BBA Independent Riders Criterium Race Results

May 12, 2015

The Independent Riders hosted the Bermuda Bicycle Association’s Criterium in Prospect this past weekend.

Andrew L’Esperance held off a breakaway pack to win the Adult A Division race with a time of 48:04.1, Dave McComas finished second clocking a time of 48:04.3 and Matthew Oliviera finished third with a time of 48:04.7.

Alyssa Rowse won the Women’s Division crossing the line with a time of 25:50.5, Earlena Ingham finished second with a time of 26:03.2 and Tristan Narraway finished third clocking 26:31.6.

Rico Smith rode to victory in the Adult B Division crossing the line in a time of 40:18.1, Kaden Hopkins finished second clocking 40:18.3 and Robin Horsefield finished third with a time of 40:18.8.

Terry Thomas clocked a time of 31:06.7 on his way to winning the Adult C Division, with Ricky Smith finishing second with a time of 31:09.0 and Steve Smith finished third clocking 31:09.9.

The Junior A Division was won by Zander Miller with a time of 26:07.5, Eusebio King-Mills won the Junior B Division with a time of 20:07.6, Z’Dao Dill finished second clocking 20:40.1 and Ziani Burgesson finished third with a time of 20:40.2.

Blake Oliviera took the Junior C Division title clocking a time of 13:00.8, Jenico Sealey finished second clocking 13:04.4 and Manning Smith finished third with a time of 14:19.4.

The full results follow below [PDF here]:

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