Govt Will Not Extend BAS-Serco Airport Contract

October 1, 2015

[Updated] In a filing to the Bermuda Stock Exchange, Bermuda Aviation Services Limited announced that the Bermuda Government has given notice not to extend the BAS-Serco contract providing aviation operations.

Bermuda LF Wade International Airport sign generic (3)

The filing stated, “BAS Group can confirm that the Bermuda Government has given notice, effective 31st March 2016, not to extend the BAS-Serco contract providing aviation operations at the LF Wade International Airport, a relationship which BAS-Serco has enjoyed since 1995.”

“BAS Group is working with all stakeholders in relation to the transition of staff to the new operator.”

Update 11.33am: BAS Group of Companies CEO Ian Cook said, “BAS Group of Companies is a diverse range of ten companies. While we are disappointed that BAS-Serco has been given notice that the Bermuda Government will not be extending its contract to provide aviation operations at the L F Wade International Airport, we are concentrating on growing our other businesses.

“BAS-Serco will continue to provide facilities management services to a number of well-known buildings such as The Argus Building, BMA, Corner House and HSBC.

“We estimate that 40 employees will be affected by this decision,” added Mr Cook.

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  1. Vote for Me says:

    Now this should be a call to arms for everyone about the proposed airport redevelopment!! Is it possible that government will give the contract to CCC or a derivative whilst claiming that no definitive contract has been signed with CCC or any related parties for the full redevelopment?

    A typical transition will advise that all staff are made redundant and then can reapply to the new operator. That let’s the new operator start with a clean slate but also causes considerable disruption for staff while they wait to see if they have been reemployed.

    If BAS can be so definitive, Government must have signed an alternative contract.

    Question – if my assumption is correct, then where is the public disclosure of the new operator. It seems unfair to the employees to have the BAS announcement without the complimentary Government announcement to offset employee fears. Or is the announcement BAS’ way of getting a ‘last dig’ at government for cancelling their contract?

    It would also be good to know of any other planned changes in providers at the airport…

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Another 40 employees without a weekly pay-check!! Not good!!

  2. Chris Famous says:


  3. mixitup says:

    Interesting.. Let me guess, the Canadian Corporation will be the new operator, or one of their spin off companies.

  4. The Puppets are off says:

    …and the puppets are off….right on queue

    • Toleratate says:

      yup, good pay out today boys!!!!! Could this have something to do with the fact there are plans in the making for a new airport and the current contract government has with BAS are based on the existing structure? Just a guess…
      After all, no matter how many Town Hall Meeting the PLP have; the OBA is moving forward with this projects. At least after they finish crossing all their “T’s” and dotting their “I’s” as per the UK request via the Deloitte’s investigation.

    • mixitup says:

      My idea of a puppet is someone who goes along without questioning or speaking up for themselves or others… So you, my friend are the puppet.

      • The Puppets are off says:

        Serco is already a Canadian Company..done under the PLP but that was different, right? Jump puppets jump….call the talk shows

  5. jt says:

    Which country is the JV partner Serco from? No one had an issue with that.

  6. Puppets on a string says:


  7. bluebird says:

    To all those that complain.
    you are going to have to get used to that and maybe work for what you get.

    • bermyguy says:

      unless you are a foriegner, who are given jobs in bermuda. guess it only goes one way. foreigners come her expecting to be given equal rights and jobs, but critize locals who feel that they should have priority.

      if bermudians went to canada, eastern europe and whereever else these foreigners are comin from and started taking jobs at a faster rate and were treated better then local people i wonder if they would complain then?

      the grass is always greener on the other side.

      • BDA Friend says:

        Foreigners are migrating to Canada and Eastern Europe ALL THE TIME.

  8. The Truth and Nothing but the Truth !! says:

    The lazy will always moan and complain !

  9. Legalgal says:

    No doubt the authorities put it to tender and there was a proper procurement process. So who got the contract and on what basis?

  10. chip says:

    nobody knows is a great song but O.b.a smh

  11. Serious Though says:

    it’s called relocation of allegiance to new alliances .. welcome to new OBA, BDA ?? which ever..

  12. Coffee says:

    We’ll who’s going to do the work ? The hustle truck , maybe ?

    • Pete says:

      SERCO have some very good experienced Bermudian people working there, they will certainly be employed in any new company taking over, will still play a very important role.
      So no need to boogey-man about what U don`t know about.

  13. Tim says:

    Look up
    Not Canadian but coming to BDA

  14. Coffee says:

    When you voted for the OBA , you voted for progress , even if it meant losing your livelihood . Forty people here , twenty people there . All casualties of your vote !

  15. Truth is killin' me... says:

    At least we don’t have refugees walking straight into our country like Europe has right now from Syria…YET!!