St. John’s “Proud To Participate” In Parade

May 26, 2015

St. John’s Ambulance, a leading Bermuda charity providing Ambulance, EMT, CPR and First Aid services to the community was on site at the Bermuda Day Parade with a mobile hospital looking after injured parade participants and spectators alike.

St John's Ambulance Parade (5)

Thankfully the day went overall very well, however St John’s did have to provide some assistance when a 24 year old female had to be taken by ambulance to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital having suffered a severe asthmatic attack.

St John's Ambulance Parade (1)

St John were also number two in the Bermuda Day Parade with escort motorcycles, a marching troop, colour guard, flag and banner bearers, a medi-cart as well as three ambulances.

St John's Ambulance Parade (2)

Chairman of St John and Area Commander Justin Williams said, “St John were proud to participate in the Bermuda Day Parade with regular Brigade members and Cadet cadre marching alongside, as well as three ambulances, one the result of a recent donation by an anonymous donor.”

St John's Ambulance Parade (3)

“The crowd were highly supportive. An enjoyable day was had by all with St John also maintaining a strong EMT presence on the field.

“Any persons or organisations interested in St John’s First Aid and CPR training, defribulator units, joining Brigade or donating to St John should contact us on 2367831.”

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