Teachers: Specialised Professional Development

October 8, 2015

The Ministry of Education advised parents and other stakeholders that all teachers and teacher support staff in all government schools will participate in professional development based on the Danielson Framework for Effective Teaching on Tuesday November 10th.

A spokesperson said, “Schools will be closed for all children on the 10th in addition to the November 11th holiday.

“The 2015/16 Professional Development Programme for schools will challenge all leaders, teachers and staff to improve the quality of teaching in schools. This year’s focus has two goals:

  • [1] to enhance shared understanding of effective teaching and
  • [2] to establish a framework of support for behaviour and academic interventions in all schools. The success of this programme has led to changes in scheduling.

“As we utilize a modern model of training offered during the regular school day, some disruptions are anticipated. This allows us to utilize local trainers and save money. To accommodate this, training will be spread over multiple schools in each zone and will be conducted by teams of local teachers, mentors, specialist teachers and deputy principals.

“The Ministry believes that ensuring that our professionals are well-equipped and have continuing opportunities for growth will continue to reap positive benefits for our children. We are thankful to parents who continue to support us as we grow and improve. ”

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  1. Concerned says:

    The teachers should also be encouraged to embrace our special needs students as they are more than challenged, they are wonderfully gifted in more ways than teachers realize. MOED also needs to look at the programme at Cedarbridge for the Learning Challenged Children who go to class there but as far as I am concerned are not embraced in the regular classes like gym, drama,music, choir, art and so on. Thanks to Teacher Dean Foggo who includedthem in his computer class, my grandson was excited to be in it. To Ms. Richards, when you are sharing pictures with the Media, please include Ms. Jones, Ms. Zuill and Poppa Watts and their special family, they count too. You are proud of these children and their teachers when they return from their jaunts to Dover Delaware but not before or after – yup, been there and seen it. Continue on Mrs. Jones, Ms. Zuill and Poppa Watts and your support team for you are doing a great job and are loved. Also, when Sports Day comes around next year, do not start the day until everyone is in place so the entire school can encourage these students in their races. Again, embracing the students with the Spirit of the school not separate as it has been over the years very disappointing.