Video: Halloween Haunted House On Cedar Hill

November 3, 2015

As it has for many Halloweens in the past, the Haunted House on Cedar Hill in Warwick was open for visitors on Halloween, with the intricately decorated property featuring scary monsters, goblins, ghosts, live characters and much more.

The Haunted House is well known and attracts visitors from all over the island every year. Cal Simons is the man responsible for the holiday treat, with the spooky characters for the night played by friends and family.

Crowds gather every year to not only experience the fright of the Haunted House but to hear the screams of those in the dark structure and watch the expressions of those running out of the exit in haste.

One of the many characters, the werewolf, frequently exits the chamber and poses for photos with visitors. The video below shows a look at some of the visitors wandering through the Haunted House.

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  1. Barbara Cooper says:

    I admire Cal Simon’s community spirit in keeping Halloween ‘alive and well’ !