attendance, as well as the general public on a whole via the media e.g. Bernews who by the way do a great job in keeping the public up to date.

  2. Chris Famous says:

    So no presentation from the actual St.George’s MPs eh?

    • Tolerate says:

      I believe there are 51 comments under the story Ms. Ming had referring to your same question.
      I think the meeting was used to actually answer questions and present the people of St. George’s with an update of plans moving forward and concerns in their constituency. These issues where addressed DIRECTLY by the Ministers in charge of the Departments or touched on by the Premier.
      Again what is the fuss about Bascome, Outerbridge and Roberts-Holshouser? Mr. Famous please state what it is you really are asking. Are you disappointed that NONE of the three responded to accusations and comments made by Ms. Ming? Did you prefer they utilize the Meeting time in that fashion?
      I think people have become tired of the political back and forth games and appreciate that the Meeting addressed their concerns and not a display of who is right wrong or what ever else.

      • Tolerate says:

        Lets just say, they did not fall for it. Because as Ms. Ming claims; the meeting was a direct response to her opinion pieces; it really must have been disappointing when her allegations where not addressed.
        Guess the OBA was looking to utilize the time to just get on with business perhaps?

    • Kangoocar says:

      Famous, famouss or famousss??? Would you prefer more non-sensible presentations from your plp reps that actually were responsible for the demise of St George???

  3. C James says:

    Since it didn’t fall into disarray, with bad mannered loud mouthed attendees singing union songs, the PLP seems to think the meeting was a failure.

    PLP seems not to be satisfied unless they can cause a disruption of some sort. This is why they will never get back into power. They need to grow up, and offer something of use to this country besides complaining and blaming folks for everything.


  4. Unbelievable says:

    Thanks Bernews for uploading these videos. I didn’t make it but was very curious as to what the Govt was going to say.

    Now this seems like it was a good information event. I don’t know what Renee Ming was on about. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  5. wow says:

    The OBA in their election campaign promised that St. Geroge’s would get a cruise ship. Now Cannonier is talking about we need to make a decision if St. George’s wants a cruise ship or not?? I am lost for words. These politicians are a bunch of jokers.

    Earth to Cannonier, yes we WANT a cruise ship. Businesses have suffered in St. George as result of not having one. Let’s get on with it and stop talking about it. We also want to see shovels in the ground at the old Club Med site.

    I find it quite hilarious, that this guy could scrap a referendum on gaming, scrap the RFP process for a $255+ million airport but all of sudden, he can pump his breaks with regards to St. Georges’s getting a cruise ship. This is truly sad.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Getting the cruise ship into St. George’s is directly connected to dredging the town cut. Dredging is a very expensive exercise. So the question of how is it going to be paid for is very relevant here. With the America’s Cup going ahead and the RCCL mega ship Anthem coming to Dockyard in 2016, they have managed to arrange for the dredging to take place in the North Channel with the sand being placed as land fill at Dockyard for the America’s Cup site. As the dredging equipment and expertise will be on island, they are trying to get the Town Cut done at the same time, possibly along with some dredging in Hamilton Harbour. So, it is not as simple as just doing it. I take it that your frustration is really with the former Govt. for not taking any action in St. George’s at all – apart from it attaining World Heritage Site status, after which choosing to ignore St. George’s to the point of becoming a dilapidated ghost town. At least the OBA are actually making a difference down there after only 2 years under very trying economic circumstances. Don’t forget over $375 million dollars is about to be injected into the East End over the next 4 years. You have to be happy about that right, how could anyone in their right mind not be?

  6. sufferingfromwithdrawal says:

    Poor Kenny.

    • Eastenders says:

      yes he’s out of his league. Kenny can’t string a sentence with “I” all over the place.

  7. Kenny will not take the bait…So give up.

  8. Axlerod says:

    The people of St Georges Parish deserve all the pain and suffering that is coming their way! No tears here for them. They go and vote two uneducated, poorly read, and virtually unemployable persons to represent them in Parliament. Bermuda’s Parliament is the equivalent of a Board of Directors of a $5 billion dollar company, and they go and elect two, not one, but TWO, uneducated persons with no university education and no corporate or institutional work or management experience to Parliament???!!! I wonder if the two of them will show up for the official boarding up of the empty East End Primary?

    Be happy with your plight St. Georges, your ignorance is bliss! What ever pain comes your way as we start cutting and slashing you fully deserve.

    • Redman says:

      @ Axlerod,

      Absolute Rubbish!! So how’d it go for St Georges when Dame Jennifer was the area MP? Plus Mrs. Foggo is hardly a bright spark. I’m sure IB is kicking themselves about not having been able to lure them as employees… NOT!.

      It was always touted that the PLP had more persons with degrees then any other former Govt… remind us again how things turned out for Bermuda & St Georges??

      With that in mind clearly most of the PLP’s highly educated, well read sought after (LOL) MP’s only skill was probably passing their exams!

    • Hmmm says:

      Yes the PLP 14 years destroyed St Georges. Tell me what they did ?

    • St. D says:

      Your comments are pathetically ironic. For the first time I feel like the MPs and government are really working hard to get things done for St. George’s after NADA, ZIP, ZERO from the past decades of the other side. (Other than Education moving to St. David’s, if that counts.) How do you think they got elected in the first place?

  9. Christopher Notoriouss (C James) says:

    OH NO! A productive meeting where people were well behaved. No wonder PLP losers are upset.

  10. Zaob Yob says:

    Good point Axlerod – but Derek Burgess and Lavita Foggo are not the St. George’s MP’s!!

  11. jt says:

    The plp decimated Sf. Georges….turned it into a bedraggled ghost town.