Police Update: Attempted Robbery & Murder

October 30, 2015

There have not been any arrests yet in connection with the fatal shooting last Friday the police confirmed today [Oct 30], adding that their community outreach has “produced results” and “together with CCTV footage there are numerous lines of enquiry that we are vigorously pursuing.”

Addressing yesterday’s attempted armed robbery of the van at HSBC Somerset, the police said that no money was stolen and eye witnesses “have provided useful descriptions of the suspects” and CCTV is “being reviewed.”

Speaking at today’s press conference on Halloween policing, Acting ACOP Darrin Simons said he was advising the public on the policing plans for this weekend, as it “was important to this share this information in light of the fatal shooting last Friday and the attempted robbery of the cash transit van yesterday afternoon.

Police on scene following the shooting in Southampton last Friday:


“I wish to reassure the community that we have factored these incidents into our plans and we are ready for the weekend,” Mr Simons said.

“Our outreach to the community for information about the shooting was extremely positive and has produced results. Together with CCTV footage there are numerous lines of enquiry that we are vigorously pursuing.

“We have not made any arrests as yet, but there are several people that we are looking to speak with in connection with this tragic murder.

“We are relieved that no-one was injured in the attempted robbery yesterday, and that no money was stolen. Eye witnesses have provided useful descriptions of the suspects and CCTV, again, is being reviewed.

Police on scene following the attempted armed robbery yesterday:


“We continue to appeal for assistance from the public as your support often leads to evidence that brings these matters before the courts,” Mr Simons added.

“If you have any information about the recent crimes, or if you have any information about gangs and guns, please call Crime Stoppers number on 800-8477 or you can contact us directly on 295-0011, or in person.”

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  1. D says:

    It’s very sad, how someone can take a life and not turn themselves in you had the guts to shoot very have the guts go do your forever time in prison whoever u are u are a coward ok I hope the police will catch u soon

  2. Benjammin says:

    The ones robbing the van were barely over 5 foot. Sounds like damn children! Have there been any arrests for the other armed robberies in recent months? I hear a lot about kids getting arrested for some grass but the ones shooting and robbing us can’t be found. If only the cops didn’t have to waste their time then maybe we could be catching the violent criminals!

  3. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Total community is the only way forward…….time is out for pointing one finger at the other person while three are pointed back at you.we all must all accept responsibility for cleaning this mess up as it affects us all one way or another……even as fallout..me included.Holla…….

  4. tony saccomanno says:

    what is going on in Bermuda ? it use to be a very safe place to visit and enjoy. A note to the community get your act together before you are alone on your island