Bermuda Day “Spot Markers” Being Removed

May 22, 2015

[Updated] Some locals who have been out to “mark their spots” for the upcoming Bermuda Day celebrations are having their plans cramped as workers were seen removing markers on Cedar Avenue this morning [May 22], with Bernews told they were instructed to remove the markers as they should not be placed so early.

bermuda day markers (5)

Some Bermudians traditionally mark their spots for Bermuda Day  – using combinations of spray paint, string and tape — seeking to claim prime viewing points for the Half Marathon Derby, Sinclair Packwood Memorial Race and the Bermuda Day parade.

bermuda day markers (3)

The Sinclair Packwood Memorial Cycle Race is set to start at 8:50am, the Bermuda Day Half Marathon will start at 9am and the Heritage Day parade starts at 1:30pm.

Update 5.21pm: It appears that some of the tape that was removed has been replaced. In addition, people appears to be starting to line the parade route already…some 2.5 days in advance.

bermuda day prep may 22 2015 (5)

bermuda day prep may 22 2015 (4)

bermuda day prep may 22 2015 (3)

bermuda day prep may 22 2015 (2)

bermuda day prep may 22 2015 (1)

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  1. Onion says:

    Should fine all the people using spray paint.

    • SHAME says:

      The police should put the toilets EXACTLY in that area. SMH so disrespectful…

    • Steede says:

      Again, this seems to have gotten all a bit ridiculous. People must be jealous of our prime spot. In the spirit of the day we will offer free food and drinks to visitors to our camp.

      • Spectator says:

        Maybe don’t write it with spraypaint next time ya dummy…that’s what people are getting at!!!

      • stunned... says:

        jealous? not hardly. angry hell yea with the stupidity. that piece of road belongs to every Bermudian, not just your inconsiderate clan.

        next year i intend to take up an unoccupied marked up spot and dare to be questioned about it or moved.

  2. Kettle or pot says:

    Should fine the steede residents and charge them for graffiti.

    • Concerned says:

      and make them clean it up at their expense

  3. Oh for goodness sake! says:

    So is steede going to be fined for defacing public property?

    • JohnBoy says:

      Me thinketh the Steede family will get some hard looks come Monday.

  4. LiarLiar says:

    I hope the Steede family are fined heavily for defacing public property.

  5. Raymond Ray says:

    Police should wait and see who shows up to claim the spots and then issue tickets for littering / defacing private and public property! Far too much of that s***** still going on :-(

  6. Really?! says:

    You know I understand that it is tradition and fun for people to mark out their spots for the holiday and all of that but to SPRAY PAINT on public property should come with a FINE! Once you leave, your marks stay and it looks VERY TACKY! So unneccessary!

    • Toodle-oo says:

      And the same should apply for all these kids who blatantly spray paint bus shelters and streets/sidewalks whenever someone gets shot or has a road accident leading to their demise.

  7. Family Man says:

    They won’t be able to prosecute anyone because there likely were no witnesses but the police and organizers should block that entire spray pained section off and NO-ONE uses it. The organizers should let people know that thanks to the irresponsible graffiti artists, this section is now CLOSED.

    The Steede family should be ashamed.

    • hmmm says:

      It is a crime scene, I think it should be cordoned off.

    • Buck-a-Roo says:

      Dead right, Family Man. Those sections should be blocked completely.

      If Steede family had any sense of shame they wouldn’t have marked like animals to begin with. The only hope of the likes of them being ashamed is NO HOPE.

  8. Dreamcatcher says:

    How many spots does the Steede family need?? Wow! Maybe they want to rename the strip…….. Too far. :(

  9. yup yup yup says:

    Totally inconsiderate…corporation could get some revenue here…

  10. A Dingo says:

    Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Why do some people in Bermuda have to tear the a** out of everything? Sadly, it’s an all too typical example of people not knowing when to stop. Want to get a good spot for a parade? Turn up early! There’s an original idea, eh!? Good grief……

  11. Ameboa says:

    Let the war begin sunday evening……..people work out your differences prior to this holiday, wont make sense being next to someone and holding a grudge or wanting to fight and argue all day just because. These are things our children will view and before you know it, it will be blown all out of proportion on social media. So instead of arguing over the spot,work it out. The tourist are watching also.

    • Concerned says:

      Time to start charging for spots like they do Cup Match and County Cups in Bay and St David’s

  12. Huh says:

    Only in Bermuda would this be NEWS!

    • stunned... says:

      it is NEWS – this incidence of people defacing public property is getting worse and people needed to informed that it wrong firstly and then fined when they break the damn law.

    • Ladybug says:

      Seriously though- Bernews covers just about everything, so this doesn’t seem out of the norm for them to report on this. It’s an interesting article leading to an interesting discussion, and it shows how some people are tearing the *you know what* out of it. When is it really that necessary?

  13. Xaxa says:

    Much as the justice leaguer in me likes this, I can’t shake the nagging feeling that our public services time could be put to better use…
    I do like the idea of refusing anyone access to spray-painted space. I say we use it for our wheelchair-bound population instead!

    • Davie Kerr says:

      Xaxa, I like that idea. I’d really like to see much more thought being given to providing space for those who are wheelchair-bound or are otherwise unable to get decent vantage points to view such events.

      • Bermy girl says:

        That won’t stop those whom like to tear the a** getting a wheel chair just to get a good spot at the parade, even if they don’t need one.

  14. Stupid culture says:

    Fine these lazy people $5000 each like THE LAWS STATES

    These people have no darn right to pollute, deface, our public. They are so selfish they think that they can CLAIM a spot of public as their own! They are so LAZY they leave the graffiti and trash and tape there for years.

    The fact these stupid people used spray paint is disgusting. Is that what you think of our precious island jewel?

    Funny how one group in Bermuda tends to care for Bermuda and make it more beautiful while the other group tends to not give a crap about Bermuda and leaves their trash everywhere.

    If these people cannot keep our island looking like a gem, they can go back to where they came from or wanna go because people like that do NOT DESERVE TO LIVE HERE IN THIS PARADISE!!!!!!

    I am certain God would have long kicked Adam’s behind out of Paradise if Adam dumped his trash around the place and claimed spots as “his own”!

    GET OUT!

    • Cindy Ingram says:

      And where did they come from…and where did you come from…make a point but avoid sounding accessively ignorant!

      • Barracuda says:

        That is funny coming from a person who uses the word, “accessively”.

        • Cindy Ingram says:

          Oh I know how to spell oh silly one…and I see you have plenty company…..sometimes auto text decides for you…since it so bothered you…..EXCESSIVELY…That better?….but you got my drift though…Right? as is said….Ignorance is bliss…

      • Family Man says:

        “accessively ignorant”?

        Is that like being ignorant but still accessible?

        • Cindy Ingram says:

          As U.S….Would be…but I know how to spell oh silly one…and I see you have plenty company…..sometimes auto text decides for you…since it so bothered you…..EXCESSIVELY…That better?….but you got my drift though…Right? as is said….Ignorance is bliss…bet I know where you come from!

    • SMH says:

      I’m sorry….where did they come from? What exactly are you trying to say? Obviously these are Bermudians marking spots. While I do not agree with spray painting public property, your comments seem to suggest that these people do not come from here. Please explain what you mean by that or how you have come to that conclusion.

      Btw…I know a lot of people that DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE HERE IN THIS PARADISE, namely not so subtly racist people.

      • Cindy Ingram says:

        Tell It! That’s exactly who they are showing themselves to be…

  15. M & M says:

    I agree, they should be stopped from using this space and fined in the process. One thing to use tape, but paint… disgusting to say the least. This spot should be earmarked for MAWI and hospital residents. And tourist! Steede family SHAME ON YOU!

  16. derp says:

    whoever used spray paint should be fined

  17. Donna says:

    There were some people who spray painted the palm trees on Kindley stretch last year for their Cupmatch spot. Not cool.They should be fined as well.

    • Concerned says:

      People who do this in future should have their camping permit revoked.

  18. Triangle Drifter says:

    Disgraceful! Going out & taping or perhaps lining the night before is one thing, but spray painting is graffiti, plain & simple. If the paint & tape is not gone by the end of the parade there should be prosecutions & the fines should more than cover the cost of the COH or W&E removing them.

    Some people feel entitled to do whatever they wish & have no respect at all for public property.

    • Hurricane says:

      Even going out and taping and lining the night before is OUT OF ORDER. You show up ON THE DAY OF and take whatever spot is available.

      • A Dingo says:

        Indeed. It’s bizarre that marking your place ahead of time is apparently socially acceptable. It’s obnoxious.

  19. Davie Kerr says:

    I’m coming round to the viewpoint that, if people especially want a particular spot either from which to view a particular event, or in which to camp, there should be a Parks Dept office where they can reserve their spots in advance AND PAY FOR THEM!

    • Pat Adderley says:

      this is where it’s at and so yes have the city marked out and have the people pay a small fee to reserve which would help with clean up expenses etc., although each family should clean up after themselves of’s a fun time let’s find a way to make people happy and stop all this nonsense…it looks like we need to have it organized better so there wont be arguments and fights over spots …after all it’s a family time and a happy time for all.

  20. stunned... says:

    one solution would generate revenue for the COH

    although it would take some effect – they could mark out allotted sites on the route and people could apply each year for a spot. a nominal fee would be charged ($5) the names are put into a lottery style bin and their names are randomly picked. if there are more subscribers than spots then the names of previous year’s winners are excluded from current year’s draw. this stops vandalism, fights and provides revenue for the overtime needed to clean up their trash that they leave.

    just a thought…

  21. stunned... says:


  22. Cow Polly says:

    Interesting that the Police are quite happy to ticket the cars of Christmas Day revelers enjoying Elbow Beach but not willing to ticket graffiti vandals on May 24th. Would be interested in hearing the logic behind this?

    • gorgam says:

      Because Cowpoly the police would need the corporation to make a criminal complaint before the police take any action. A parking ticket is completely different.

    • Franklin Jr says:

      Because an expat will just mutter to themselves and shrug

      They tend to be used to the double standards

  23. Ombudsman says:

    So i take it to understand that all the negative comments is anger cause Steede got their spots lol

    • Ed Case says:

      Ombuds: I believe the issue is that the Steedes and others – allegedly defaced public property with spraypaint.

      If they had defaced your car in such a fashion, I’m sure you’d take legal action correct?

      Happy Bermuda Day everyone.

    • runboi says:

      As a furriner I am glad the reaction is what it is. I expected more defense of tradition or whatever.

      • Real talk (original) says:

        Defacing public property is not tradition. It is vandalism and should be treating accordingly.

        Furthermore, the thought that somebody can lay claim to a 10 foot piece of sidewalk because their family has been sitting there for 30 years is asinine.

        I guess my two young children will never get to see the parade.

    • Zevon says:

      It’s because the Steedes, and others who did this, are selfish vandals. And they’re costing us all money.

  24. BdaReally says:

    It is understood that this is a tradition but when you are coming out and placing a piece of tape or defacing our island to claim a spot as if it belongs to you is wrong. If you would like a particular spot you should have to come out the day before and sit there to ensure the spot is yours. So if I was to come out early and sit in a particular spot then someone come and tell me to move because they placed a piece of tape there is wrong. When people start paying for the spots then you have the right to make someone move other than that sit out there and claim the spot the day before if it is really that serious to you.

  25. smh says:

    People should be required to go through the corporation and have to register for spots (for free) and there should be a size limit on the spots and then the corporation should go out early in the morning and put markers out for the spots and there should be someone walking around and checking that the right people are in the right spots. All this marking and BS that these people do is ridiculous and its also not fair for people who cannot get out before the parade and babysit spots and when they arrive there is one family occupying a whole sidewalk. There definitely needs to be some regulation because this is getting more and more out of hand every year. People should be ashamed of themselves

    • BdaReally says:

      I agree but think people should pay something like $10.00 per spot because you will have Corporation workers out there placing and marking the areas. They have to get paid for doing this.

    • Saidha says:

      So who shld be charging for spots outside of Hamilton that does not come under the CofH, Government? Big negative!!!! That’s public property. My family has been sitting on Marsh Folly by the Tennis Stadium for about 35 years now. For years all we had to do was come on the day and be fine. I guess because more and more families are attending these days, which is why we have this issue. Nowadays we go early to mark of our as well but we never use spray paint. We have used tape or string that cld easily be removed. This is something I actually used to look forward to leading up to D holiday but tbh it takes away from the holiday when folks start defacing the grounds and fight. Everyone have a safe and wonderful BERMUDA DAY

  26. Rick Hunter says:

    I think I’ll take my dog out for a walk after work, and check out the Steede family spots…

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Maybe the dog will leave something to mark the spot for you.

  27. Boston Baked Bean says:

    This reminds me of the people who commute on the ferry everyday and assume that they can “reserve” a seat and have no qualms about asking someone to move. Like spray painting a sidewalk — smacks of entitlement and is just really ghetto mentality.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      It’s those two Bermudas we keep getting told about , I guess.

    • Hurricane says:

      @Boston Baked Bean I can’t believe people are claiming a spot on the ferry. What next, the busses? SMH

  28. Seen it all says:

    I have said it for years now. The corporation could place small permanent markers on the kerb edge every 25 feet,with a code number. Each number has a rental price, say 10 dollars. You pay the corporation and are issued a receipt with the number on and presto, its your spot for the day. The numbered markers could also be used as geo-locators for road works, traffic accident markers etc.

    • BeachBum says:

      Want to team up and do a proposal?

      • stunned... says:

        reposting my commemt above:
        one solution would generate revenue for the COH

        although it would take some effect – they could mark out allotted sites on the route and people could apply each year for a spot. a nominal fee would be charged ($5) the names are put into a lottery style bin and their names are randomly picked. if there are more subscribers than spots then the names of previous year’s winners are excluded from current year’s draw. this stops vandalism, fights and provides revenue for the overtime needed to clean up their trash that they leave.

        just a thought…

  29. Be fair! says:

    Whatever happened to first come, first serve?? If I go early to watch the races and parades and can’t sit anywhere because all spots are marked for with no one there, too damn bad for them! It’s shocking to me that people actually cater to people pre-marking their spots and avoid sitting there because of it, is this actually a thing? Shocking and disgusting. Get there early or don’t get a spot, plain and simple. Why do we need a lesson in simple logic on this issue?

    • Billy Mays says:

      Exactly right. We learned this in kindergarten.

    • Real talk (original) says:

      Hear, hear!
      That “saving spots” has become a “thing” is sad.
      As a child I recall Bermuda Day being one of my favourite holidays as there was a certain buzz and comraderie. No “this is my spot”. Everybody showed up, squeezed in and had a good time.
      Vandalism, fist-fights over ten feet of sidewalk… certainly not the Bermuda Day I recall.

  30. BeachBum says:

    Looks like the Bermudian Education System has served the Steede Family well.

  31. HolidayBermudian says:

    I enjoy the holiday just as much as any other Bermudian but there is no need to deface public property. PEOPLE you do not own these spots. Would you deface the front of your home becuase u live there? No, because it would cost you too much money to fix it. May like, CONCERNED said, there should be a charge. Since the Corporation of Hamilton is broke and need serious money, this would be a great option.

  32. mixitup says:

    So lets say that everyone decided to spray paint their names onto the sidewalks?! What would the city look like.

    Like who does that?! Oh the Steede’s do…

  33. D says:

    spray paint now that is crazy they should get locked up

    • seriously though says:

      now that’s a bit dramatic. Fined, yes. Locked up. Probably not.

  34. Hey says:

    This is good. Hopefully they continue to implement strategies to stop this foolishness in the future. All this extreme marking and graffiti on sidewalks and walls is unnecessary and is tarnishing the beauty of Bermuda. There is no need to have the EXACT same spot every year. They should start slapping people who do this with a fine to pay.

  35. SMHx10 says:

    I do not mark out a space as I do not go to watch the parade. But seriously…what is wrong with doing it as long as they are not marking up the sidewalk with spray paint? Come on is a tradition :) I love it because it makes me smile at us Bermudians..we are definetely unique! :)

    • seriously though says:

      Unique? I have a different word for it.

    • Bob Koch says:

      No, you’re not unique. Arrogant, entitled, insular yes, unique, no.

      • Killamanjar0 says:

        Then just leave Bob, none of us care about your opinion. Find something else to do or someplace else to be. Seriously, just go play in traffic or something. jeez…

  36. Billy Mays says:

    Here’s an idea; if you want a good position to watch the parade from, get your lazy a$$ out there and sit there. The reserving, whether by littering the city with tape or by defacing the sidewalks with graffiti, is idiotic. Reserve a spot with your bum, or keep walking.

  37. Terry says:

    It’s not a good idea to deface public property.

    It happens at these carnival times.

    Lots of funny comments here and many likes for the fist few which are worth it.

    Nothing will happen.

    Who is to say a ‘Steede’ did it or a ‘smith’.

    Found committing is arrestable.

    Gonna need a lot of witnesses to say and come to court that they saw this.

    Bermudians won’t do it.

    No need to dislike or like.

    Think about it and have a safe and paint/marker/crayon free holiday.


  38. Next says:

    Some people really go that far to see that boring ass parade? Its not that deep.

  39. clearasmud says:

    As a tax paying member of the city I agree with the suggestion that the time has come for the city to charge for the spots with city residents getting first choice. It is us who have to pay to have all the mess cleaned up so its only right that we get the good spots.

    • Billy Mays says:

      That’s the spirit. Not.

    • Cindy Ingram says:

      Really?……it appears to me that what you’re wishing into existence doesn’t seem too far removed from what you are accusing others of….hogging a spot!!!!!……you’re just suggesting a price and the ability to control who gets to sit on the sidewalks of Hamilton….It’s a free country….though it seems many are trying to turn it into Little South Africa!

  40. Bermudian Momma says:

    We get mad when the younger generation honour their deceased friends by defacing property but the defacing of property in this instance is acceptable because it is “tradition”. A bunch of malarkey. To add insult, don’t try to walk through a camp that has engulfed the sidewalk – if looks could kill!!! To the Steede family and others – just make sure you have your paint remover when you come.

  41. Truth is killin' me... says:

    One word…ENTITLEMENT…and the Steede family will laugh at all you lot on Monday!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Any beach is free to all to use, up to the high water mark. You may not tresspass to use it. That is not very hard to understand. I suspect that Alvin really does know that. He simply refuses to accept it.

      Maybe somebody actually camping in his front yard might help.

  42. Alvin Williams says:

    I can think of some so-called private beach areas that the people of Bermuda should be putting their mark on.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Please supply me with your address Alvin so I can come and set up camp with all my friends any time I want to on YOUR (private) PROPERTY that YOU paid for .

      And I bet you still don’t get it .

      • Yahoo says:

        Alvin doesn’t get much. Give him a break.

  43. Darryl says:

    Ok why deface our streets, to save a spot…SERIOUSLY

  44. Jay Maloy says:

    Also, forgetting the defacing of public property, how is it fair that people can just cordon off whole areas for their friends and family so that they can show up whenever they want and still get a perfect position. What ever happened to having to actually get to the position you want before anyone else gets there.

    First come, first serve.

  45. Just a matter of time says:

    I agree spray painting public property is wrong. But marking out spots with tape or string for Bda day is really nothing new. This has been done for decades now and has morphed into a cultural tradition. Why make it like it only happened yesterday? But let’s be honest here about the deeper sentiments of most of the attack comments on this board. One post said one group of Bdians keeps Bda clean and another group doesn’t. And who precisely are these ‘groups’? I would understand if the statement was just hating people in general who litter but to identify litterers into a ‘group’? Comments like marking spots like ‘animals’, attacks on intelligence, etc Ah those code words again because if you want to be REALLY honest, it is a certain ‘group’ of Bdians who are the majority that line the entire route enjoying this wonderful tradition with their camp, food spreads etc. And the majority of the parade participants match this same group! If it wasn’t for this ‘group’ we will have no parade or this tradition we like to boast about. The rest of the spectators are tourists in the main who not only enjoy our tradition but also often get fed if they hang around a camp long enough. That’s our Bermudian way which I absolutely adore. And last I checked only a certain ‘group’ of Bdians camped this way which includes Cup Match, County games, etc. I could care less about the dislikes to my comments but truth is truth. This small country is so damned polarized it needs to be studied…

    • Cindy Ingram says:

      You hit the nail on the head! And I tell you this….I see that RACISM is rearing it’s ugly head in my Beautiful Bermuda… never went away mind you…though many got comfortable with the notion that it had……and that’s where the problem began…It’s just been concealed for a very llong time….but now…one group of Bermudians….are feeling feeling mighty privileged due to the many changes in their favor….and they have banded together and they are showing their true colors and letting it be known that they don’t care for the likes of….the other group of people….and wish they’d go away or go back to where they came from…wherever that may be….I tell you what…if that one group of people went back to where they came from…Bermuda would have been a better place…..people learn bad habits from the best!

      • Cindy Ingram says:

        Oh…btw….that one group of Bermudians are not interested in the other group of Bermudians enjoying themselves….no wonder most tourists find Bermuda boring….their trying to quite and get rid of the natives..l.the interesting people..JS!

        • Cindy Ingram says:

          QUIET!!!!!……it should be QUIET!!!! OKKKKKKKKKKKKK?……Just in case those of you who are so bored pick up on the word…..and want to bring it to my attention….blame it on good old auto text once again…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

          • Barracuda says:

            See, now you are paying attention.

        • Barracuda says:

          What a bunch of S#i*. Sensible people don’t agree with defacing the sidewalk with spray paint. Look where you went . Can I come to your house and spray paint the side of your house and car
          Oh…btw… it should be ‘they’re’, not ‘their’.

    • impressive. says:

      agree completely.. The subtle sentiments by many posters show a deep divide. For what its worth, I also don’t agree with spray painting spots, as I think that is way over the top. Otherwise, its BERMUDA Day we are about to celebrate, and these traditions have been going on for ages.. GO BERMUDA…..

  46. Mim says:

    So, who wants to get a group of people together to watch the parade from the ‘Steed Zone’? =)

  47. Steede says:

    I understand why some people might be annoyed at the spray paint on the sidewalk. To make it up, we are offering free food and booze at our spot on Marsh Folly. Feel free to stop by and say hi!

    • Snowballs says:

      People are gonna be throwing paint at you mate…I don’t want to be anywhere near that cause Im gonna be in my new BDA day outfit with fresh white kicks…but I might holla out for you to through me a cold one across de road though…I like elephants or super-ts.

    • Felix says:

      Steed: are you going to clean your paint from our sidewalk?

  48. Islsnder says:

    Did anyone see the grass sprayed at the entrance area to st john,s preschool like WTH is going on was there a special on spray paint or are these people and thge steered related

  49. Sofie says:

    I’m ok with marking your spot but…a black marker really come on.Since they are marked perhaps some to visit their camp,get a signed letter that they will remove the marks at the end,and or remove the tape.Do you know how many people leave the tape in the heat and it does not come off.

  50. Wow says:

    If it were at all possible to spray paint spots out paradise lakes I’m sure we would see it there as well, but I imagine there wouldn’t be as many vile comments about traditions?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      There used to be a big problem with people effectively doing just that with moorings there. Now the only moorings are storm moorings used by larger boats during storms. The owner cannot kick you off that mooring unless a storm warning is in effect.

      The result is that people have had to learn how to use anchors & there is space to anchor instead of all the privately held moorings.

      Different situation from defacing public property.

  51. Rockfish#2 says:

    It’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured or worse, over a piece of property that belongs to someone else, because the BPS/COH refuse to deal with this matter.

    BTW, people were fighting over this potential flash point last year!

  52. Datbye says:

    Sad all this for a tacky Parade.

  53. Zevon says:

    Start charging for reserved spaces. A prime spot like that is worth at least $500.

  54. Oh,I see now says:

    Every Bermuda Day I am flabbergasted at the callous indifference of people who hide behind the word tradition to mark up the streets of our beloved island.I see the situation akin to our gang problem in the near future simply out of control and dealt with by an overactive or weak Government response.Situations like this again stir up the still waters of our racially polarized society, what doesn’t if you really think about it.To the Steede family offering free food and booze instead of cleaning up your graffiti is so indicative of the growing concern in our country.The heyyyyyyy lets party now and think of s….t later not my problem posse.

  55. Mama Bear says:

    I have yet to take my Bermudian son (9) to the parade as its seems to me these people think they are MORE important than any other Bermudian!!!
    I Would love to go to the parade but nope not with all this ignorance!

    Why avoid? Because if anyone approached me about being in their SPOT they would not get a good response.

    It shocks me adults act like this for a parade.
    Children ahould be right up front and adults in the back.

    Seems some of these “Bermudians” need to recognize each Bermudian should be treated fairly.

    Maybe the people who are VANDALIZING our city should be the ones cleaning the mess, with a fine for vandalism.
    Why are the people of Bermuda paying to clean a mess? the people who vandalize the roads- should be required to clean the streets!
    We are all paying for the clean up when we all did not vandalize our city streets!
    What a joke like teenagers saving a spot at the lunch table – leaving others out!

    • stunned... says:

      Mama Bear unfortunately this ‘saving seats’ nonsense is prevalent everywhere. was recently at Daytona speedway – same thing – all these unoccupied seats roped off. if the person(s) roping off the seats cannot show me a ticket for it, then im sitting there.

      stadium officials should also actively enforce that policy.

  56. Mama Bear says:

    You wanna get a good spot get off your duff
    And get there EARLY

    A concept tough for some but thats how most countries handle it.

  57. Triangle Drifter says:

    With all of this negative attention you would think that the Steede family would have been round & cleaned up their mess by now. Have they? That would be the responsible thing to do. Maybe they are waiting for the court summons.

    After all of this they really should be too ashamed of themselves to even show up & occupy the area for the parade.

    Really do like the idea of the COH charging for streetside space like Cup Match or festivals. The COH sorely does need the money & $25 per unit of space is not unreasonable. Solves the problem.

  58. aceboy says:

    If I get up at 5am tomorrow and set up camp in one of those “reserved spots”…what happens when the reserver comes along? The ensuing argument/fight would probably lead to a pretty ugly Bermuda Day. I wonder what the legal position would be…..

  59. Oh,I see now says:

    Use laws already in affect to stop people from doing this.Al Capone was a murderer among many things but they got him on a little crime called tax evasion.Defacing CoH property ,public property or whatever just use existing laws what is so hard about that.

  60. Uzzyboo says:

    Divide up the spots. Advertise the spaces and let as many people who want to sign up for each spot. If there’s only one name down, give it to them. If there’s more than one person or family who wants the spot, put their names in a hat and give it to the first one pulled out. You could even suggest that the ‘winner’ gives a small donation to the charity of their choice. No paint. No preferences. No mean comments. Just good old fashioned democracy.

  61. stunned... says:

    i was told that a man had collapsed on Front street near Pickled Onion however, the ambulance had difficulty reaching the man because clowns had pitched tents and spreads in the MIDDLE of Burnaby Hill…